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Talking Sleepless (Lovecraftian-Horror Short Film.)

I recently made this short film for my Digital Cinematography midterm.


Highlight here for spoilers on how the film was done: The requirements for this assignment were to use a variety of shot types (long shot, close up, high angle, low angle, etc.), to film all shots in sequence, and no sound other than added music.
The tentacle special effect was done by taking a bed sheet and twisting it from one corner so it became elongated and conical, then wrapping it in black duct-tape. Most of its movements were created by running the film backwards.

I'm an art student at Bowie State University (GO BULLDOGS!) in Maryland. This was actually the first time I've ever picked up a camcorder so I was pretty pleased with the results. I've got my final film in the works now and its another horror film with a bit of sci-fi to it.
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damsel in distress, lovecraft, student film, suspense, tentacle

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