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Evil Dead
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Haha, that's like seeing my own screen at the moment :D
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This remake will be very, very good, I feel...
Like, on par with Hills Have Eyes remake.
Just my opinion, but I thought they did a great fuckin job making the film harder, scarier, and bloodier.
This formula will be done with Evil Dead and it will fuckin rock.
The one scene I've seen with the electric knife...if it's really part of the movie...
Looks vicious.
I will see it this weekend!
I haven't thought if a good sig yet...
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Already got my ticket. :D
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I'll be seeing it on April 26th. I am actually going to see the re-release of Jurassic Park this weekend.
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Spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler Spoiler spoiler Recently saw the Evil Dead remake. It was alright I guess. Would of been good if it wasn't for the idiot who opened the book. Funny it was he who was afraid of it. Other then that the movie was good.
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