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Random Drawing - THE SEQUEL!

Hey everyone,

I figured I'd post a couple more drawings that I have done. Feedback, comments, are always welcome!


Shawn D.

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The Phantom AND Bruce Lee. Hot damn. Anyone seen the video of Bruce Lee playing table tennis with nunchucks. It's amazing.
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very excellent art, i like the bruce lee. definately would have these framed.
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Every time I see someone post cool art it makes me want to pick up a pencil, but my total lack of concentration never allows me to complete a work. :(

Awesome stuff, though!
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Awesome. The picture of Bruce Lee is an excellent likeness.
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Now that is talent.

You know, I think you'd be a really talented tattoo artist.
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Thanks for the Comments!

Thanks guys for the nice comments! It's greatly appreciated. I'm all free-hand and can pretty much draw whatever I look at. Just imagine my eyes as a copy machine and the juice, flows from my eyes, down my arm and out the tip of the pen or pencil I'm drawing with. Okay, kinda funny way of looking at it, but that's how I am. I have a website, where I'm selling copies of these. Not Xerox copies either. They're actually drawn over again from the originals and I also take requests as far as what you'd like me to draw for you. PM me for website.

-Shawn :cool:
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