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Arrow Leatherface Sessions: An American Canvas(?)

Leatherface has become an American horror-art avatar symbolizing the dimensionality of offbeat mania storytelling. He's one of the Big 4 of American horror-cinema, alongside Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Jason Voorhees. However, what sets the eerie and terrifying chainsaw-wielding Leatherface apart is his special representation of pure maniac, unfettered by ideas about metaphysics or immortality.

That's why it's always been interesting to see why this horror-comics/art avatar can be referenced for novel ideas about the transplanting of human experience. I think this sort of horror-art diarism explains the pseudo-biographical appeal of psychology-oriented Leatherface-media such as the recent film Leatherface, a designed almost literary examination of the iconic maniac's life background and history.

That makes me wonder if Leatherface is a character who's appropriate for dioramic writing. What do you think? Is he a novel-deity?


Stan was reading his Leatherface horror-comics and then went to sleep a little late on a Friday night in his parents' suburban house in Texas at the end of a stressful high-school exam week. That night, Stan had a very frightening dream in which he was invited to a high-school party at his friend's house following exam week at Chester High School in Dallas (Texas). In the dream, Stan and his buddies were cooking marshmallows and drinking some light beers outside in the backyard during the friend's high-school party when an invader ran upon the property with a buzzing chainsaw. Everyone at the party scattered in terror.

As Stan scrambled to find someplace to hide during this frenzy, he decided to run inside his friend's house and up the stairs and into one of the bedrooms with a large window. Stan decided to wait in that room and stay there unless this maniac invader at the party wielding a buzzing chainsaw decided to go upstairs. Stan heard heavy footsteps and the buzzing chainsaw approach up the stairs and towards the bedroom in which he was hiding. Stan flung open the bedroom window and jumped onto the thick branch of the very large tree outside the window and climbed down.

When Stan reached the ground after climbing down the tree, he looked up at the window and saw the hideous visage of Leatherface in the moonlight of his friend's house that night of the high-school party, peering out the bedroom window Stan jumped out of to scurry down the tree outside the window. Leatherface was in his signature human-skin mask and wearing a suit and tie and wig and gloves and holding his chainsaw. He looked down at Stan who was standing in the backyard by the tree he climbed down outside the bedroom window Leatherface was now poking his head out of to look at the terrified Stan. For a moment, Stan froze in fear.

STAN: "I hope this is all just a very strange dream I'm having; I think I'm being somehow 'punished' for my fascination with Leatherface horror-comics, but I have to find a way to escape this property of my friend's house, even if this is just a very bad dream, because I don't want this chainsaw-wielding Leatherface to get near me; so, I'll look for a ditch or something!"

Stan ran around the house area looking for a shovel and found one. He quickly began digging a very big hole or ditch in his friend's backyard. When Leatherface came running out the house, after killing some of the people who're hiding inside the house, after killing some others who're running around outside trying to escape his clutches, Stan decided to beckon to him and dared him to try to run towards him with his buzzing chainsaw. Stan had covered the large ditch-hole he'd dug already with a very large rug he found in his friend's garage. When Leatherface ran towards him with his chainsaw buzzing and ran onto the rug covering the large ditch-hole, he fell in the damned hole and his own chainsaw fell on his own belly, gashing it and causing too much bloodshed for him to survive.

Stan awoke in a very cold sweat and ran to the bathroom to wash his face and hands. He looked in the mirror and then ran back into his bedroom to pull out his Leatherface horror-comics to make sense of his very strange and shockingly albeit unusually heroic nightmare. Stan decided he'd had this very eerie dream about fleeing from and engaging with this fictional American gargoyle Leatherface, a demon of American horror-art, because he was simply a young American fascinated by the shape of crime. Stan chuckled and honestly wondered if the ditch-hole trap he set for Leatherface in the nightmare he had reflected some sort of youthful craftsmanship. Stan decided to make some juvenile comic book doodle-drawings of Leatherface across the crazy but dependable superhero Batman, a messenger of theater. Was this an American diary?


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