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Horror Movies Fanvid!

Hey horror fans! I'm new to this site but i figured this would be a nice place to promote a tribute vid i made to Suspiria and The Shining.
It's my first video of the sort so i would appreciate some feedback...positive or negative just so long as it's constructive...

Here's the link:
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Trauma Mansion

A scary video collected from excerpts from various horror films, dedicated to old abandoned hospitals, their frightening atmosphere and haunting ghosts. Ghosts of Hospitals.
Ginger Snap5 -Trauma Mansion (feat Cold in May). Multifandom.
Dark Floors. Kingdom Hospital. The Walking Dead. House on Haunted Hill. Death Tunnel. Silent Hill. Mama. Awake. Autopsy.
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Illusion || Mary and Arthur. AHS fanvid

My favorite season in American Horror Story is the second season, Asylum. A lot of interesting and memorable characters. But I especially remember the story of the timid love of a sadistic doctor and a former Nazi, Arthur Arden, to Sister Mary Eunice. This video I did several years ago, just after watching the second season of AHS. And now, I completely redesigned it, and decided to post it. As a musical accompaniment, I decided to choose my cover version of a wonderful song from VNV Nation - Illusion.

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horror movies, suspiria, the shining, tribute, video

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