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Horror, My Life, and Wages of Cine

I am a film-maker: actor, writer, crew. Mostly, I work in the horror genre. In fact, mostly, I work with Wages of Cine (pronounced Wages of Sin) Productions. The past month has been a flurry of film-related activity with the guys from Wages of Cine. (Wages of Cine's YouTube link is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLM...7mQ-g/featured)

The past month has been filled with some film-making and film-related opportunities, and I thought I would talk about a few of those here. First, I will talk about the convention circuit. For the first time, Wages of Cine set up shop at a convention to sell merchandise. Days of the Dead: Atlanta found Wages of Cine selling two feature anthologies: "Arte Factum," and a collection of shorts titled "The Omnibus of Albert Ross." We had two t-shirts: a Wages of Cine shirt, and a Wages of Cine Shot for Shot shirt. We also had two posters: one for "Arte Factum," and one for the upcoming release of "Old Man of the Rooks." Additionally, we sold pins and stickers. (Follow Wages of Cine's shenanigans on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/wagesofcine/?hl=en)

It's hard to judge the climate of the customers. We had some moderately decent sales on the merchandise. Considering it was the first time many people had heard of Wages of Cine, I feel that it was a positive experience, for several reasons. First, it put the name out there. We got to tell people, "Hey, here we are, and here's what we do." Second, it showed that Wages of Cine is actually a thing. We're not just an online presence that says we make movies, but we're actually a production company... that produces stuff. And, finally, it gives people a chance to see the quality of what we produce. Wages of Cine, like all indie production companies, operates in a relatively small world, with limited budget and resources. However, we do pride ourselves on turning out some good quality independent cinema. (Check Wages of Cine's Facebook updates at https://www.facebook.com/WagesOfCine/)

Two weeks after Days of the Dead: Atlanta, Wages of Cine appeared at Mad Monster Party: Charlotte. It was a similar experience, and I feel it furthered the agenda we started at the first convention. Though, we did have the chance to do something fun at the end of Mad Monster Party: Charlotte, by appearing in a small scene in Acid Bath Productions' "Cool As Hell II." It's always great working with other director/producers, kicking back, and doing some fun filming. In this case, James Balsamo, gave us a fun, irreverent scenario, and let us go with it. Can't wait to see it. (See Wages of Cine's occasional Twitter posts at https://twitter.com/wagesofcine)

Wages of Cine, currently has one more convention appearance scheduled, Days of the Dead: Charlotte, May 18-20, 2018. If anyone reads this, who lives in that area, come on out, visit the Wages of Cine booth, and check out our merchandise. Hopefully, by then our next two films will be available: "Old Man of the Rooks," and "Arte Factum: Legends." (Just for fun, here's an article published about Wages of Cine in the Aiken Standard, published in Aiken, South Carolina - https://www.aikenstandard.com/entert...459bb0d1b.html)

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