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H9 Plot *isnt but would be cool*

Hey, since I saw Resurrection, I've had a plot fer the next 1 in my head. Im gonna share it, tell me what u think of it please.

Here goes:
John, Lauries son, has become a cop and with being a cop hears of Lauries death, knowing it is Michael. So John starts on a personal manhunt for Michael, learning he was not killed at the house and escaping the hospital. The only thing to throw John off is theres a copycat killer of michael, who, in is own obsession, also begins a search for michael. This makes michael the hunted.

Well that be my main story. Whaddaya think?
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I actually think that has a lot of potential. I've always regarded the Michael in H20 and Resurrection as a copycat killer. The only problems with it is John being a cop. That's too unbelievable. Just make him a regular guy who's hunting him. The other problem is that you posted this is the wrong forum. Haha. I'll get over that one though.
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