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Gory Lori

It's a comic I've got, just the first part though, about a woman who kills zombies, and I'd recommend it. All I can tell you is in the beginning, she comes to an abandoned town taken over by zombies, and meets up with a living teenage boy, and they team up and fight the zombies off. It's not manga, by the way.

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Sounds pretty good. Do you have sample work to entice us with or will it be a web comic for free viewing?
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i havent read it yet but i found it... erm somewhere earlier today

i read that art work aint up to too much but writing is meant to be good


think tank girl and lara croft... so ive been told....

ill read it soon :D
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hell, if you want a good read for gorey/bloody comics, pick up the Punisher Max series. Its the torturous killing of The Punisher in and 18+ comic, I've got the full series so far. Its one of my favorites.
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