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Originally Posted by jaybomb View Post
i just watched house of wax(remake), what a piece of shit this was:p
yeah like when the guy with no face puts the hot metal to the wax to melt in back to its smooth finish the fucking wax sissles noe i'm no NASA bitch with a pair of depends on but i have never seen wax sissle no matter how hot it gets

wasn't that a pile of shit i don't know if any other horror dump could disapoint more that this i would rather watch a bunch of squirels queefing.
some favorites that i can remember......
THE EYE (the Pang brother original), TALE OF TWO SISTERS
The HOST, Evil Dead II, Shaun of the Dead

THE EXORCIST, 28 DAYS LATER, 28 weeks later
PSYCHO, FRIDAY THE 13th movie series
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Originally Posted by bloodrayne View Post
Watched Hitcher 2 last night...Great movie...I just wish I knew where my copy of Hitcher went:mad:

Watching all of the Tremors today...Already watched 1 and 2, I'm in the middle of part 3 now, I'll probably have to watch 4 when I get back from my niece's (or nephew's...I can't remember which of my sister's kids is having a birthday today...That's pretty bad, huh? :D...I got a gift that works for any of them...lol) birthday party.

I really like Tremors...The sequels, as usually happens, steadily slide downhill, but they're still worth watching
I like all of the Tremors... they're silly fun right down to the last one. I'm surprised somebody other than me liked Hitcher 2! They made a pretty bold move in that one and I thought it worked.
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tokyo drift, man o man........:rolleyes:
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Phantasm 3
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Blue Velvet. Very nice and impressive.
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My wife and I have been watching the Alien films, and last night we watched Alien vs Predator and From Dusk Till Dawn.
"Death stands above me, whispering low, I know not what, into my ear;
Oh! his strange language...all I know is, there is not a word of Fear."

- Walter Savage Landor.
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House On Haunted Hill yesterday, and now I'm watching Dumb And Dumber.
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i bring a dvd player to work so if it's slow we have something productive to do like watch movies:D , yesterday i watched borat funny, funny movie and also baseketball:p
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Switchblade Romance(aka Haute Tension,aka High Tension)
This is one of the best Horror movies of the last ten years imo,a stylish,brutal,gritty and intense movie.The frenetic pace coupled with some truly disturbing violence make for compelling viewing,the Actors were above average in the main and I thought the soundtrack was used very effectively.
The "Twist" ending doesn't do it for everyone(I personally like it),and you can pick holes in it if you so chose,but even if you dislike the conclusion it shouldn't detract from what is a remarkable Horror movie.

P.S Switchblade Romance is a much better Title!
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i agree with you dp mccoy, i liked high tension alot as well:)
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