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Why is it hard to find asian horror?

Why are asian horror films so uncommon on many platforms, such as Netflix? The other day, I wanted to show my girlfriend the films Ju-on, Audition and A Tale Of Two Sisters. None of these were on any platforms we had access to. I found it strange, seeing as those movies were major hits, so it can't be popularity.

Aside from illegal downloads (which I have chosen not to engage in), what are some places where we can watch asian horror? Am I just incompetent at this stuff? Help me out!
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Interesting. When I recently scrolled down my Netflix-horror, I found among other a selection of Asian horror. I just checked and I got a selection with Sout-east Asian films and Indonesian films. Maybe It all depends on what you have watched too.

That said, I recognize that this is an old problem. It seems you need to log in/subscribe everywhere in order to be well covered. That would probably turn out to be more expensive than regular old cable and that can hardly be the goal either.

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