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In case you were wondering..

James Bickert
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Question of the day: “Why are you doing a pre-order for a completed film on Kickstarter?”

Answer: If you like unique and original content in independent cinema (not the films people think are Indie like GET OUT, etc.), filmmakers have the following options.

1. Sign with a Distributor who will “cook the books” and poorly market the film = $0.00 + Loss of film rights.
(Sadly, this is who the press and film festivals show favor towards. They say there are honest distributors but I’ve never met a filmmaker who has dealt with one and I know a few filmmakers)

2. Sign with a Wholesaler who will take 30% after the retailer’s 50% (+manufacturing, shipping, returns, advertising, creative bookkeeping, etc.) = Less than $.75 per copy.

3. Sign with an aggregate (gets the film on itunes, Netflix, illegally downloaded, etc.) = Filing a lawsuit and years to get paid. Only lawyer gets paid. = Bankruptcy

4. Distributing on Amazon who take 60% after you pay manufacturing and shipping to their warehouse. = Not a great option but currently the best for retail.

5. Sign with a Foreign Sales agent who will sell to their cap and then stop selling when the deal becomes percentage based. = $0.00 + Loss of film rights in foreign countries + illegal downloading

6. Sign with a Producer’s Rep = $0.00

Now there are other ways to get films made. For example: You can spend years in development with people who don’t “love film” that might get the project made which could trickle down to enough cash for a used 2007 Toyota Camry and the opportunity to do it again. IF these people make an extraordinary amount of money and don't steal your idea in the process, The chance of this route working is less than 1%.

Or you can try to get a “star” attached and proceed from there. Or latch on to a trend and go with it. Or shoot a documentary about wheat. I hear they're buying wheat docs someone once said somewhere. Lot’s of options but nothing that won’t involve hanging out with crooks and douchebags.

So to answer the question, it’s so we can buy groceries, make really interesting productions that contribute to the genres we love and not make films about satanic cannibal clowns chasing annoying teenagers through the woods with some ironic twist or nostalgic aesthetic. Not yet anyway.
If you want to support Independent film, you can start here:

We'll love you forever and you will even be rewarded with exclusive items!

Happy August Underground!

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