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Assholes 2017



Distributors: Breaking Glass Films, Factory 25
Cast: Betsey Browne, Jack Dunphy, Eileen Dietz, Peter Vack
Director-screenwriter: Peter Vack
Producers: Ron Brown, Sara Yoko Howard, Christopher Santiago, Peter Vack
Executive producers: Cory Choy, Max Landis, Hannah Marks, Robin Shore
Director of photography: Justin Zweifach
Production designer: Jane Ji
Editor: Brad Turner
Costume designers: Betsey Browne Jane Brown
Composer: Brian McOmber

74 minutes

Crazy people and crazy perception of life or love? can't we get enough of them already for real or in movie? bet you don't. So when a movie called Assholes ends up on as one of the gross movies of all time due to its content and nature of the story. well i got excited and decided to check it out. so was it worth? no exactly actually as it has its moments, but certain factors kill the movie fun anyway.

Adah who happens to be recovering from being sober, is talking with her psychoanalyst who just lets her speak her mind up. she is a interesting character though not wholly, who just wants someone to accept her against her odds, which i feel isn't a great thing to look for in an relationship, but course she is emotionally weak to be in one, and her brother Adam, who happens to be Aaron's roommate is somewhat sober like her, though both Aaron and Adam get a thrill outta life by having bong.

So one day Adah drops in at their place, and seeing Adam not around, shares a bong with Aaron which accidentally unleashes some herpes upon them, and crazy things start to happen. they are covered with herpes, but yet they are in love and getting violently impatient to some extent in reacting with the world and their beloved ones as well.

On top of that, they get married, and things get normal for once, with the arrival of a demon goddess who is accidentally given birth by Adah, and she makes things right for once. but not for long, until things get worse again, and it is time for Adah's parents to walk in this situation and make things straight up?

So does it work, and more importantly, will Adah and Aaron be back to normal again? i guess you will have to see it to find out.

Well honestly it is a gross movie in terms of nature and content, but i still felt visually i didn't find it gross enough. maybe nothing scares or excites me anymore, so i guess for others, it might work or so. top of that, well i did like the acting of almost everyone, but in some stances, everyone felt they were over dramatic, maybe the scene required them to be one, but they just crossed their limits or so, and that irked me to some extent.

The ending is okay, but i would have wanted a more humane ending than a comedy one, so if this movie gets a sequel someday, which i rarely doubt, i hope they give this a thought anyway.

On the scale of 10, it gets 6 from me.
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