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Dad Shoots Son In The Head

Police Want To Ask Teen and Mother About Shooting

Police are seeking a Pontiac teenager shot by his father last week because prosecutors want to ensure he is living in a safe and healthy environment. They also are seeking his mother, who took the teen from a hospital without contacting Family Independence Agency workers.

The 16-year-old boy, who suffered minor injuries after being shot in the head, was mistakenly released from a hospital before Children's Protective Services could interview him.

The Family Independence Agency could take over placement of the teen, which could include his being given to his mother or other family member, at a neglect petition hearing scheduled for next week.

The 47-year-old father, Larry Nevils, remains in the Oakland County Jail, held on charges related to the Sept. 29 shooting at their home on Clara Street in Pontiac and for possession of an ounce of heroin and firearms, including a handgun and a loaded shotgun.

Nevils told police he accidentally shot his son after the teen intervened in a fight between the father and a 13-year-old brother, who, according to the father, is a "problem sibling who smokes marijuana" and cannot be controlled by him or his wife, the neglect petition stated.

Heroin was found in the house and on the father at the hospital, as was $1,000 in cash.

According to the petition, the wounded teenager told his mother that he should have told police that a stranger shot him, and she said that he "didn't think of that quick enough."

Prosecutors maintain that she failed to protect her children from the violent atmosphere maintained by Nevils, who is charged with felonious assault, child abuse, intention to deliver heroin, accidental discharge of a weapon and various firearm charges. The petition states that the mother did not call police during the fight, even when the gun was shown, and only called after the teenager was shot in the head.

The mother also filed several complaints against Nevils for various violent attacks, according to the petition. These included punching, bruising from being grabbed and threats to kill her.

Prosecutors want to ensure that the two sons are not in danger if their father, who is held on a $30,000 bond, is freed from jail.

"It's a concern," said Assistant Oakland County Prosecutor Shannon O'Brien. "They (Children's Protective Services) thought he'd be in the hospital longer. We don't know what kind of aftercare is called for."

The younger boy is staying with a relative, O'Brien said
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