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Questions about The Woman (spoiler alerts)

I did a search to see if this movie has been discussed in other threads but it came up empty. I also tried to find some posting guidelines on exactly how to post and write reviews (as far as spoilers and such) and didn't really find any so I am sorry if this is not correctly posted.

I just watched this movie. I know it is a couple of years old, but I finally got around to checking it out. I liked it but it was not anywhere near what could be called a great movie. I went to IMDb and read the reviews and the eggheads are having a big fight over whether it is a feminist movie or anti-feminist or just a female exploitation movie. (Yawn)...

Anyway, I only came up with a few really things that bugged me about it.

1. How the heck did he capture her? It goes from the father watching her wander around in the woods to suddenly she is tied up in the root cellar.
2. It never really says who the father of the girl's baby is. I kind of feel like it might be incest but it did mention that she had one date with a boy. But later on the father acts like she has never had a boyfriend (date). Since the father is a control freak, incest seems more accurate.
3. When the teacher shows up rather than just kill her, seems like the father would have tied her up in the barn and let the son have her. He had just got through talking about how boys will be boys when it comes to sex (so to speak) when the mother complained about the son molesting the woman. After the son was through then throw the teacher to the "dogs".
4. Where the hell did the....?"girl"?? in the dog pen come from. There is no explanation..she just appears... Seems like something like that would be something that needed explaining.
5. And finally what the hell was with the little girl "dream" sequence after the credits???

I kind of liked the song "April's Here" sounded a lot like Courtney Love. Never heard of Tyler and Misty Blue Ayres. Apparently they have a CD out... The rest of the music was also pretty good.
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