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Re: Halloween costumes

Originally posted by chainsaw-lover
I am already set for halloween, I will be a GI version of leatherface. My uniform consists of woodland camo pants, shirt, and steel pot helmet. Plus a McCulloch PM-610 chainsaw minus a sawchain, I dont want to be in prison for murder yet. By the way some of you dumbasses need to learn how the hell to fu@@#$#ing spell properly go back to preschool stupid little bastards. I hate idiots that cant spell, its bad enough that I work with a special needs scout troop but they have an excuse for not spelling things right, you piles of shit dont have an excuse for it though. Oh and in case you didnt realize it yet I am a US Army drill instructor so dont piss me off.

holy shit guys! did you hear that. wow. any monkey who trains ignorant fools to go kill brown people halfway across the globe so that they can drive their SUV around the base certainly has my respect. oh and seeing that you're quite the tight ass about spelling, i thought i'd mention that your comma use could use some work.
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