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Looking for artists!

We are looking for interested artists who want to post their artwork online. We will be creating a "Horror" section that will feature your artwork. PLUS, we will be looking to use drawings for the covers of our magazine (due out in early 2009). If you are interested, please email matt@suspensemagazine.com
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Hi Matt,
I'm a pen and ink artist with a horror theme. I sent you an e-mail with several drawings. If, in any case, you don't get it, my website is:


My e-mail is on there. I'll also check back here. I've sent things I've sent to others. If you want brand new stuff, let me know. I'm about to take a new batch to the printer. (My originals are 11X14, too large to fit on my scanner, so I have to have them reduced first.)

I'm being published in:
frightfiction.com (UK)
Dissections Mag (UK)
Sonar 4 Mag (USA)
Shadeworks Mag (USA)
Blood Moon Rising (USA)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours in Horror,
Will Jacques
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