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The real-life horror story of Ed Gein is very fascinating as is the American horror icon Leatherface, so I wanted to fashion a comics-stylized 'vigilantism fan-fic' involving these two unusual 'figures' in 'American history.'

Many consider the real-life horrors of Ed Gein to be a template for the design and modelling of Leatherface in the iconic Texas Chainsaw Massacre horror films.

Isn't it interesting how we valuate purgatory?


Thomas Flowers was a horribly abused child who grew up in a troubled inner-city neighborhood in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (USA). His father, a German-American immigrant, was a factory-worker and alcoholic who relentlessly beat Thomas and his mother. When Thomas' mother committed suicide, Thomas tried to run away and start a new life but ended up wandering the streets as a pickpocket and beggar (at the age of 12!). At the age of 24, Thomas was a bank-robber and drug addict and joined the Army to clean up his life.

Thomas went on the Gulf War campaign in Iraq where he discovered he was a ruthless and vicious battlefield soldier, very adept and willing to use a gun. When he returned home a somewhat emotionally traumatized veteran, he fell into a deep depression but managed to keep a small apartment for himself. One night, Thomas turned on the news to discover that a strange menace in Texas had risen to prominence for his bizarre demonic murders committed with a large chainsaw. The murderer, a 29 year-old American male named Thomas Hewitt, was nicknamed 'Leatherface' (since he wore an eerie face-mask made out of human skin).

Thomas Flowers decided to become a 'night-vigilante' and pursue this maniacal 'Leatherface' (Thomas Hewitt) who was still on the loose! Flowers decided to call himself 'Batman' (since he fashioned himself a cape-and-mask outfit made to look like a bat). As Batman, Flowers could express all his interest to seek that 'golden utopia' that was the American Dream but which had always eluded him --- a terrible childhood, a difficult life growing up, and then a shocking war experience as a young adult. Batman decided to travel to Texas and find Leatherface and bring his un-American reign of terror to an end.

When Batman and Leatherface stood face-to-face across a barren road in Texas one hot Saturday afternoon in September (both men in their 30s now), the chainsaw-wielding maniac (who was by now also a practicing cannibal) probed Batman to see from where his vigilantism motivations derived.

LEATHERFACE: Why the mask you wear?
BATMAN: We all wear masks, Leatherface!
LEATHERFACE: Yours is abuse?
BATMAN: I was a scarred youngster, yes.
LEATHERFACE: Aaarrrggghhh!!!
BATMAN: Uncontrolled rage is not the solution!
LEATHERFACE: Happy Halloween!
BATMAN: Surrender or die.
BATMAN: Taste my tear-gas.
BATMAN: All witches die.


The Stand (Stephen King)
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Awesome idea, but the dialogue alone isn't very much in character.
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Take 2: Red Dragon

I accept that criticism and want to try again, since I'm fascinated by the Batman-Leatherface 'stylized' contouring, so this one is an adaptation of the 'Red Dragon' serial-killer character from the Thomas Harris crime-horror novel.


Samuels was tired of being a 'night-stalker.' He had become a masked ghoul, stalking random American teenage women on Halloween Eve (but never hurting them). Samuels would simply follow them around on Halloween in his mask-and-costume (a plain-white mask and mechanic's costume modeled after the horror film character Michael Myers) and give them goosebumps, leading them to think his intentions were malicious before disappearing.

Samuels decided to try his hand at being a 'night-vigilante.' He fashioned himself a bat-mask and cape-outfit (so he'd look like a 'Batman'). Samuels/Batman began prowling the city streets of Los Angeles looking for trouble-makers. He had some minor successes, using his electric stun-gun and blinding enhanced UV flashlight to disarm vandals and ghouls terrorizing passerby in the streets of L.A. He was about to engage with a real demon.

Thomas was a legitimate maniac. He purchased a chainsaw from a hardware store and made himself a mask with the skin of a corpse he dug up from a cemetery. Thomas started calling himself 'Red Dragon,' and on Halloween Eve in Los Angeles, Thomas (aka, Red Dragon) wandered the streets with his chainsaw (enhanced with flashing attached Christmas lights). People passing by simply thought the eccentric was a 'normal freak' in an outlandish costume festive for Halloween.

As Red Dragon, Thomas terrorized adult L.A. citizens in Halloween costumes and murdered two police officers and disposed of the evidence by burning their bodies in an alley. Batman (Samuels) discovered these activities and walked up to Thomas (Red Dragon) and asked him, "What the hell are you doing?" Red Dragon stared at Batman and waived his chainsaw in his direction and replied, "I'm creating pure anarchy!" Batman realized he was confronting the real 'American Psycho.'

Batman used his UV flashlight and electric stun-gun to shock, disarm, and debilitate Red Dragon before calling the cops. The cops handcuffed and carried the brutish super-psycho off to jail. Samuels attended the execution of 'Red Dragon,' and took mental notes of the killer's final words. Thomas (Red Dragon) smiled to the crowd and eerily said, "I've never seen Florence (Italy), but I've rated the breath of the chainsaw!" before being executed by electrocution. Samuels (Batman) realized he had rescued the people of L.A. from a real zombie.


Red Dragon (Thomas Harris)
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Very well written. I would say you are a seasoned writer. Love the interaction between 'Batman' and Leatherface.
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