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I just saw Mama last night and I thought it was alright. It had some decent scares and a decent plot that reminded me a lot of Scary Stores to Tell in the Dark. Anyone else see it yet? Thoughts?
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I saw it last night. I agree with you, very original. I liked the whole "raised in the wild" premise. Was an awesome film. One of the greater recent horror films.
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I am hearing a lot of good thinks about this and these John Dies at the End/ American Mary!

Some one already told me that
The Haunting in Connecticut 2 is already out online same as ABC of Death.


Still need too see Cold Fish, Red state, The Collector and sequel, excision, The Divide, Prometheus, The Grey,Grabbers,Chernobyl Diaries
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I hear good things about Mama, really want to see this.

Also Red State was good movie. Not as crazy and vulgar as most kevin smith movies but still a really good movie.
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I saw it and enjoyed it, but I would never classify it as a horror film- it was a pure, traditional fairy tale. From the feral girls to warring mother figures (one vicious, one reluctant) to the bittersweet ending- I really like that a big budget movie with a fantastic cast would meld originality and classic storytelling like that.

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looks good
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This movie is to scary.
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I saw the previews and thought it looks cool. I personally sworn off movie theaters since they started showing television commercials before the movie, and people just cannot stop playing with their cell phones during the movie. I'm not paying $12 a person to put up with this kind of behaviors.

I will however purchase the movies on DVD or Blu-ray when they come out. In the end, a $20 DVD or Blu-ray is cheaper than the theater, and I don't have to put up with the shenanigans.

I intend on buying this movie when it's released. The clips I saw of the girls when they were feral look really freaky.
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Watched Mama today. It has an imteresting concept but the director really needs to take on a partner for his projects. I'm not saying hes not talented but his films are always good at the start and tend to go a bit naff at the end when he loses interest as itt seems.

The film would be more enjoyable if we saw a bit less of mama i think as we found it more comical than anything else when she popped up.

I agree that its more of a fairytale than a horror movie.
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