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Cannibal Dies In Custody

Cannibal Dies Of Cardiac Arrest

A man under investigation for the murder of a woman, whose body parts were found cooking in a pot near Eshowe in KwaZulu-Natal, died of cardiac arrest, police said on Monday.

Police spokesperson Superintendent Jay Naicker said that Elvis Matenjwa, who was in his forties, was arrested in September 2003 when he was seen running away from the scene in Esikhawini where 46-year-old Gloria Mthembu's body parts were found in a pot.

Matenjwa was admitted to Ngwelezan hospital on September 22 this year for suspected gastro-enteritis and died five days later.

Following a post mortem, a district surgeon confirmed that Matenjwa had died of cardiac arrest, Naicker said, adding that he had been very ill.

Matenjwa was also being investigated for the death of an unidentified woman in her thirties. Her body with several parts hacked off was found in the same area a few weeks before Mthembu's remains were found.
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