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"Cooties" is an excellent comedy-horror movie.

'ello again my obedient slaves, you are here again as commanded. In my never ending mission to give you more than you deserve I watched Cooties for you. Only these cooties don't make you itch, they make you kill. And they are spread from eating chicken nuggets, the official snack of the midwest Hell. In case you're worried about catching them from me, I even got you some of that special shampoo...

See anything you like?
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"Cooties" was Epically Funny!

I absolutely loved this movie. I love how many quotable moments there were. the script was well-written and very comical. This is certainly a must see for horror fans!
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I think Elijah Wood has been excellent in horror and really wanted to see how he did in this horror comedy, I'm psyched to see it.
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