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Horror.com Forums - The Rules

We thought that horror, the owner of the site, never left us with any rules to manage/govern the forums effectively.

Couple days back, I came across the "Rules for the HDC forums". It was embedded in such a place which would have made it tough for any one to see it. I myself hadn't seen it till 2 days ago.

Anyway, here they are :-

If you have already seen it, good. If not, this stickied thread will serve as a reference for all past, present and future members and Moderators, alike.
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Where the heck is user horror anyway? He used to hang out with us forumers a lot about 10 years ago, would cut good posters a chit of the ad profits. Since he has abruptly left.

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Great with some rules, Btw I found this vid for them who don't like reading a long post like this:

Keep up the great work :D
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