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Yet another thread begging for a movie ID

I don't have any screenshots for this one, and I suppose there's a chance it could have been a TV movie rather than a proper film. I used to watch a lot of bad late-night TV in middle and high school, stuff like USA Up-All-Night on Fridays and Saturdays. I saw this one scene in what must have been a horror movie, and it still haunts me in its gruesomeness. It was extreme enough that we may have been watching HBO instead; can't remember.

It involved a white woman, probably brunette and in her 30s, who lived alone in an apartment. There were one or two homeless types (so often the antagonists in this sort of movie) who were skulking around in and near her building. In the lead-up to the scene in question, she's walking through her apartment late at night, and the camera pans so that you see this giant cockroach just around the corner from her. Fucker must've been about two or three feet long.

So for some reason she goes up to the roof of her building, and she encounters homeless dudes #1 and #2 there. One of them grabs her by the arms and holds her still. The other proceeds over to this curved exhaust vent and reaches his hand in, pulling out this long, thin insect creature. It looks like a cockroach crossed with the tail of a shrimp, all segmented. Nasty stuff.

So our heroine gets held down by guy #1 on the rough surface of the roof, her bare midriff becoming exposed. Guy #2 forces the thing down onto her skin, and after a bit of hesitation, it starts burrowing down into her body THROUGH HER NAVEL. She's screaming and tossing her head. My friend and I are freaking out.

Then she just writhes around on the ground for a minute or so ... until she starts convulsing and spits out, yep, a fully-formed cockroach. Another big one, about as wide across as the corners of her two lips. Cockroaches are apparently a theme of this whole film. As the coup de grace, one of the guys takes the bug and breaks it over her face, and all of its translucent, goopy guts splat down onto her face. I think he may have traced his fingers through it, like some sort of ritual marking.

Anyone have any idea what this is from?? It was grotesque enough that it's always stayed with me, and disturbing as a B-movie equivalent of rape, with the goop at the end an obvious nod to the "money" shot/bukkake precursor. I want to revisit the scene at some point to assure myself I didn't dream it up, and to see if it's really as awful as I remember.
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Sounds a lot like "Mimic" or one or it's bad sequels
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I figured out that it's Initiation: Silent Night, Deadly Night 4.

Thanks for the help though!
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Yup. Sounds like Yuzna to me.
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