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People's Choice Awards for Best Thriller

The nominees for the People's Choice Awards were released today, but who cares about "Best Drama"? Here's the nominees for "Best Thriller":


Gone Girl

The Purge: Anarchy

Dracula Untold

The Equalizer

You can vote here:

Which one would you vote for?

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Though I haven't seen Gone Girl & The Equalizer bur based on the feedback & reviews, I think one out of this 2 going to win...(most probably GG!).

I'm voting Purge: Anarchy, btw.
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I have not seen any of those yet but I second Roshiq.

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Same here. I heard Gone Girl was fantastic and sadly I have not seen it yet. Based on what I have seen, The Purge: Anarchy would be my choice. Love the movie!!!!!!
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