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Does anyone know the name of this movie?

I've googled and yahoo'd it lots of ways trying to find out what it's called, but I can't find anything on it at all.
I haven't seen it since I was 7 years old or something and my parents remember it, but can't think of the name either.
It must be off-the-wall cause I also remember watching movies like "Monster High" and "Slaughter High" at that time and I haven't been able to find those offline either. (for Slaughter High they say I can order, but they want eighty dollars for it... I remember it was good when I was little, but I don't know if it's worth the eighty bucks to have it ordered.)

Anyways, here's what I know about this one. Any help would be great.

It's like a short story movie. I'm guessing it's horror with a bit of comedy.

The main story is of this guy babysitting a little boy, and the boy wants to be told a story because he's afraid that his puppet (a frog marionette, I think) that's hanging in the corner above his bed will kill him.

So the guy tells him the first story. (I'm not sure what it was about, but I think I remember a few witches and something about a killer heart or something) That story I really don't remember, so I could be mistaken.

When that ends, the guy tells the kid to go to sleep, then goes to the living room to watch television.
Then it's a scene where the kid is in the dark staring at the puppet and kinda scares himself so he yells for the guy to come back.
So the guy rushes to the room and the kid says he's afraid and would like another story..
So the guy agrees thinking one more would be good.

So the guy tells the second story.
This one I remember it being Little Red Riding hood.. only she wasn't a little girl. (she was like in her teens or early 20's and was really hot or something)
And the wolf was actually this guy she met somewhere (he's secretly a werewolf or someting) and he follows her a bit and goes ahead of her to the Grandma's house. Wheeere it's a full moon and he transforms
(this is where my memory of this one kinda fades).. I think he either kills the grandma.. or he bites her.. either way, I think Red comes home and the.. hmm... I forget what happens when she comes home.. but I remember there being something with bloody meat and stuff from either the grandma, the hunter or the wolf guy.. but then Red is attacked by a werewolf (again, I don't know if it's the grandma or the original wolf guy)
aand.. I guess it ends with her either thinkiing she's safe and then realizing she isn't. and then when she gets attacked it stops.. (either that or she sees her grandma transforming and says something like.. "what big teeth you have".. I don't remember)..

anyways. that story ends and the kid agrees to go to sleep now, so the guy goes back out to watch television.

Then it cuts to the kid again staring up at the frog. and he tells himself it's not real and that it can't come alive.. but then it shows the frog puppet kind of move it's arm a bit and there's a closeup of it's face and like this little evil laugh/croak.. and that scares the boy and he yells for the guy again. So the guy is kind of annoyed, so he walks this time instead of rushes.. and the boy tells him what the puppet did and the guy said it was just shadows and stuff..
Then the boy asks for another story and at first the guy says no.. but then the boy said he promises he'll go to sleep after it.
So the guy agrees and starts the last one..

This one is of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.. only again, Goldilocks is a teen/20 year old girl who's pretty hot.. and she has these powers where she can make things move with her mind.
And she enounters the Three Bears (again, they're actual people.. dad said they're name might have been changed to Bares.. or something)
and they're all crooks.. bank robbers and stuff.. I forgot how Mama and papa bear was, but I remember Baby bear being some 20-25 year old retarded (or just slow in the head) guy who acts like.. hmm.. well he acts like parents act when they try to act like kids.. and he really likes Goldilocks, but everytime he tries to hit on her or something because he's slow he think's it's ok to kiss right away or something.. so she uses her mind powers and stuff to hit him with things (I remember a tree or something falling and smashing him to into the ground kinda like loony tunes do) but he's still alive cause he's slow and I guess pain doesn't effect him as much.
Anyways.. I don't remember what it's about fully, but I think she gets kidnapped or she just goes with them and they do criminal stuff.. and.. I forget how it ends.. I remember a part where they're in a car chase (or just driving fast) and they're going to hit some guy (extra, I guess) and he tries to jump in his car to avoid it, but they hit the door of the car right when he tries to get in and it slams shut and you can see his leg dangling from the door. and his body is inside the car or something.

Anyways.. when that story ends. The kid asks for one more and the guy says no.. and the kid mentions the frog again.. but the guy tells him it's not real and he should learn to face his fears.. then the kid says ok and lays down.. and the guy says something like.. "get some sleep, your parents will be home in the morning"
and so the kid says ok and the guy goes back out to watch television.

Then it cuts to the kid staring at the frog again and he says something like "I'm not afraid of you.. I'm not afraid of you" and then he closes his eyes and relaxes a bit.. almost like he's about to sleep.. then he opens his eyes for one more look and the puppet isn't there. So he sits up and looks around the room and looks back up and the puppet looks at him from the cealing and says something.. (I don't know what).. and then it shows it jump off the cealing towards the boy.. then it cuts to the guy watching television and he hears the boy screaming for help (cause the puppet is obviously strangling him or something).. and the guy gets like an annoyed liike like "oh boy.." and just turns the television volume up louder and continues watching..
then the credits start rolling after you hear that evil puppet frog's laugh again..

Wow I wrote alot.. sorry about that, but I really want to know the name of this movie.. So I tried to give as much detail as I could remember.

Does anybody else know what i'm talking about?
My memory of it isn't that good either since i was young, so I might have mistaken some of the scenes a bit.

(also sorry for spelling errors and stuff. Kinda tried to type fast since I gotta go soon.)
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Deadtime Stories

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Deadtime Stories?

whaaaa.....fuck urge.....he always beats me to it.
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Originally posted by newb
Deadtime Stories?

whaaaa.....fuck urge.....he always beats me to it.

only by 4 days :D
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Hahaha yeh! Deadtime Stories! I brought this at the video store for a $1.50 it has some really fucking funny/trashy moments. I loved the Goldilocks story it cracked me up.
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