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well i dont think there'll be any shortage of film makers creating shocking material any time soon --- and i think its so interesting to see the progression of how far things can really go in an artistic realm when you make extreme and disturbing content !

for me it's all about what KIND of ideas are surrounding the extreme material -- if there are deeper concepts there they will seep through to viewers on lots of levels; some are subconscious but they're still there . . .

depending on how far you want to go to understand ReGOREgitated Sacrifice, i think the material becomes more disturbing but more interesting as you get deeper into it
conceptually . . .

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two kool interviews from the UK !!

two KOOL interviews from the UK !!

hey ya'll ! on this blog from the UK there are two really interesting interiews:
the SECOND one down is for ReGOREgitated Sacrifice !!

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haha ...this kind of film sounds exploitational...I could never be into anything like that...
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ReGOREgitated Sacrifice now carried by XPLOITED CINEMA !!

check it out y'all now y acan order ReGOREgitated Sacrifice from XPLOITED CINEMA !!

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Real quick question and you can obviously ignore it and/or refuse to answer my question but; aren't you the director who is known for over the top movies, an unnatural attraction to vomit, and having sex with your sister?
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yeah !! that's me !!

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there's no question you were born to be a film promoter, I just thing you should promote other people's films.

you'd make a lot of money :)
stop the world - I want to get off

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I am basically getting sick of whats being produced today.
The main actress is always some bitch who has kung fu kind of expertise who slahes her way through all the horror creeps, or some girly people who are tied up for the pleasure of some creep to torture then stab or hack to pieces..blah blah blah.I have now reverted back to the old classics ..unless some of you experts can recommend a new type of horror for me .
my opinion counts dammit
so says my Lord :D
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RS reviews !!

hey y'all !! i thought ya may find this interesting: here's two new reviews of ReGOREgitated Sacrifice, the first from EVOL666, and the second from Josh Haney --- what i think is cool is the "kind" of reviews that they are, that they show a part of the spectrum of viewers that clearly either want to enjoy the deeper meanings and psychological concepts of RS, or that don't enjoy them or consider those concepts to be particularly important to the viewing experience, INTERESTING !!


I was amongst the first to pre-order his original film, Slaughtered Vomit Dolls, after seeing a particularly interesting and "tasty" trailer online. Anyone who has read my review of SVD on IMDb (available here: www. imdb. com/title/tt0811073/usercomments-1) will recall my obvious disdain for the original film. Personally - I just didn't get it. But my initial review led to contact by HorrorMovieFans. com, which led to an extremely in-depth, interesting, and often amusing interview (available here: www. horrormoviefans. com/the_lucifer_valentine_interview. htm) conducted by myself with Mr. Valentine. During the interview, I developed a bit of an affinity for the...uh..."quirky" director - and offered to both review ReGOREgitated Sacrifice upon it's release, and to also conduct a follow-up interview after watching the film. I've been in contact with Valentine on several occasions over the past (almost) two years following our initial interview - and today (or 6/25/2008 depending on when this review hits...) I received and viewed my screener of ReGORE. Part one of that deal is what follows - the interview is in the works.

So - having not been impressed or otherwise entertained by Slaughtered Vomit Dolls - would ReGOREgitated Sacrifice prove to be a more entertaining or interesting entry - or would it leave me as high and dry-heaved as the previous film?

Note: Some "spoilers" may follow - especially for those who have not seen the first film.

ReGOREgitated Sacrifice (from what I can gather...), continues the descent of Angela Aberdeen - bulimic stripper-turned-prostitute (played by once girlfriend of Valentine, Ameara LeVey), and starts moments after her suicide-by-drowning that ends the first film.
What transpires over the next hour-plus of ReGORE, is a montage of rape, graphic murder, and fetish-porn elements - and of course, what would a self-respecting "Vomit-Gore" film be without tons of puke??? The scenarios that take place during this film, and Slaughtered Vomit Dolls as well, are connected to and take place during the same time as the suicide of Nirvana front-man, Kurt Cobain, and (as Valentine puts it):

"the Kurt Cobain connection deals with the idea that the lines of realities can be intertwined and blurred nearly beyond recognition and the content of occurrences from parallel/tangential dimensions/planes of realities can become mutated and COMBINED to form New Hybrid Realities.

Got that? me neither - but that's OK...

Anyway, as Aberdeen moves from life to the after-life, she is visited by the "Black Angels of Hell" - a pretty sexy duo of incestuous, twin-sister demons who serve as "protectors" to Aberdeen, and destroy the fragmented personalities that manifest themselves in Aberdeen's horrifying visions...or something like that. Even after watching the Special Features that try to explain the basic concepts of both films - I'm still pretty lost. But that's not what's important. What IS important to a relatively "simple" fan of sleaze/gore/porn films such as myself, is what's displayed on-screen. To avoid a shot-by-shot recounting of the film - let's just say that once the ball gets rolling, the audience is treated to all manner of graphic torture and near-pornographic sexual fetishism (focusing mainly on golden-showers, incest, lesbianism, and emetophilia) that fans of subversive viewing material will likely get a kick out of. I also have to say that ReGORE has about the most "interesting" ending since Jorg Buttgereit's 1987 underground favorite, Nekromantik.

It may sound as though I'm lampooning ReGORE - but honestly, I'm not. I have to admit that I actually quite "enjoyed" (if that's the right word for it...) this particular entry. In speaking with Valentine, and as is obvious from the section of the Special Features of ReGORE that tries to explain the director's "visions" of his films - the director has decided to take some very heady and intellectual concepts, and put them into a film that is visually a cross between an H.G. Lewis splatter-film, fetish porn, old-school '70s "roughie", and still a solid dose of "experimental"/art-house type elements. Being that I'm a fan of most of the aforementioned genres - I was entertained by this second entry, even if the more "brainy" elements escaped me.

Though the film isn't really any more "linear" in terms of plot than SVD was - I found ReGORE far more watchable for several reasons. Valentine still uses a bit of the music-video-style quick-cut editing techniques (that I personally found more nauseating than the film itself...) that he employed in SVD - it's not nearly as prevalent in ReGORE. The gore scenes are more protracted and "steady" for the most part, which is a major plus in my book. The scenes involving nudity are also far more explicit, and not to be a dick, but most of the women in the film are hotter than in SVD - another big plus for me.

Regardless of the fact that I may not (and probably never will) have caught onto the intellectual themes of ReGOREgitated Sacrifice or it's predecessor (which is not the director's fault, and is far more my issue for not understanding the finer points of Jungian quantum realities...or whatever...), I still found the sequel to be an interesting watch on a visceral, visual level. Though I've seen all of the basic visual elements of Valentine's second offering in other films - be them under the guise of horror, pornography, or art-film - ReGORE is a unique and original take on one broken individual's descent into hell.

I personally will be interested to see what the last in the "Vomit-Gore" trilogy holds, and also Valentine's other projects which (when I last spoke to Valentine...) included a short film about date-rape, and a full-length documentary about a group of black metal friends that all kill themselves. At least it's good to see that Valentine branching out into "lighter" fare...

8/10 for ReGOREgitated Sacrfice: Heavy gore and tons of explicit nudity/fetishism (often taking place all within the same scenes - face it, what's better than boobs, butts, and twats other than bloody boobs, butts, and twats???) make this one an overall winner for me..
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. . . and here's the second review . . .

. . . and here's the second review . . .

RS review by JOSH HANEY !!

ReGOREgitated Sacrifice
A Film by Lucifer Valentine
Starring: Ameara LaVey, Isabelle Styles, Amy Lee, Honey, Hank Skinny & Cinderella Valentine
Kingdom Of Hell Productions
Reviewed by: Josh Haney
Copyright 2008

Allow me to be philosophical for a moment…what happens when we die? I mean I know some folks believe in Heaven and Hell, some believe in a white light, some that we simply rot in the ground. But I'm talking about those tense seconds creeping into minutes when we finally break the hymen of existence and fall headlong into the ether of the universe. In that time what happens? Do we see what we want to see, or is there some physiological imperative that forces us to witness what we need to see in order to make the transition between alive and dead. If these thoughts are a little to deep for you, just walk away…now, I won't hold it against you. Just crumple up this review and run away, back to your rabbit-like little world. This film is not for the squeamish, be they light of stomach or of brain matter.

I'm lucky to have befriended film maestro Lucifer Valentine a few years back. Though we've never physically met, I know that we share a certain rapport, a dream-state, if you will, that somehow produces images and thoughts of a peculiarly similar nature. With his creation of "vomit gore", I knew I had found a kindred spirit. Granted, we share similar religious beliefs as well, but that's a book unto itself! I'm here to talk about his newest addition to the trilogy that started with 2006's Slaughtered Vomit Dolls.

I wrote in a review for that film…"This film is like a syringe full of speed mainlined right into your body, an unrelenting nightmare of visual depravity that takes a serious viewer to understand or even appreciate what is being presented to you." In a world where so many filmmakers of promise pussy out on their sophomore attempt, I'm quite pleased to say that ReGOREgitated Sacrifice is of exactly the same caliber as it predecessor. If SVD was speed though, RS is drain cleaner! Upon viewing this film, the images presented within gnaw at your brain, causing you to enter a trance state, completely immersed in what you are witnessing on screen. Repeated viewings further increase this chemical imbalance, causing you to flashback on the imagery. Remember, once watched it cannot be unwatched!

RS continues with the story of Angela Aberdeen, a 19 year-old bulimic prostitute who drowned herself after making a pact with Satan to avenge the molestation and abuse she suffered throughout her short, painful life. Now, protected by two incestuous female demons (The Black Angels Of Hell), she wallows in the throes of death, witnessing carnal scenes of utter degeneracy and immorality. All the while, we learn that her life, and for that matter her death, are inexplicably tied to that of Kurt Cobain, lead singer of Nirvana and poet to a generation of disenfranchised youth.
Don't expect a straightforward linear movie. This is conceptual art of the highest order simply masquerading as a horror film. The darkness unleashed in this manifesto is a wake-up call to minds that have been lulled into a false state of security by supposed 'hardcore' films (ala Guinea Pig). If you think you've seen it all before, this piece of cinematic Satanic ritual will be like a .45 caliber slug tearing through your sleeping body.
Some of you out there in review land may think I'm being overly esoteric concerning this work. My answer to that is watch the film, late at night, say around the witching hour, all the lights turned off, and the volume cranked up. Anyone unaccustomed to ritual magic will feel drained after this little experiment. I feel I must again warn you that it is truly extreme cinema; gore, vomit (real, not staged), explicit nudity, and some acts that may (if you're a little on the uptight side) disgust and leave you feeling unclean. But for those few whose planes of reality have been expanded, through whatever means, this will be a beacon, drawing you into the fold with others who understand.

I'm pleased to have been offered the chance to once again worship at the alter of vomit gore. I'm just thankful that Lucifer, a man I like to call friend, is out there, sharing his visions with those of us who comprehend. As I wrote many years ago, while spending some time in a Thorazine haze locked within a padded cell, sometimes darkness is the only answer to the light.
Lucifer Valentine
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