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Santa Claus: The Darkness

Christmas brings us much music and stories, but the allure of dark or scary Christmastime movies and books and storytelling arguably represents our social fascination with casting tragedy and depression through the vivid if shocking cinematic or literary lens of murder! That's why we've found the appeal of dark Christmas horror stories reflective of modernism imagination, a representation of dystopian dread. How do scary Santa stories inform our understanding of natural dialogue?


Santa Claus was giddy and jovial on this delightfully red velvet throne laced with gold at the magical and icy North Pole as Christmastime approached. However, things took a turn for the worse that year when it was noted that a developing flesh-eating Plague called Henneken-Death (HD) was sweeping across Planet Earth. Suddenly, the lights of Christmastime didn't seem as glowy or bright. This brought an eerie frown upon the brows of Santa Claus. His mind snapped, and he began to think of dark things.

SANTA: I shall become a harbinger of doom!

That Christmas, the otherwise affable and bubbly bearded sprite of Christmastime became a minion of darkness. He resolved to hop on his flying sleigh vehicle and actually steal treasures from human homes rather than leave joyous gifts. He also now wielded a bloody axe and used it horrifically and liberally against home owners and residents be they single, young couples, or full families. His reign of blood that Christmas reflected the gross reality of the spread of the new malady known as HD.

SANTA: No one will ever say my reign is one of pure giggles.

Santa Claus was officially evil. He created forms of bloody murder and darkness not seen since the days of the Holocaust. His was a throne of blood now, fulfilled by the cogency of unrelenting mischief and paranoia. Santa was a carrier of the realism behind death and dying and of the concerns of mismanaged civics beacons like neighborhood vigilance clubs and home owner security alarms. Santa Claus had become the parallax of the Reaper, a bloody messenger of raw delinquency.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)
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