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Originally Posted by stubbornforgey View Post
oly shit..!!
aint seen this movie for years ..loved it..
Betty davis rules in this..
must hunt it down again
Bette Davis rules in everything.
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Originally Posted by alkytrio666 View Post
Bette Davis rules in everything.
so damn true :D
my opinion counts dammit
so says my Lord :D
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I watched this film several months ago and thought it was great. I definitely would not call it scary, but it did have some intense scenes. The acting was tremendous (Both Crawford and Davis, who actually had a real rivalry at the time). Additionally, it had several pretty funny scenes; my favorite was the "super chief" scene. When I first saw this scene, I could not stop laughing, mainly because it was so unexpected. This is definitely in my top ten of black and white movies (at least in horror).
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This movie was awesome! It's not really scary, but like some people said, there are some intense scenes in it. I was creeped out when Bette answered the phone impersonating Joan's voice. I was like WTF!? I thought that Bette was actually doing that! Turns out that it was actually Joan, but for a minute there I was pretty freaked out!
I also love how Baby Jane never washes off her makeup. She just kept gunking up her face with it. Gives it that creepy, cracked makeup effect. Gross!
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First saw this a few years ago and, though I despise the notion of a "favourite movie", if I had to make a top 5, it would certainly be up there. Despite its length it's one of those films that no matter what mood I'm in I can always watch it. Knowing the on set rivalry of the two aging divas makes it all the Better (hehe, how punny of me). Recommended it to my Psychology teacher two years ago and she made 4 classes watch it within the same week.

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