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I like the movie also:D
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Spawn is the only comic book im reading,im trying to get all the older issues.
right now im at 61 issues of the spawn serie.
always searching for more!
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Ugh. I hated the movie. I was really into the comics, too, but that film was so God-awful it ruined my love for Spawn...

Ah well. At least I still own the first eighty or so comics! Yeah!
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Ive read up to the 100 issue but then i couldnt find the money or the place to get the comics no more so i stopped, but sometimes i read some of the old comics.
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i havent read spawn comics, but i really liked the Spawn movie. coz i like most revenge movies, i also liked the new Count of Monte Cristo movie. i like seeing people suffering, then getting kick-ass revenge upon the ppl who did it to em!!
your dependence on hardware really amuses me, Bough. ive been dropped into the kalahari desert with no more than a toothbrush and a packet of sherman lemons, and i still made it to bulawayo before ramadan.
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Smile ok

i have never read the book but i saw the movie .i liked the movie
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pictures of spawn

I'm making a halloween costume of Spawn and I'm looking for pictures of him from the latest version of the comic book but I can't find any good pics that show the whole costume in full detail. If anyone could send me some pictures or tell me where I can find a good gallery please email me at Kadragon23@aol.com
Thank you

I made a Spawn costume for school during spirit week for childhood hero day. If you would like to see pictures of it you can email a request to me
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