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Arrow Raphael/Shiva: Horror-Art Diorama(?)

Horror-art (cinema, comics, etc.) are considered so characteristically 'modern' that we might inquire how the development of horror-films and horror-comics reveal distinct features of modernism/modernization. How might we analyze/dissect horror-art in terms of the imaginarium-intrigue associated with modernization paranoia (e.g., anti-globalization terrorism)? Is horror-art (cinema, comics, etc.) reflective of civilization dogma itself? Here, for example, is a hypothetical/symbolic ideological and conceptual dialogue between Raphael (Christian archangel of guidance) and Shiva (Hindu god of destruction) about horror-art quality (e.g., cinema/comics diagrams).

I'm using Raphael and Shiva for this hypothetical dialogue about horror-art and modernism, since these two folk/religious avatars symbolize popular psychology (and diarism) on a global level!

How is horror-art like an evolutionary diary? Can we liken horror-art to modern machinery?


SHIVA: Americans love horror cinema/art.
RAPHAEL: Yes, American horror films are superior.
SHIVA: Friday the 13th, Halloween, and Child's Play are iconic!
RAPHAEL: Horror-cinema appeal has spawned horror-comics.
SHIVA: Yes, and graphic movie-makers may be inspired by horror-cinema.
RAPHAEL: Horror films can be sexy...or simply macabre.
SHIVA: The emergence of horror-art reveals certain social trends!
RAPHAEL: Yes, horror-art speaks to imagination contours.
SHIVA: To understand the appeal of horror, you must appreciate crime.
RAPHAEL: Crime, sin, vice, shock, terror, and strangeness are horror pillars.
SHIVA: The rise of horror-art began in the early 20th Century.
RAPHAEL: It really took off after the 1950s!
SHIVA: Then it exploded in the late 1970s and 1980s.
RAPHAEL: Today, horror-art is as canonical as Cubism or Rock Music!
SHIVA: Perhaps modernization creates a demand for 'shock-imagery.'
RAPHAEL: Sure; people are interested in traffic turbulence.
SHIVA: Traffic is the hallmark of modernism and globalization!
RAPHAEL: Right; the Colonial Era was the 'inception' of globalization.
SHIVA: Globalization concerns gave rise to the problem of terrorism.
RAPHAEL: Yes; 9/11 and the rise of terrorist groups mark this trend.
SHIVA: Perhaps modernization gives rise to a special 'mental war.'
RAPHAEL: The signature of a 'mental war' is internal strife.
SHIVA: Right; there's envy between families and clans and brothers!
RAPHAEL: There's animosity between 'neighboring religions' too.
SHIVA: Sure; Judaism-Islam is one good example.
RAPHAEL: Irish Catholics and British Protestants in Northern Ireland too!
SHIVA: The modern age is much about networking and media.
RAPHAEL: Media access is important too --- e.g., Al Jazeera.
SHIVA: Maybe 'network ergonomics' IQ gave rise to graphic video-games.
RAPHAEL: Yes; graphic video-games parallel horror-art and horror-cinema.
SHIVA: Yes, Mortal Kombat X is a great example of this modern trend.
RAPHAEL: Mortal Kombat X features iconic avatars from horror films.
SHIVA: That's correct; it's as if modernization has spawned 'mental waves.'
RAPHAEL: These 'waves of imagined turbulence' signal a 'spirit war.'
SHIVA: Sure; a hypothetical 'spirit war' suggests we're thinking of doom.
RAPHAEL: Why not; isn't modernization linked to developmental terrorism?
SHIVA: In that case, we may consider why horror-art parallels terrorism!
RAPHAEL: That's a useful parallel...
SHIVA: Horror-cinema development is a good sign of social imagination.
RAPHAEL: Perhaps Friday the 13th represents 'American dogma.'
SHIVA: Friday the 13th films present American fears about doom!
RAPHAEL: We think of a zombie-psycho killing random people.
SHIVA: The zombie in question here, Jason Voorhees, is a modern monster.
RAPHAEL: He wears a hockey-mask, signifying 'modern IQ.'
SHIVA: Yes; ice-hockey, like all sports, comprise modern imagination.
RAPHAEL: Even though sports was celebrated in Ancient Greece?
SHIVA: Sports and games have been around forever, but especially now!
RAPHAEL: So, you believe sports/athletics is much more modern?
SHIVA: Yes; international sports represent interests in networking.
RAPHAEL: I suppose social networking and diplomacy are modern trophies.
SHIVA: Certainly; Facebook, Wall Street, European Union (etc.) are modern.
RAPHAEL: I suppose A Nightmare on Elm Street is a signature horror-film.
SHIVA: Yes; that franchise presents stories about 'pedestrian hell.'
RAPHAEL: Right; we see the dream-terrorist Freddy Krueger.
SHIVA: Krueger disrupts everyday/pedestrian daydreams...
RAPHAEL: He does so in 'typical' American neighborhoods.
SHIVA: Right; Elm Street therefore is a signpost of modernism IQ.
RAPHAEL: So, we might link horror-art/cinema to modernism itself!
SHIVA: Why not; isn't horror-art more modern compared to other genres?
RAPHAEL: Maybe controversies in horror-art comprise an imaginarium battle.
SHIVA: Sure; horror-cinema intrigue reveal modern architecture.
RAPHAEL: That's why horror-comics illuminate modern daydreams!
SHIVA: Yes, horror-comics surely represent modern dogma.
RAPHAEL: Someone should write an expose of horror-art diagrams!


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