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According to Fangoria...


...Clive Barker himself is writing an upcoming HELLRAISER remake at the request of the Weinsteins. He says he's doing it because if he doesn't then somone else will write it and probably fuck it up.

so is this good news or bad news?

And before everyone starts posting "OMG enough with the remakes..." get used to it. Remakes have been going down since film began - it's simply how the world of cinema works. Yes we're going through a rather heavy spate of horror films being remakde right now, but they're making money, so expect more to come.
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not a bad idea but the orginal was a great flick...i'm just a tad worried that it's gonna end up being 2 hours of CG scenes...film makers have adopted this too much is never enough additude with CG and i ,personally am tired of it..thats my one concern about it
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Not gonna work.

Better Clive doing it than some hack, but I still dont think it's a very good idea.

A big budget theatrical sequel with Clive involved is what the series needs to get back on track IMO, not a remake. All the series needs is a bit of love and money, and I think another strong installment would be more than possible.
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I can't see a reason to remake this movie, especially considering that there were 2 direct to video/DVD sequals that came out last year.
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If Barker writes it, it should work, but it would be unfortunate if there's too much CG. It should be good news in the long run, and it would be cool to see some revamped cenobites. I don't see what more could be done with the franchise anyway. Unless of course they decided to make a Freddy vs. Pinhead movie, which might be sort of heavyhanded for Freddy fans.
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I still refuse to believe every remake rumor I hear. A lot of these will never see the light of day



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If they eventually get around to completing it and releasing it, I bet it will be a disappointment. Even Barker himself cannot do justice to a remake. A sequel or prequel, on the other hand, would have been a much better idea.
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Looks like Barker needs money. Guess that attempt at being Neil Gaiman isn't working out so well for him. Honestly though, ol' Clive is a skilled screenwriter, so this could work out. I'll remain quite skeptical until it actually materializes, if ever.
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there may be hope if they keep Doug Bradley as pinhead....

granted, they are fucking around with an icon.. but i never really liked hellraiser, so maynbe this will be good.

the weird thing for me is that they are now making remake sof movies that are a couple of decades old, whihc figures... But that i remember them clearly from childhood....

I remember seeing the poster for hellraiser at a theater and thinking "No thanks"...

I was a bit of a wuss when it came to horror when i was a kid.
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