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If this was a poll, I'd say Halloween.
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Halloween and it isn't even fucking close.
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i guess i get why people love "scream" so much but it's just not high on my list of movies. i will watch the first one but the rest of the series was increasingly insufferable and it just makes me think that i would rather be watching any of the movies that they reference in the movie rather than the movie it's self and i don't really care about any of the characters. they are either bland or annoying and i just don't care about them. i respect that it was influential at the time but it's just not my thing i guess.
halloween on the other hand i will re-watch at any point even if it's not around halloween. it's atmospheric and i care about the characters and it's nice to look at. a lot of the shots are both creepy and kind of pretty. also even though it is older i think it has aged a lot better than "scream" which is very much of it's time and not really in a good way in my opinion.
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Scream was the first horror movie that really drove me into the genre, so I'm a bit basis, but I prefer Scream over Halloween. I see Halloween as a greater move overall; but not as enjoyable as Scream (that doesn't really make sense, but oh well).
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It's been a while since I watched Scream but as good as it is I'm more a fan of Halloween
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I really enjoy HALLOWEEN and SCREAM, but I enjoy HALLOWEEN more. A great movie, great suspense with one of the best ever scores (all of it, for the entire movie) for a horror movie. It would still be a great and terrifying movie with the musical score being the only source of sound as if it were an otherwise silent movie.

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