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Noriko's Dinner Table.. worth it?

I like Suicide Club so I have started watching the sequel, Noriko's Dinner Table. I have bailed out an hour in the movie. The pacing is somehow off-putting, there is a repetitiveness to this movie. The director belabors plot points and characterization. The constant voice over started to annoy me too. Are there any unexpected twists after the midway point? Is it worth watching the rest of this movie?
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The film get's a little bit better towards the end but it's still the same movie.
The pacing is still weird and it becomes a bit repetitive.

If you didn't like the first hour, chances are you won't like the rest of it.

I liked it a bit and I found the film to be more interesting than entertaining. It made me wanna track down the directors other films like Cold Fish and Love Exposure.
Two films that are much better than Noriko.
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