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Originally Posted by hammerfan View Post
If you ever see interviews with Nicotero, Gimple, Huth, or Kirkman, you never will. They will always be referred to as walkers.
I got no idea who those people are
If they're actors, they'll probably get fined or fired if they use the word.
Wish someone would crash a recording, run through the set and yell
"Zombieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees!" from the top of his lungs.
Thumb resize.
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I thought the finale was knda weak

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On the days me wife and I watch the show; before it starts, I often jokingly call her saying "The boring dead is starting."

The show really became a snoozefest. However, I have to admit it has its moments, but those are becoming less and less each season.

This season finale was like chickens with guns running around shooting at each other. And leading to it a lot of staring and talking about nothingness. A total mess.

I like the comic better. Way better.

Then again I'll be watching next season. I always hope the show gets better. ;)
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Got the DVD set on Saturday and wife and I are currently up to Third Disc, second Episode. While I'm liking it (Really intense opener), am finding there's too many people to keep up with, Negan is really too broad and find it hard to believe a badass like Rick could roll over and show his belly so easily. However, do like the King and Shiva (think my Black Cat could be her) and sure the action will amp up...let's hope.
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Finished it this weekend and while it did get better, probably the least of the series so far. Kind of like DEXTER...thought the first five seasons were fantastic than a really weak next season that picked up. Hopefully Season 8 of TWD will get back to those past glories
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