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I'm a huge fan of fantasy-adventure writing mixed with apocalyptic graphic stories, and I was thinking about the modern post-Orwellian folk appeal of terrain oriented circus tales about costumed madmen striving for life in conditions of great bloody tidings, and it seems to me such stories reflect the modern appeal of films like Red Dawn and Red Sonja and serve as rather ideal templates for dystopian novel writing.

One might compare/contrast such storytelling to the Terry Brooks nomadic Shannara series of books. This one is dedicated to The Elfstones of Shannara.

Happy Reading,


Ken was an extraordinary thief in the post-apocalyptic Earth, following the great nuclear war and the Plague. Formerly a road cop from the Americas, Ken was now an exceptional thief, traveling around the lands of human survivors forging a new way to live on the planet. He found a companion, a female magician named Scarlet who was formerly a fortune teller and astrologer from California, a very pretty girl of 29 years-of-age, only two years younger than Ken himself who himself was a dashing man with modest but fit body. Ken and Scarlet traversed the Earth together searing for food stores and hospitality and finding fortunes through Ken's skill with theft.

Ken managed to steal rubies and gems from Earth's post-apocalyptic warlords and warlocks living in fortresses and lairs salvaged and reconstructed with fierce resistance to extinction. Ken would pose as a happy merchant or spice man or introduce Scarlet as a falsely sick woman to gain entrance into covens of abundance owned by New Earth tyrants and swap real gems and diamonds for fake ones or steal them outright after getting everyone in a tent or party very inebriated. Ken and Scarlet managed to get on in this way as surviving nomads, always keeping faith that they lived by simply defying the territorial reign of these fat cat warlords ruling the post-apocalyptic planet.

Ken decided to train himself in the use of knives for hand to hand combat or for throwing as weapons. He resolved to do this in case his Earthly fame for stealing from cruel and greedy warlords gained the wrath of envious eyes and furious tyrants seeking to undo his valiant survival skills. Ken wanted to be sure first and foremost that his stealthy ways of life didn't prompt any fury or danger heaped upon his fair and beloved sweetheart Scarlet. This was wise, as soon after his training was well rounded, Ken and Scarlet were attacked by minions sent by a warlord to a town tavern where Ken and Scarlet visited for a sojourn.

After Ken dealt with these evil minions, by throwing knives into their dark eyes, the humiliated warlords knew now they had a real 'Mad Max' on their hands and sent a notice to many villages and settlements, warning them that if they harbored Ken and his sweetheart lady-friend, they'd be duly punished and ostracized. Now, Ken and Scarlet knew they'd have to appease these awful warlords to find life secured. Ken sent a notice to the settlements, promising them public circus performance spectacles of knife throwing daredevil artistry, at designated complex targets, to draw the entertainment interest of crowds for pay. Even the warlords began attending these circus shows to enjoy such skillful revelry and weaponry themed artistry.

Things were secured for Ken and Scarlet and they gained the North American fame names Joker and Harlequin for their circus shows in which Scarlet of course played the costumed cheerleader to Ken's knife master. That is until one circus event in which a maniac named Saw was sent by one of the warlords who refused to resign his grudges. Saw arrived at the show at one of the settlement streets with a chainsaw and vowed to decapitate Ken, so Ken now needed to combine wits with artistry to protect himself and Scarlet/Harlequin. He needed to show the people that a thief, a former road cop, and now a circus theater host, was going to offer something to the conversation of living design.

KEN: Allow us to pass and live...as artists!
SAW: You deserve my buzzing saw only.
KEN: Don't you entreating your dazzle for art?
SAW: I want blood.
KEN: Your mighty chainsaw will be your ditch.
SAW: What do you mean?
KEN: You intend to rob yourself of merriment?
SAW: Yes, for my good master!
KEN: Your master wishes to see you dance without drink.
SAW: Why'd you say that, Joker?
KEN: Harlequin and I only are here for the music.
SAW: You need my blessing to pass as a clown?
KEN: I'm merely a costumed nomad, like from Arabia.
SAW: Why should I entreat my dark master?
KEN: You may tell your master you're fixed with ale.
SAW: So, now you're some kind of ale's-man?
KEN: I promise I'm just your...king of tent lighting!
SAW: Hmm, go then with your Harlequin and pass on as artists.
KEN: You've pardoned two real gypsies for the fate of art.
SAW: This is a land of carnage and saws, but you may endure.
KEN: As Christians?
SAW: Whatever...as storytellers.


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)
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