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Dante's Inferno

Was a little hesitant because I am not a big fan of anime or animation horror, but this turned out OK. Companion piece for the video game. Deducting some stars because this is not a faithful adaptation of the text.

6.5 out of 10.

I command by the power of Christ and the Gospel for this evil spirit that is inside this man or woman to come forward now and to face the judgment of God.

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Absolutely loved it. Big fan of the original and the sequel, plus Tarantino, and this did not disappoint at all.

Christoph Waltz was a hoot to watch. But the moment of the movie for me came when contemporary Django met classic Django:


"Franco Nero: What's your name?
Jamie Foxx (after a small pause): Django.
Franco Nero: Can you spell it?
Jamie Foxx: D-J-A-N-G-O.
(turning towards Franco Nero)
Jamie Foxx: The D is silent.
Franco Nero (staring back knowingly): I know."

Me - hairs standing on base of neck.

Rated - * * * *
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Blood River (2009)

This this movie as been I watch list for so long.

This movie about Clark and Summer, a married couple and Summer is newly-pregnant, and Clark is worried that her father will be critical of him.

long the way the one of their car has a blowout and Clark is sure that he put spare in the boot of the car.

It's start of really intruding but next 45 of mintues were very slow burner, with nothing much happens and talking to one and other, Where it getting really boring, I was thinking out turn off after that but I clad I didn't!

The last half hour were it's really pick up again and more things start to happen,
You think this movie is going way but they really clever with as total throw you off what really happening.

Really good turn in the story, as I didn't see it coming at all, it kind of makes sense it ending

The acting was really good from the whole cast in this movie.

5.9 out of 10
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The Wicked

It was like a horror film made for ABC Family. As cliched as it gets you know your thin of script when you need to retell the myth of the wicked about 3 times. Some of the most appalling CG blood I've seen in recent memory. Bad, just bad. 2 out of 10
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Originally Posted by roshiq View Post
The Imposter (2012)

I have this in my Netflix streaming queue but wasn't sure if it was worth the time. The synopsis is intriguing. Glad to hear someone else's experience. Thanks for posting.
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Salvage (2009)

This was low British horror, with a short cast and short running time only 79 minutes

Movie start off with paper boy, who ends up getting caught for peeking for window, soon we had run for life after that, something should have not seen, that person is after him.

Then movie on Father and Daughter, father is telling is daughter to see her mother for Christmas holidays , Daughter is not happy with her mother but as come home, they could of worse start of off, Which end arguing on street and end up staying with neighbours.

As mother is trying to get her daughter a swat to seem come out of now where and force back in doors, looked thought the house.

For most of time, No knows what really happing and there some brief news on tv for fews seconds but I wasn't to sure what their were saying on news but powers goes out.

Thought the movie, she tries to get her daughter and she goes thought a lot to their, their was decent bloody moment in this movie, not gory but can gurgling at times .

The acting was great from the very Small cast and ending up movie good but I kinda of knew that was going to happen.

There were dull moment in the movie, What bugged me at times was, This place the movie was set looked so familiar and then hit, this was same set of Brookside the Axed soap from UK!

6 out of 10 Good movie
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Ooga Booga (2013)

Ooga Booga follows an innocent African American boy who is brutally murdered by dirty cops, but his soul is magically transferred into an action figure named Ooga Booga

I know you maybe thing this sounds just like "He Who Kills" one of stories in Trilogy of Terror.

This is doll not were near as scary at all , I found the doll a little to nice to be scary and Kill were just dull as it same kill thought the movie.

The whole movie felt empty but thing nice about this was Karen Black started in this movie, which was only funny think about, as it not her first with doll like this.

2 out of 10

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Saw Evil Dead at the weekend. Went through a few phases with it. I spent the first twenty minutes thinking it was rubbish. Then the action kicked in and I loved it. Then I hated it towards the ending.

When I woke up the next day, I looked back on it and I think I loved it as a one off. I'm not sure I'd watch it again but it was fun as a one time viewing.

I did that with Cabin in the Woods too. Hated it at the cinema, but woke up the day after and thought about it, and realised it was actually amazing.

Just watched that today too, the scene with all the different monsters etc. is incredible. Especially the unicorn. :)
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Unnecessary and inferior remake. Found a new drool-worthy item though -



(has nice legs too)
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The Bay (2012)

I rented this via Netflix because I had heard some good things about it. Living on the water myself I found it even more interesting and this content was even creepier because it was not so far-fetched like a lot of other horror is. The government response and the contamination was very realistic.
I enjoyed it.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” - H.P. Lovecraft, Supernatural Horror in Literature

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