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Old 10-23-2021, 05:22 PM
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The Burning(1981)-I will be Back! I will have My REVENGE!

I wonder whether this movie should be forgotten about or revisited?

On one hand reasons to forget include:
*One of Harvey Weinstein's 1st movies on as a producer
*A burn victim monsterized
*A clueless camp counselor citing a prank involved in gone wrong resulting in said burn victim but oooohhh lets make a cool ghost story about around the summer campfire... The audience watching the movie will be like the kids and just be like ooooohhh as well...

On the other hand reasons to perhaps revisit include:
*Perhaps a worthy precursor to Jason on Friday the 13th.
*Get to see George Cant Stand Ya (Seinfeld) as a teenager
*A classic albeit hard to tell what's going on scene involving a seemingly empty canoe with eager teenagers paddling towards only to encounter the terror that awaits is very memorable.
*The movie is a campy cheesy horror movie not to be taken too seriously and bad taste kind of adds to the whole morbidity factor of who the killer is and what is going on.
*This movie was only after about 20 years finally restored after being edited to tone down some of the more violent scenes that by todays standards (or even back then if compare to other movies) wasn't that much.
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One of my favorites. I saw it at a younger age so it stuck with me. I live for campy cheesy horror
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Always revisit. So good.
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