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Inferno (Constantine)

A 'metaphysical' End-Times fanfiction-comic story inspired by the unusual Christian antihero Constantine (DC Comics), who continues to stir our worldly fascination/hypnosis with general civilization urbanization-related...darkness.


Amlan Constantine worked as a police-detective in Belfast (Northern Ireland) for several years, investigating things like blood-diamond (warlord-mined gems from Africa/Europe used to finance underworld crime-syndicates) smuggling complicating life in the United Kingdom and conflagrating the fires of socioeconomic disparity conditioned frustration-induced piracy, otherwise managed by 'standard' guerrilla-politics groups in the underground like the world-organization known as the Foreign Irish Republican Army (F-IRA) and Sinn Fein and UK Parliament working to improve the life/economy of the Irish-Catholic minority living alongside the British-Protestant majority population in Northern Ireland, descended from generations of English colonial settlers motivating forms of anti-governance guerrilla-terrorism and retaliation-induced frustration-linked British police-military force/aggression as well as the formation of reactionary Protestant city 'street-gangs' such as as the very aggressive and 'rogue' Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). You see folks, to a police-detective such as Amlan Constantine, an Algerian-born sleuth who had family-heritage ties to the Algerian resistance against French colonial rule, keeping law/sanity in Northern Ireland was a practice of a shaman, which is what Amlan considered himself to be in Belfast, really.

CONSTANTINE: Keeping sanity in Belfast is to clean up Bedlam itself!

Amlan Constantine, who was known 'affably' in the UK-Northern Ireland underground as 'Storm-Shadow' (an allegorical reference to a Western-American paramilitary comics antihero character), was thinking of ways to make life in Belfast workable and livable for the Catholic-Protestant communities living together and seeking coexistence sanely. Mainland Ireland (capital: Dublin), which was predominantly Catholic, was partitioned from Northern Ireland (capital: Belfast) after 'winning' independence from the British Empire in the early 20th Century because of the 'technicality' of demographic British-Protestant majority population numbers, 'technically' descended from generations of English (Protestant) colonialists/settlers. Since that unideal partition, the Irish-Catholic minority in Belfast (Northern Ireland) formed factions of the resistance 'Irish Republican Army' (IRA) which'd branched off from the 'standard' IRA groups during Ireland's fight for independence in Dublin. These neo-modern groups like the Provisional IRA, the New IRA, and now, the 'Foreign' IRA, were working to make Catholic-Protestant life in Protestant-settled Belfast more economically viable for the Irish-Catholic minority. This made for years of 'troubles' and guerrilla-fighting, and terrorism, and poverty-induced crime, unemployment-related protests, and of course, sectarian-reactionary formations of Protestant 'street-teams' like the very aggressive and 'rogue' Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF). That's why Constantine (Amlan) called Belfast a sort of real-world Bedlam...worse than proverbial Babylon.

CONSTANTINE: I fear for my life, as a detective with inter-religious devotion.

It's true that Belfast police-detective Amlan Constantine was a man of 'inter-religious devotion' and constantly sought to end strife and violence between young Catholic and Protestant men, acting out on guerrilla-angst and reactionary sectarian violence in Northern Ireland. He sought to entreat Catholics-Protestants equally who're subject to the Parliament policies of economic stratification and affirmative-action 'neglect' that gave rise to Catholic unemployment and world worries about the division between the two dominant denominations of the modern Christian faith --- Catholicism and Protestantism. Constantine (Amlan) thought of himself as not only a Northern Ireland keeper-of-law but also a keeper-of-sanity and religious compassion, a shaman of inter-religious devotion. That's why he was assassinated by a new 'rogue' element of the UVF and was buried in a Belfast cemetery, and his funeral was attended by Sinn Fein (the legal/political 'branch' of the modern IRA) leader Gerry Adams).

CONSTANTINE EPITAPH: Here lies the Algerian-Irish detective who prayed!

It was a tragic killing. Many Catholics and Protestants in sectarian Belfast (Northern Ireland) still mourned the serious loss of the devoted 'Aglerian-Irish' police-detective Constantine (Amlan). With him gone now, in Belfast, blood-diamond smuggling rates and crimes/piracy linked to corrupt Euro-barons using crime-financing 'dirty gems' from Africa/Europe to profit from the wealthy and the poor alike, had turned Northern Ireland into something worse than before. Meanwhile, the Coronavirus tribulation swept across the Earth, and incendiary nuclear-nations like North Korea and Iran still offered omens/warnings about Western-American global domination of capitalism/commerce as the 20th-anniversary of 9/11 approached, the date when anti-Western civilization terrorists destroyed the commerce-symbolic World Trade Center (NYC) with hijacked passenger airplanes crashed into the iconic skyscraper(s). The rubble was a sign of the Great Tribulation, many Catholic-Protestant ministers argued.

Constantine was gone but missed in Northern Ireland. Things were worse than ever. New crime-syndicates in Eastern Europe funneling in more blood-diamond piracy into already-challenged Northern Ireland (Belfast) had given the United Kingdom, like post-USSR Moscow, especially in Belfast, a sort of 'vampire-consciousness' or unholy imagination. Constantine was buried in the Belfast cemetery and was therefore no longer 'available' to act as an interception-agent of blood-diamond traffic, with key Interpol-relations, in Northern Ireland (UK). Catholic-Protestant ministers alike in Northern Ireland (Belfast) were saying things like, "What if Western-American media too is now flooded/corrupted by the dealings and spheres of the born AntiChrist, delivering even more complicating messages of piracy allure in religiously divided world-cities like Belfast?"

CONSTANTINE (Heaven): I shall return to Belfast as a resurrected angel!

That's what happened, in fact. Amlan Constantine was dead and in heaven but sent back down by the archangel Michael from heaven to restore measures and doses of sanity and sanitation in unholy Belfast (Northern Ireland). The first thing Constantine did as a 'resurrected angel' of vigilance in troubled Belfast (United Kingdom) was distribute psychiatric welfare medicines like Klonopin to Catholic and Protestant men and women and Coronavirus masks, to encourage general lifestyle-maintenance consciousness and holy imagination. He then set about wandering around, wearing a shadowy trench-coat and smoking cigarettes miraculously, and intervened in street-meetings between the new factions of the IRA and UVF, still arguing over what to do about blood-diamond crimes flowing in stronger from Eastern Europe and Moscow (Russia).

CONSTANTINE: This is the work of a 'mad angel' and that's what I am now!

That's what Constantine was now, returned to Earth and placed in troubled Northern Ireland (Belfast) as a 'mad angel' of human vigilance. He wielded a laser-sword which was invisible but blinding and was wielded to disorient urban riots and anarchy among IRA and UVF 'rogues' who're now fighting over who should dominate the new blood-diamond criminal underworld for 'improved' fortunes. He separated sectarian violators who'd seek to destroy Catholic-Protestant safehouses and houses-of-prayer, telling his former 'buddies' that the AntiChrist was indeed on Earth to spread spheres of darkness regarding confounding shrouds of capitalism-piracy and blood-diamond criminality! This was the work indeed of a 'mad angel' of vigilance and Constantine was considered a shadow of retribution for a world thrown into the Apocalypse. He even stopped a blood-diamond shipment from the UVF from Belfast heading to Moscow en-route to a new Yakuza gang-faction established and secured in nuclear North Korea.

CONSTANTINE: When Bedlam is bed-ridden or put to bed, I'll go to heaven!

Will Constantine ever return to heaven? Is this modern work in the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) a sign of the 'Troubles' or of the Great Tribulation (Apocalypse)? Who was the AntiChrist, really, and would Constantine be able to engage the Beast or Dragon? He'd have to stop forms of reactionary 'rogue' terrorism now in Northern Ireland created purely out of poverty and even aristocratic ruling-class wrath, stopping the bombing of municipalities, churches and schools, parks and post-offices, and of course government centers in the United Kingdom (Northern Ireland). Belfast had become 'the devil's own' and Constantine (Amlan) would have to continue to valiantly wield his 'laser-sword' of surgeon vision to weed through this anarchic/unholy 'mess' of inter-religious Northern Ireland danger. What would prevail --- brains...or bloodlust?


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)
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