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Review: House Of 1000 Corpses

So, I finally saw it. Yes, I'm a couple years too late, but after seeing it, I HAD to review it, so I joined this forum to do so.


If I had to choose between Leatherface's family, and the Firefly family, I'd take my chances with Leatherface any day. Hell, Leatherface himself wouldn't fuck with the Fireflys. This is one twisted lil movie (by mainstream standards), and it probably gave the MPAA a shit fit. (You can tell where they snipped a few scenes.)

The story is VERY similar to Texas Chainsaw Massacre; 70's teens meet a family of wacked-out hillbillies, are forced to stay at their home after an unfortunate "mishap", and then the real show starts... yadda yadda, It's been done before.

BUT, This is NOT a rip-off, it's a homage, and a very captivating one at that. Even though any horror fan worth their salt should see every plot twist coming a mile away, the film is interspersed with enough WTF moments to disorient you, thus making the obvious much more unexpected.

If you watch this movie casually, you'll miss the entire experience. Give it every ounce of your attention, or you just won't "get it." It also helps if your a David Lynch fan, as surreal imagery runs rampant here.

The colours are very comic book-like, an obvious reference to EC Comics, as much of Rob Zombie's stuff is. The blood and gore is a nice throwback to the days of latex effects; you won't see any CG here, and good riddance to it.

The acting is your usual horror fare, not too memorable, but not awful either. What's interesting is the character of Capt. Spaulding.
Despite how inhumanly evil he is, he's actually kinda likeable (!). He really comes across as a nice guy with just a wee bit of a temper. And Baby Firefly, played by Sheri Moon (Rob Zombie's wife, i believe), is very believable as a sexy psycho. She puts chills down your spine for 2 very different reasons. ;)

In short, I LOVED this movie. The whole feel of it was alot like the haunted attractions that open every October, especially in the final minutes. I plan on watching the sequel, Devil's Rejects, tomorrow. I don't have very high hopes for it though, as it looks like a MUCH different movie than the first.

Maybe mainstream horror still has a chance.
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I love it.It was so funny when they were putting masks on to eat and one guy kept mispronouncing words. :D
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