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Invaders: Sovereignty School

The idea of home invasion has been a popular story concept for a long time, and we think of the various ways in which an undesirable 'guest' can be funny, alarming, strange, eerie, thrilling, imaginative, shocking, or even frightening(!).

Scary movies (horror-films) about homes endangered by eerie/evil presences or persons invoke our sense of security and comfort and the voyeuristic intrigue of 'shared spaces.' We might be haunted in our homes by ghosts of dead friends/relations or threatened by the presence of unwanted burglars, psychos, or maybe even zombies(!).

The recent Purge series of home-and-community security horror/thriller films offers us engaging portraits of why threatened spaces invoke our imaginations regarding the 'contours' of sanity/insanity.

Will home-invasion stories and (horror) films become a 'standard' for sovereignty imagination, and if so, how will such storytelling be remembered by artists/students studying the academic impact of territorialism?

Such a question I think informs our evaluation of new age home/community threat-themed horror-films such as Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan, The Strangers, and The Purge: Anarchy, so will sovereignty-endangerment become a common theme for interesting environment-sensitive fan-fiction and horror-stories/books (such as the one I wrote below)?

After all, isn't sovereignty a popular theme/concept for numerous new age politics-minded intrigue writers such as Michael Crichton (e.g., Congo)?


The Amarna co-ed house at Dartmouth College (Ivy League) was preparing for its annual/summer slumber-party in July, and house-president Ajay Satan was excited about organizing the fun event with house-treasurer Eli Stone. Away and Eli we're dating and shared view so on how this year's summer slumber-party should be coordinated(!). Ajay and Eli had been dating for 1 year and were considered an attractive couple on campus. Ajay and Eli, being Catholics, wanted to hang some Magdalene ornaments for the slumber-party, a party which would include a candlelit seance and spin-the-bottle romance(!).

As the part began, Ajay was enthusiastic about how lovely the Amarna house interior looked for that well-planned summer slumber-party. Eli was busy preparing numerous deviled eggs for the guests. The guests included Amarna members, non-Amarna invited students, and one cool female Dartmouth professor named Donna Burstyn(!). Ajay had selected some cool music and the Amarna stereo was working fine, playing the chic tunes by popular American rock-musicians/bands including Sheryl Crow, Whitesnake, Cornershop, Belly, and U2. Eli had purchased some high-quality spirits/liquor.

At around 10pm, after the spin-the-bottle game came to its fun conclusion, there was a knock on the door, and Ajay was surprised and wondered if the knocker was a campus-cop or administrator/monitor(!). When Ajay opened the front door of the Amarna house, somewhat drunk, he found a box on the porch-step with an attached note, but he couldn't find any sign of a recent visitor/passerby when he looked all around the Amarna house front area to see who delivered the box with attached note (though it'd been about 4 minutes since the knock on the door was heard before Ajay who was the most sober guest at that point got to the door to answer it!).

Ajay took the box with note inside and showed it to Eli and the two decided to open the box and read the note in front of the other attendees/guests of the slumber-party. Party-guest Professor Burstyn joked it might be a prank-message by someone who knew a Dartmouth prof would be attending the student-party(!). However, the box/note content was more strange. The box contained a gas-mask and the note read, "This is the first summer a secret undergoing society called the Invaders will be conducting a sweep of all frat/sorority/co-ed houses at midnight. Each house has been warned of this sweep-run. Individuals in masks will knock on the door of each house at midnight, and depending on whether or not the members/inhabitants of the house choose to answer and open their front door or not will determine the adventure-outcome of that particular house. We will give no further notice/information!"

Eli was terrified and told the Amarna slumber-party guests (including Ajay!) that this could be some deadly racist invasion-attack on each house (frat/sorority/co-ed) requiring all inhabitants to be on guard(!). Ajay recommended all the party guests move upstairs before midnight and wait by the windows upstairs to see what this 'Invader sweep-run' really was(!). At 11:30, that's just what all the Amarna party-guests did(!). As Eli and the others got to their window-viewing positions on the 2nd floor, Eli realized Ajay had disappaeared. It was midnight now, and three masked individuals reached the Amarna front doorstep and began knocking. Ajay was still nowhere to be seen and Eli decided to recommend that the Amarna inhabitants not answer the door.

ELI: My goodness, Ajay, why are you wearing a metal face-mask?
AJAY: Eli, I'm a member of the Invaders!
ELI: Oh God, why are you inside Amarna (we didn't answer the knock!)?
AJAY: That's correct; you didn't open the front-door; I'm an 'inside-man.'
ELI: What the hell do you (and the Invaders) want?
AJAY: The Amarna adventure is specific and tailored...
ELI: So since we didn't open the front-door, what will the Invaders do?
AJAY: I will ask you to choose one minority victim.
ELI: Jesus Christ, what will you do to this selected goat?
AJAY: The Invaders will blindfold the victim and take him/her to the Church.
ELI: What happens to all the 'victims' chosen from each house, Ajay?
AJAY: The blindfolded 'victims' will be bathed/washed.
ELI: What?
AJAY: The bathing is a symbolic spiritual cleansing...

Eli realized the Invaders were real psychos but their intentions could be technically construed as a harmless hazing prank with no real grave political or ethnic insult, which would render campus-cops and administrators helpless in prosecuting such an 'activity' as dangerous or illegal(!). Eli realized that the Invaders were a 'new breed' of campus hellraisers and wondered what would be the best and most ethical social response(!). Eli also wondered if the Invaders could (and would!) use this 'bathing-activity prank' as a terrifying cover for some more insidious 'plot' to select one of these bathing-prank 'victims' for a murderous racist lynching/killing(!). Would the Invaders succeed in 'transforming' the social sanctity of the Dartmouth campus? Eli began perspiring in cold fear...


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