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damn i even googled the name warshack before typing it because it didnt sound right...i just saw his pic pop up and assumed warshack was right...damn google
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No worries, dude. It happens, and I meant to say "hate" not "had" anyway. Stupid typo on my part.
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Not sure what to think of this, Im excited for a new serious Nightmare film, but with out the real Freddy (Robert Englund) Im just not sure.
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he looks like tiny from house of 1000 corpse in the movie poster

freddy doesnt look or sound like freddy, that kills it. its too dark and sinister also. the original was supposed to be slapstick, thats why they made it that way. Hell its from the 80s, everything was a little cheezy, clothes, hair, music..... I mean if I ware freddy I would toy with my victims and crack jokes before I killed them. Its more fun that way.

the remake will probably do great because teens now would mostly think the original is too cheezy and the remake is more modern( dark and sinister). can not possibly be as good as the original though.
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Originally Posted by DeadKlown View Post
i agree with gothamundead about the choice in the actor. he was awesome as Rorschach. i dont like the fact that he isnt an actual pedophile...it takes away from the character. the makeup is ok at best. im sure it will be worth watching
He wasn't a pedophile in the original movies either..
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I'll pass on this movie thx
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Just saw a full trailer last night.I currently and not interested in this remake at all!I at least hope Robert of Heather give a cameo, but I might not even see it,i haven't fully decided yet.
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Originally Posted by Ferox13 View Post
He wasn't a pedophile in the original movies either..
It's amazing how many people just MISSED this- no matter how many times they've watched the movies, they've gotten it completely wrong.
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