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Shameless Self Promo

The opening passage from my short story Backwood Babies, available on kindle and as paperback.

"Elias was sitting on the porch, rocking back and forth in his old chair, that ancient cob pipe clenched between his teeth, blackened and charred from decades of use, passed down through several generations of men.
He had a few empty bottles of beer lying around, his shotgun propped up against the wall just behind him, and the cadaver of a gutted hooker just a little bit away from his feet.
She had been white and pretty, but now she was one of those unique colours that come with death and decomposition, something too hideous to really be described.
Flies buzzed around her, laying eggs in her nostrils and ears. Her torso had been split open by Big Toby, Elias' retarded hulking son, and in where her organs used to be was now a pulsing mound of maggots and other bloated larvae."
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