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Dead Years - Survive With Your Dog!

Hey everyone! Dead Years' Kickstarter Campaign just Launched!

-Survive with your dog!
-Explore a vast post-apocalyptic world.
-Inspired by Fallout/S.T.A.L.K.E.R. If you liked these games, you absolutely have to try Dead Years!

Feel free to comment and ask questions!

Here is the Kickstarter link:


Thanks so much for your support!

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You know, I actually think this looks pretty good.
Reminiscent of "HOW 2 Survive" in a way but looks a little more complex in terms of inventory etc.
Fairly simple looking, but hey...I'd play it.
I'd just hope it was long enough and there was consideration into further levels/expansion. Nothing worse than an overly short gaming experience.
But yeah, looks good.
The door opened...you got in..:rolleyes:
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I have a question although I too am avidly interested in this game.

Can you make your dog stronger? that's what I didn't like about fallout is that you couldn't make the dog stronger it saddened me deep down inside.

I just read the kickstarter page and YOU Can I need this game so bad so very very bad

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