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Episode 30

Opening credits role. Cut to the town. Many creatures are gone now, swarming the castle. The people are walking around, tired and worn out. Crabapple is leaning against a wall, lots of blood around him. Massacre Man is being cared for by pinkfloyd. He is missing a leg. Chronogrl and Hammerfan are covered in blood. Disease seems to be badly bruised but is mainly unhurt. Alkytrio's hand is mainly off, dangling by a piece of skin. Suddenly, V and Gorephobia run in.

Hammerfan: V!

She runs over and hugs him.

Disease: Gorephobia? You...you're with them. Right?

V: No. He's with us. He's proved that.

Disease: Good.

Massacre Man: The...creatures are all...in the cas...the castle.

V: That's where I'm going.

Hammerfan: WHAT?

V: I have to.

He runs through, ignoring the cries of protest. He gets to the castle and runs through the hallways. He runs into some trolls. They try to stops him but he slashes through them. Up ahead, he notices a shape. It is large and looks like a troll, but it's movement is more random. V runs towards it, already realizing what it is. It's Psycom.

V: Psycom! Oh my God! Psycom. Can you hear me?

The giant man walks away, seemingly not hearing V.

V: Dammit Psycom! You don't deserve this...you saved my life. Now it's time to return the favor.

He rushes over to the giant man and grabs his head. He closes his eyes as his hands glow white. Suddenly, Psycom's eyes become alert. He sees V, looks around and laughs to himself. He looks at V.

Psycom: Thank you V.

He smiles, shakes V's hand and walks away. V carries on. Eventually, after getting past the other creatures unseen, he reaches the room where The Return used to stay. He goes inside. Dante is sitting in the throne, Chucker at his feet. He has his face in his hands.

V: Dante-

Dante looks up and throws a small dagger. It hits V in the arm.


Dante stands up to do more damage but from nowhere, Papillon Noir appears.

Papillon Noir: DANTE!

Dante: M...Mum?

She nods.

Dante: Move. I need to kill him. He's a threat to the throne!

Papillon Noir: No he isn't. He...he's like you.

Dante: What?

V: I'm a creature. She...she's my mother as well.

Dante: What?

Papillon Noir: Let me explain.

The screen fades black. When it fades back in, V is in bed. He opens his eyes. Hammerfan opens his door, she is dressed smartly.

Hammerfan: Come on! You're going to be late!

He gets up. Fade to the church. V, Disease and Gorephobia are at the front. Amongst the crowd are Monalisa and Freak, as well as Rayne. Nobody is sitting next to her. Also in there is Psycom, who is dressed in normal clothes. Several coffins are laid out in front of them. Inside them are shown to be Doc Faustus, Crabapple and an empty one.

Disease: Yesterday, things changed here at HDC forever. We lost some dear people. They gave their lives bravely, defending this land. Doc Faustus gave his life to destroy a terrible enemy, Crabapple gave his fighting and as for Despare...somebody else would like to speak.

Phantomstranger limps up to the front. He is badly burned.

Phantomstranger: Last night, as I laid waiting to die...Despare came. I don't know how he did it, but using his faith, he stopped meet from meeting my end. And he gave his life, defending this entire town. I could see what happened. I will not speak of it...but he is, I can assure you...at peace now. It is now, my honor, to present these three medals for great bravery...to Disease.

He gives him his medal.

Phantomstranger: Gorephobia.

He gives him the medal.

Phantomstranger: And V.

He gives him the medal, then limps away. Disease speaks again.

Disease: It is now...that we bid farewell to our friends.

The screen fades to black. It fades back in. Everybody is gathered in the town center. A horse rides down from the castle. When it reaches them, it turns out to not be a horse, but a centaur. The centaur takes out a scroll and reads.

Centaur: Yesterday, this island changed forever. Creatures and humans were thrust into each other, and there was a terrible battle with many casualties. Our king was killed. I, Jeremiah Dante, took his place as king. I must now reveal to you that I am not in fact human. Many of you will have heard the story of Geddy and Papillon Noir. I am their last child.

Several people gasp.

Centaur: I have been full of hate for so many years. I was ready to take over with a reign of terror. But last night...something happened. I will not pretend I like humans. But I learned to respect you. This island will never be the same. I hope things have changed for the better, with humans and creatures living together. Thank you.

The Centaur nods to the crowd and rides back to the castle. The screen fades to black. It fades back in and everybody is outside, large tables have been set up. There is a feast, with everybody from the town sitting down eating various foods. Pinkfloyd is sitting down, eating. V walks up behind her and taps on her shoulder.

V: Can we talk?

Pinkfloyd: Sure.

She gets up and walks with him.

V: I know you said that you've just come out of a bad relationship but I was thinking, seeing as everything has changed-

Pinkfloyd: Stop.

He tries to speak again but she shakes her head.

Pinkfloyd: Don't...I...I'm with Massacre Man now. Last night, after everything...we got talking and...

V nods. She hugs him and sits back down. He sits next to Gorephobia, further along.

Gorephobia: Hey there, buddy.

V nods, then leans close to Gorephobia.

V: If you wouldn't mind...can you keep quiet about-

Gorephobia: My lips are sealed.

V smiles. Hammerfan puts down a plate of potatoes and sits next to V.

Hammerfan: Don't worry about Pink. You'll find someone.

V nods, then thinks for a moment. Images of Hammerfan being there, next to him, comforting and being nice to him flash onto the screen.

V: You love me...

Hammerfan: What?

V: You love me. Don't you?

Hammerfan: I don't know what you-

He pulls her close and kisses her. As they stop and pull away from each other, she smiles.

V: Told you.

They both laugh and begin eating their food. Rayne sits down. They go quiet.

Rayne: Hey...

They're silent.

Rayne: What have I done? I know this isn't natural. But we all used to be friends! And I'm not like the other undead. I'm fully formed. I don't need blood anymore!

Gorephobia: Relax. We don't blame you for what's happened. It's just...it's just a little bit weird. It's going to take some time. Okay?

She nods and starts eating the food. The camera zooms out to show the table, everybody eating and talking. The sun is shining brightly. Fade to Dante, sitting in the throne, the dogs at his feet. In the room are some guards. They are trolls. He looks out his window at the town and grunts, smirking angrily. Phantomstranger is in the room, next to him.

Phantomstranger: One day Jeremiah. You will feel positive emotions like they do. One day.

Dante nods.

Phantomstranger: So...your majesty. What's your next order of business?

Dante looks up at him and shows a small grin. The camera shoots up the castle, zooming out. At the top, on the face of a stone gargoyle is The Return, screaming out, bound to the walls forever. The camera zooms far out, showing the entire island. Gargoyles and other flying creatures glide through the air. As the air blows by, a chilling sound is heard. Roshiq's laughter. Ending credits role.

Thank you everyone who has read this, thanks to everyone who has posted their support, it is the one thing that kept me going. Thank you for all of those who gave me ideas, and of course, a BIG thank you to Dante's inferno, who has been coming up with ideas galore all the way through this and has supported me an incredible amount!

The Ferrets like it...

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