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I love, love the setting. It's one of my favorites. Also like other one location movies
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Campy and original

I really like the first Demon film, it has a fun and original plot. Characters stuck in a building trying to escape a murderous rampage, nice gore and good one liners.

The second one had a different atmosphere, it felt a bit more "serious" and I felt the writing wasn't as good BUT I still enjoyed it.

The special effects makeup still hold up for both movies, I mean that bathroom scene in the first movie was great. The movies are over the top (in a good way), there are some really likable characters and one liners.

So I have a special place in my heart for movies with demons from the 80's, like Night of the Demons and Evil Dead 2. If you guys have any other demon movies from the 80's throw them at me!
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