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Damien and Officer Clark

This yarn was inspired by the film Primal Fear.


"My name is Damien. I'm a movie-rental store clerk by day (Hollywood Video) and serial-killer by night. I get home from work at about 5 pm (I start work at about 9 am), and I make myself a small dinner. Some nights (after dinner), I put on my Phantom of the Opera mask and go out into the night (into the heart of the city where I live --- New Orleans). I kill at least one person every night I go out, and I've done this now for one month, and I've killed 15 people in all."

"My name is Officer Clark. I've been on the trail of Damien for two weeks now, after he claimed his 7th victim. He leaves a 'calling-card' at each crime-scene, on which he write (usually in blood) --- 'Damien was here!' Sometimes, I wonder if he's some kind of 'copycat-killer' modelling himself after the fictional Satanic character Damien (the alias of the 'AntiChrist') from the film The Omen. Damien is certainly a terror, and he kills with a butcher knife. Sometimes he cuts off the ears and noses of his victims after stabbing them to death, and sometimes he removes their internal organs and genitals. Damien might as well be the AntiChrist. We'll catch him, and I'll see him fried..."

"Second diary entry. I've killed 4 more people, and Officer Clark is no closer to the truth. I believe I am the incarnate of the Antichrist, here to warn people about the dangers of sloth and moral apathy in the modern city and under the smoky skies of our cholesterol-culture! My birth-name was David, but I changed it to Damien, after my parents were killed in a drunk-driving accident. I consider myself an 'artist,' and all my victims are my 'witnesses.' I enjoy mutilating my victims after stabbing them to death, and I wonder if Officer Clark has guessed that I work in a video-rental store --- since I love that flair of anti-social 'human experimentation' we've come to love and enjoy in classic and new horror films such as Frankenstein and Hellraiser."

"We guessed correctly that Damien was a video-rental store employee, and we pinned him down to Hollywood Video in New Orleans. We had an arrest warrant, and we cuffed him, and now some scum-bag lawyer is counselling the homicidal sociopath. According to the state, Damien may be declared 'legally insane' and hence not 'accountable' for his gruesome deeds --- 20 brutal murders in all. I will be at his trial, urging the jury to look past the guise of pity created by Damien's deceptively 'pensive gibberish' and see the AntiChrist that he truly is (and perhaps even claims to be). If there's one thing I've learned during this case, it is this --- Never take safety for granted!"


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