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Episode 20

Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of the Island. It's daytime, fade to a shot of Dante, standing on a hill, looking across at a different small town. The wind dramatically blows his long white hair. He puts on his helmet, chuckles to himself, then starts running down the hill towards the village. Fade to a shot of the town. Fade into the market square, everyone is bustling around. Pinkfloyd is at her stall, charming customers, Disease is selling his pieces of woodwork in an attempt to make enough money to rebuild the house. He's selling a chair to Chronogrl.

Chronogrl: Thankyou, this will look very nice in the corner of the Inn!

Disease: No problem.

Chronogrl: And again, sorry to hear about last night. It's disgraceful...

Disease: I'm glad you feel that way.

Chronogrl: Pardon?

Disease: Listen, take this and open it at home. You cans show your sister but nobody else.

He hands her a small envelope.

Chronogrl: Okay...

She walks off with the chair. The camera follows her into the inn. She puts the chair down and walks up stairs. She goes into her room and reads the letter. Disease's voice plays.

Disease: Dear friend,

As I know, many of you are quite frankly sick of the way we are treated by our leaders. Well, after last night I have decided enough is enough. It's time we stood together and rebelled. If you do not wish to take part in this rebellion, that is fine, but I ask you, please burn this letter and speak of it to nobody. You have been given this because you are trusted.

If you wish to be part of the rebellion, then at nightfall, walk up to my wood shop. It is about quater of a mile into the woods, there is a small path leading to it. Our plans will be discussed there. Now, once again, please burn this letter so as nobody who is likely to put a stop to this willget their hands on it.

Yours Faithfully,


She gasps, then walks out of her room.

Chronogrl: Hammer. Hammer!

The voice sounds from V's room.

Hammerfan: In here.

Chronogrl walks into the room. V is on the bed, sleeping. Hammerfan is gently pouring some medicine into his mouth.

Chronogrl: How is he?

Hammerfan: He was pretty badly hurt last night. But his breathing has steadied, and his wounds are dressed.

Chronogrl: Good...

Hammerfan: What did you want?

Chronogrl: Take a look at this.

Hammerfan reads the note.

Hammerfan: Oh dear...

Chronogrl: What?

Hammerfan: Those poor people are going to be killed.

Chronogrl: What?!

Hammerfan: Well, you don't expect this to work. The castle will slaughter them like lambs.

Chronogrl: You mean your not going?

Hammerfan: Are you?

Chronogrl: Of course! It's about time somebody stood up and said "Enough!" I can't miss this. We have to get our honor back!

Hammerfan: Sister, please don't. Don't you realize how risky it is?

Chronogrl: I'd feel safer in a group, ready to fight than just waiting here for the inevitable day that they send the soldiers to get us "in line".

Hammerfan: What's got into you? You're not usually like this.

Chronogrl: I've just had enough! The castle are demanding free ale for their soldiers, they've been putting up taxes to a foolish rate and if anybody speaks out they disappear!

Hammerfan: Exactly! So please, don't speak out! I couldn't live without you! You're my little sister.

Chronogrl: My mind is made up.

Hammerfan: I respect that...

The two are silent for a moment, then Hammerfan looks down at the mattress.

Chronogrl: What?

Hammerfan: What on Earth is that?

Chronogrl: I can't see anything.

Hammerfan reaches down and pulls out Geddy's sword from under the mattress.

Hammerfan: My word...

Chronogrl: That's ged-

Hammerfan rushes up to her and puts a hand on her mouth.

Hammerfan: Don't say it! Somebody could be listening.

Hammerfan looks at the sword in detail.

Chronogrl: That's amazing...I never thought it was real.

Hammerfan: Neither did I.

Chronogrl: Why does he have it?

Hammerfan: Oh no.

Chronogrl: WHAT?!

Hammerfan: He must be going to kill the creatures!

Chronogrl: Well, yeh. Isn't that why he's here?

Hammerfan: no, but if he's got this. It must be serious.

Chronogrl: Oh yeh...it must be-

Hammerfan: Something really powerful.

They look down at the sleeping V.

Hammerfan: We can't let him do that.

Chronogrl: Why not? He has the sword, it'll be a piece of cake.

Hammerfan: Think about it will you?!

Chronogrl: I don't get it.

Hammerfan: Look at him! He's as weak as a mouse right now.

Chronogrl That's not our problem. I know he's nice and all but-

Hammerfan: I'm not letting him.

Chronogrl: What's got into you? Since when did you become all protective over our guests.

Hammerfan: It's nothing.

Chronogrl: Oh you don't!

Hammerfan: What?

Chronogrl: I thought you had a thing for Despare.

Hammerfan: You're crazy.

Chronogrl: Hammer and V, sitting in a tree, lifted her skirt and showed her knee!

Hammerfan: Oh grow up!

Chronogrl: Why? You have enough wrinkles for both of us!

Hammerfan: You have three seconds to leave or I step on Ripley!

Chronogrl: Really? RIPLEY!

The creature runs into the room, looks at Chronogrl and meows happily, the at Hammerfan and it's eyes glow red and it begins hissing, showing it's mouth of fangs.

Chronogrl: Good girl! Who's a li'l hoochie poochie puddy tat? YOU ARE!

She picks up the bald creature and carries it away. Hammerfan looks back at V, smiles, rubs his forehead, then walks out of the room, carrying the sword. She takes a burlap sack from her room and walks out the back, to the river running behind the Inn. She picks up some rocks, puts them in the sack and carefully drops it in the river. The sword sinks down. The camera follows it. As it touches the river bed, the ground begins glowing, then suddenly, a shockwave travels through the ground. The camera shows the volcano, which shakes with the shockwave, then settles. Ending credits role.

The Ferrets like it...

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Episode 21

Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of the hills. A horse and cart are traveling along a path through them. Fade to a closer shot. The driver is Crabapple. The cart is shown to be full of apples. He talks to the horse.

Crabapple: Nearly there Granny Smith. This is the one I was telling you about!

He turns the horse around a bend.

Crabapple: Every time I come to it there are more and more apples. And they're so big!

The horse carries on around the bend until up ahead, a large red tree appears. They drive up to it.

Crabapple: I can make so much money with these. Poo nuts to those other apples!

They arrive at the tree. It's leaves are golden and the apples a mixture of Red, Green and Yellow.

Crabapple: This is it Granny Smith!

He climbs off the cart and walks up to the tree. He goes back to the cart and pulls out a sack with some straps on it. He ties the straps to his back and starts climbing. Eventually, he's filled the sack, he climbs down and puts the apples in his cart. He climbs back up. The camera shows two small trolls walking up a hill. They get near the top, and the apple tree is in sight. They see crabapple.

Troll: Oh my.

The trolls run to a bush and hide behind it, looking through.

Troll: What do you think he's doing to my tree?

Troll 2: What do you think? He's harvesting the apples.

Troll: Is he one of ours?

Troll 2: Doesn't look like it. No...he's definitely a human. Probably from HDC.

Troll: Does he know those are Trollseed apples?

Troll 2: If he did, I doubt he'd be taking them.

Troll: What should we do?

Troll 2: Leave him. That cart of his is nearly full. There are plenty of apples for us.

Troll: What do you think will happen if he eats them?

Troll 2: I'm not sure. But remember when the unicorn ate one of the shades carrots?

Troll: No?

Troll 2: I suppose you would have been too young...

Troll: What happened?

Troll 2: You know that black, tar like stuff about halfway down the Gig Tunnel?

Troll: Oh yeh.

Troll 2: That was ol' Fredrico the Unicorn. He's still alive. Nobody dares to touch him.

Troll: So that guy could wipe out the whole island?

Troll 2: By the looks of it.

Troll: But I don't want that! I just want the castle over thrown. The humans are okay.

Troll 2: Well, maybe they're just for him.

Cut to Crabapple, talking to his horse.

Crabapple: You know Granny Smith, not only am I going to sell these, I'm going to make it my goal that everybody in town buys some.

Cut back to the trolls.

Troll: I suppose. And even if he does plan to feed them, maybe if it's the first time they've eaten one, it won't make a difference.

Cut back to Crabapple.

Crabapple: I've been using this tree for nearly two months now! I think most of the town have already had a few Granny Smith.

Cut back to the trolls.

Troll 2: Even so, I think we should cut this tree down so he doesn't get any more.

Cut back to Crabapple.

Crabapple: Granny Smith, I just had an idea. To save us making this journey every two weeks, I'll use some of the seeds to plant a tree of my own. This tree has nearly doubled in size since I first used it, I don't think they take long to grow.

Cut back to the trolls.

Troll 2: How do you think he'd feel if he found out that the seeds have trolls blood in them.

Troll: Is that why the sap is red?

Troll 2: I think so. It has troll blood in it.

Cut back to Crabapple. He pours another sack full of apples into the cart.

Crabapple: That'll do. Come on Granny, let's go back to town. There's a good hoochie poochie horse.

He gets in the cart and steers the horse back. Fade to a shot of Doc Faustus. He's in the basement. The body is on the table. He's in the corner, a small hand on the table. He pours some of the liquid onto the hand, then takes a small piece of wood to the fire in the corner of the room. He lights it and takes it back to the hand. He touches the flame to it. The bright flash happens. He puts the piece of wood back in the fire, then walks to a small basket. He opens it, and pulls out a rabbit. He uses a cleaver to cut off it's ear, then puts th rabbit back. He squeezes blood from the ear onto the hand. It twitches, then starts pulling itself along the table. Suddenly, a faint knocking sounds from upstairs.

Doc Faustus: Dammit!

The hand falls off the table proceeds to crawl to the basket. It open it up and the rabbit jumps out, running around frantically.

Doc Faustus: Oh really!

The knocking sounds again, louder. He sighs, then walks up the stairs. He realizes the beaker of liquid is in his hand. He puts it down in the shop on a table and answers the door. Crabapple is standing there.

Crabapple: Apple?

Doc Faustus: Pardon?

Crabapple: I know you're partial to a nice apple. Apple?

Doc Faustus: I'm rather busy.

Crabapple: In which case you need strength. Food gives you strength. Food like fresh fruit!

Crabapple pushes past him into the shop. He sees the liquid.

Crabapple: Ooooh, a new medicine?

Doc Faustus: Huh? Oh! THAT! Erm, well, that is...er...a-

Crabapple: Glass of...

Doc Faustus: Rapid...Growth...serum.

Crabapple: Really?

Doc Faustus: Yes. But, er, what was it you were saying, I'm rather busy.

Crabapple: Apple?

Doc Faustus: Maybe tomorrow.

Crabapple: That's a shamey wamey. Say, can I borrow some of your ruptured growth system?

Doc Faustus: It's rapid growth serum. And I'm afraid not. It still has a few...kinks.

A crash sounds from the basement.

Doc Faustus: OH GOD! Well, er, nice seeing you! BYE!

Crabapple: Bye.

He walks out. Doc Faustus runs down to the basement. The front door slowly, quietly opens. Crabapple pokes his head in, looks around, then runs to the miracle growth serum. Doc Faustus can be heard shouting.

Doc Faustus: NO! Get out of the bath!

Crabapple picks up some the rapid growth serum and quickly bites into an apple. He pulls out a few seeds from the middle, then drops them into the liquid. He pours the serum out onto the work top and takes the seeds, then runs out. As he's walking to the next house, a crow swoops down and hits his head. He shouts out and falls down. The seeds fall from his hands.

Crabapple: Silly flapadoodle.

He picks up all but one of the seeds, which is hidden in some dirt. As he walks off, the crow swoops down, picks up the seed and flies into the air. It keeps it in it's mouth for a moment, then spits it out. The seed falls down, eventually landing in some dirt. Rain begins to fall, hiding the seed as the dirt turns to mud. The camera zooms out revealing it to be in the graveyard of the church. Ending credits role.

The Ferrets like it...

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Episode 22

Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of the destroyed woods. Fade into the still standing trees. An outside shot of Disease's shop. Fade to the inside. All of the work benches and tools have been moved to the back. Chairs are in the middle. Disease is at the front of the group. There are about thirty people in there. They include Alkytrio, Crabapple, Chronogrl, Pinkfloyd, Massacre Man and Doc Faustus. They are all sitting, listening to Disease.

Disease: And so, I propose that instead of an all guns blazing apporach, we play it more subtle. If we were to go to the castle and begin shouting, they wouldn't hesitate to kill every one of us. We must send an anonymous letter to the castle warning them that if things do not change, then things will change. We will continue to provide for each other, but anybody else in the town who isn't here will have to feel the force of our rebellion!

Chronogrl: I don't understand what you're getting at?

Disease: All of us here provide something for the castle. Massacre Man gives a certain amount of meat, I send up pieces of woodwork, you yourself provide them with ale. And of course, then there are taxes.

Alkytrio: You can't be serious!

Disease: I am! It's one thing to provide them with material objects, but they need our money, and if we simply refuse, then they will get desperate to our plight.

Pinkfloyd: But then, surely they'll just send their soldiers down to get it, by force if they feel the need. How is that any different to us marching up to the castle.

Disease: Because if there is a conflict, it will be on our terms. On our ground. We will have the upper hand.

Pinkfloyd: Will we? There are thirty of us in here. We'd be so outnumbered-

Massacre Man: Yes, we would be out numbered, but if we have things ready...

Disease: Exactly brother. Gorephobia's blacksmiths may be deserted but it's still full of weapons. I've been keeping an eye on it. Each one of us arms ourselves. There are swords, battle axes, shields, a few pieces of armor. I can craft bows, there are a good few arrows there.

Massacre Man: And if I've been sending them sub standard meat they won't be in any good shape to fight either...

Alkytrio: I was skeptical, but I think I'm convinced.

There is a murmur of uncertainty from the crowd. He stands up and walks to the front.

Alkytrio: No, really, think about it. It all fits. And they won't send the entire army to get us. Once we take out enough of their men they'll listen to us. It's not like their attacking an enemy town. They need us. They can't just go killing us. At least, not if we go about it the right way.

Disease: Exactly! Who's with me.

Massacre Man: I am.

Alkytrio: I am.

Chronogrl stands up.

Alkytrio: I am!

The whole room is quickly on their feet.

Disease: It won't be easy, and there may be some casualties. And if things are getting out of hand, do not hesitate to stop fighting. But by the end of this week, they will know we cannot be pushed around any longer!

The whole room cheers. Fade to a shot of the island. It's day time now. Fade to a shot of the hill Dante had been on earlier, near the other town. Pinkfloyd is going up it, her white horse dragging her and her merchandise behind it. They get to the top. Pinkfloyd gasps.

Pinkfloyd: Oh no...HELP! HELP!!!

The camera shows the town, now nothing more than a smoking, black pile of rubble. She goes to turn the horse around but catches something out of the corner of her eye. Somebody is moving around in the town. They look weak. She leads her horse down the hill, through the rubble. She reaches the person. It's an old man, covered in ash. His face is red and badly burned.

Pinkfloyd: Get on, I'm taking you to safety!

The man shakes his head.

Pinkfloyd: Quick!

Man: No use...too late.

Pinkfloyd: What happened here.

Man: So sudden. No help...

Pinkfloyd: I'm here now. I can help. Is there anybody else here?

The old man coughs and shakes his head.

Pinkfloyd: I can help you.

Man: It is no use...I am nearly dead.

His eyes widen and he grabs Pinkfloyd. He pulls her closer.

Man: Beware...the inferno.

Pinkfloyd: What?

Man: The inferno...

His eyes go white and veins appear on his wrinkled face.


He grips her.

Pinkfloyd: Somebody help!

The man gasps, then goes limp. He is dead.

Pinkfloyd: My God...

She looks around her. There are dead bodies everywhere, all burnt up. No building is left intact. Small fires are still burning. She picks up the man, puts him on a small piece of free space on the cart full of gems, then climbs onto the white horse, and rides away. Fade to a shot of the castle. Dante is in a room with Phantomstranger. Dante is looking at his hand. It is covered with ash.

Dante: How are the men?

Phantomstranger: They're not ready. They just don't have the experience yet.

Dante: What do you mean? They've been getting trained for years.

Phantomstranger: Yes. For humans. These beasts are like nothing the men have had to fight before.

Dante: What can we expect in a fight?

Phantomstranger: I have no idea. Having never seen a creature fighting the men, I simply can't judge.

Dante: This does pose a dilemma.

Phantomstranger: Jeremiah, I did have an idea.

Dante: Which is?

Phantomstranger: Well, though you have fought many creatures valiantly, it is simply far to many different types to teach every soldier on your own.

Dante: What are you getting at?

Phantomstranger: I have experience.

Dante: Phantom, friend, I do not know if you're in any state-

Phantomstranger: I may not be able to do much due to...this.

He lifts his right hand to show it to only be a hook.

Phantomstranger: And I may not be able to maneuver well. But having the use of a knee, or both hands isn't everything. I can still teach them basic ideas on different creatures. Hell, it was fighting a troll that got me this way, I can teach them how to not get in this situation.

Dante: If you're sure you're ready...

Phantomstranger: I am. I've been thinking about it for a while now. You take one half, teach them as many different creatures as you can, and I do the same. By the end we should have an army ready to deal with anything.

Dante: You are a good man Phantom...and damn, do I respect you.

Phantomstranger: Thankyou Jeremiah. There is something else I need to talk to you about...

Dante: Yes?

Phantomstranger: I know you haven't told me everything. I have seen things that I have looked the other way at, but I must know, as a friend, do you really believe in this?

Dante: What's this?

Phantomstranger: What we're fighting for. The in keeping of our current system. Because I have seen things that have made me question where your allegiances lie.

Dante: I suggest, as a friend, that you leave now.

Phantomstranger: Yes...sir.

Phantomstranger walks out. Dante looks out the window, to the town. Pinkfloyd can be seen riding towards HDC. He looks out towards the volcano.

Dante: The clock is ticking...

Dante walks away from the window, and out the door Phantomstranger did. The screen fades to a dark blue area. It looks like a cave. Faint scream can be heard. A woman's laughter sounds, and a female hand appears in front of the camera. She clicks her fingers. Cut to V in the bed. Suddenly, his eyes open, and his wounds begin to heal. Cut back to the cave. The camera shows the side view of a womans mouth.

Woman: It certainly is Dante...

Ending credits role.

The Ferrets like it...

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Episode 23

Opening credits role. The screen is blank and the words "One week later" appear on the screen. Fade to a shot of the island. It's evening and some people are in the church graveyard. Somehow, a large tree, similar to the one Crabapple got the apples from. It is already about twenty feet tall.

Chronogrl: I think I can actually see it getting taller...

Massacre Man: I know. What should we do?

Pinkfloyd: Well, I know I'm not going to eat apples from it.

Massacre Man: Yeh. I'll stick to the ones from Crabby's shop.

Chronogrl: I wonder if Despare planted it before he took off.

Pinkfloyd: And it grew in just over a week?

Massacre Man: I reckon this is something to do with the creatures.

Pinkfloyd: The creatures? They haven't set foot in this town for decades.

Massacre Man: Have you got a better explanation?

Chronogrl: Well, I best be off. Hammerfan will be needing some help.

Pinkfloyd: I think I should go as well.

Massacre Man: Pink. Are you sure you're okay? You know, after last week?

Pinkfloyd: Huh? Oh..yeh. I am. Don't worry. Just a little shaken up. Say, what do you think they're gonna do?

She nods up towards the castle.

Pinkfloyd: I sent up some pretty badly made jewelry the other day, and I haven't paid my taxes at all.

Massacre Man: I'm not sure. I haven't heard a word from them, I don't think anybody has. I can't think why.

Pinkfloyd: The sun's nearly down. I really have to go. Go talking to you.

Massacre Man: You too Pink. You too.

She walks away. When she's gone Massacre Man walks up to the tree and bangs his hand on it.

Massacre Man: Stupid fucker! Just tell her how you fucking feel.

He pulls his hand away from the tree. Some sap is sticking to his hand.

Massacre Man: FUCK! Wait a sec. That smells like...

He sniffs it closely.

Massacre Man: Blood. Eugh! Oh my God!

He runs away from the tree. Fade to a shot of the castle. There is a loud whistling noise. Fade into The Return, he's in a chair, covering his ears.

The Return: When will the damn noise stop?

Guard: It's getting louder your majesty!

The Return: I'm not bloody deaf, I can hear that!

The door opens and Phantomstranger walks in.

The Return: What is it?!

Phantomstranger: Sire, I thought you should know, the army is ready to fight! There is at least Twenty people who know how to get each creature!

The Return: That is good news. Now leave!

Phantomstranger nods, then backs out.

Guard: When will the walls stop singing?

The Return: What did you say?!

Guard: The walls Sire! Isn't there a way to make them stop?

Guard #2: The castle can sense impending doom!

The Return: Silence you fool! We are in little danger! The creatures will be killed. The walls are just walls! THEY ARE NOT SINGING!

Guard #2: With all due respect, what else could cause the noise your majesty?!

The Return gets up and walks over to him.

The Return: Saying, "with all due respect," before a sentence doesn't excuse you from it's disrespectful nature. Now get out of my sight!

Guard: I have to leave!

The Return: What?

Guard: I was told, my life was of the most value.

The Return: Been talking to Monalisa down in the cells have we?

Guard: Sire, we are not going to win this!

The guard opens the door and starts running. The Return shouts down the corridor.

The Return: KILL HIM! Kill the coward!

A man with a sword steps from the side, catching the deserter off guard. He slashes the sword, a glint of metal then a spray of red. Blood pours from the hole where his head was.

The Return: I am sick and tired of cowards in the castle! YOU!

A soldier walking the halls turns.

The Return: Get three dragons ready, each with riders. Tell them to fly to the mouth and block it off. Knock boulders down from the volcano!

Soldier: What? There is no time Sire! They have not prepared enough.

The Return: Come here!

The soldier walks over to The Return. As he reaches them, The Return swiftly grabs his head and twists it, breaking the mans neck.

The Return: YOU!

He shouts to the guard who decapitated the other guard.

The Return: Tell Phantomstranger to get the army prepared! Tonight, we go to war. I want every soldier ready to fight!

The guard runs away. The Return takes his silent whistle from his pocket and blows into it. Chucker and the puppies run from around a corner. The Return points to the two bodies. The dogs begin feeding. Fade to a shot of the sky. Two gargoyles are flying along.

Gargoyle #1: Nearly there!

Gargoyle #2: Do you have the pouch!?

The first gargoyle shows a small pouch to the other.

Gargoyle #2: How do you think the tree grew so big? And how is it getting nutrients?! Bey said it was in a graveyard!

The Camera shoots along and down, until it shows the tree. The view goes down, under the ground. It shows the roots of the tree, branching out far. Each one is going into a coffin. Images of Doc Faustus putting the corpse into the liquid, dropping the flame into the liquid, then blood, then the dead body coming to life. Then a flash of the trolls. It repeats the clip where the troll mentioned the tree having blood, the image of Massacre Man smelling the sap and saying blood, Crabapple dropping the seeds into Doc Faustus' liquid, then the crow spitting the seed into the graveyard, a shot of the large new apple tree, then another shot of it's roots branching into the coffins. Cut to the gargoyles again.

Gargoyle #2: What will the pouch do?

Gargoyle #1: Hopefully, burn the tree. The Trollseed trees are very flammable! The flame travels to every part of it within seconds, killing the roots! It will be gone before long! The humans will barely notice a thing!

Ending credits role.

The Ferrets like it...
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Episode 24

Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of the island. The sun is set now. Fade into the town. The inn is full of people. They are all laughing and singing and shouting happily. Hammerfan and V are talking over the bar. Pinkfloyd is laughing with Massacre Man and a very drunk Disease is Standing on a table, dancing. Fade to a shot of the castle. The scene is very different. Soldiers are matching into position. Flames are lit. The Return is standing in front of them, talking.

The Return: Tonight, many of you will not return! You will give your lives, keeping this island, this brave and powerful island pure! You have each been taught well. You have numbers on your side. You have dragons at your side! You protect the man to your left and he protects you! Tonight, a war will be fought. And we will WIN!

The crowd of soldiers cheer. The camera zooms to the tower where Dante had Psycom brought. Dante is inside, fully dressed in his armor. The walls are still singing. He grabs a loose brick from the window ledge and crushes it in his metal gloved hands. He goes to a wall and pulls down on a lantern. The wall opens up, revealing some stairs. He rushes down them, eventually getting to the dungeons. There is one guard in there. He stands up when he sees Dante come down.

Guard: Evening Sir, shouldn't you b-

Dante kicks the man into a wall and punches his face with enough force to burst his head. Some people in the cells gasp. He walks to one cell in particular. Monalisa is in there, slumped against a wall. She smiles as she sees him.

Monalisa: Jerry.

Dante: Where is he?

Monalisa: Where is who? Be specific.

Dante: Do not play games with me! Where is he?

Monalisa: What makes you think I know?

He takes a key from his pocket and opens the cells. He walks in and stands in front of her.

Monalisa: Oh...you mean my dear son. Why, you know, I'm not exactly sure!

He rushes to her, grabs her by the throat and lifts her up. He stares into her eyes. His have now turned a swirling, orange-red color.

Dante: Do not lie to me! I can see it in your eyes, you know! Now, where is he?

Monalisa: You promise to keep your end of the bargain?

Dante: You know I will, but I cannot if you do not give me the information I need!

Monalisa: I cannot tell you the exact location-

He tightens his grip on her neck.

Monalisa: Because I don't know it! But I know who has him.

Dante: The name!

Monalisa: He has no name, not that I'm aware of. Look east, to the destroyed woods. I met him there, he told me he was keeping my boy, my precious boy! Safe. I told him to stay there, each night, waiting. For you. He worships you. Go there, now, and you will find him.

Dante: Your waiting is finally at an end. You will have him back. Your services have been...useful.

He walks out of the cell and closes the door, locking it.

Monalisa: Wait! Aren't you going to let me out?

Dante: If your information proves to be true...yes.

With that, he walks to the open wall that he came out of. A prisoner speaks.

Prisoner: You...you're insane man! A luney! A loon! You're messed up!

Dante turns to him, smiles slightly, then raises a hand. The torch behind the man suddenly glows brighter and brighter. Eventually, the flames engult the cell, but hiss cell only. The screams eventually die out, and the flames retreat. Dante laughs to himself, then leaves. The wall closes behind him. Fade to a shot of the destroyed woods. Dante rides into them on a black horse. He gets off the steed and walks slowly towards something unseen.

Dante: You have the boy?

The camera turns to show the masked man, the one who killed the sheep. He nods.

Dante: Where?

The man signals for Dante to follow.

Dante: Your name?

Man: Fortunato.

Dante: Why did you take the boy?

Fortunato: I know what you're doing. A woman, came to me...in a dream. Told me everything. I agreed. Wanted to weaken the town, make the take over easier. I frightened them...right? Killing the sheep. It worked didn't it?

Dante: Yes...

Fortunato: Good. I know things aren't right the way they are. They have to change. You can make that happen, right?

Dante: Where is the boy?

Fortunato: Right this way...your majesty.

The two arrive at a small run down hut. Barely big enough to be called a shed. Fortunato opens the door. A boy is in there, no older than eighteen. He is hideously disfigured. The boy is freak.

Freak: YOU!

Dante: Time to come with me...NOW!

Fortunato: Go with him, Freak. He will make things...better.

Freak looks at Fortunato and nods. He gets up to go with Dante.

Dante: Stay here if you wish to live. Keep quiet. They may not rush you.

Fortunato: Yes.

Dante: When this is over, I will come back here. You will be rewarded. But for now...

Dante pulls out a sword and slices off Fortunato's leg.

Freak: Noooorr!

Dante: Fresh human blood is needed for the ceremony.

Dante leaves the hut with the leg. Fortunato lays on the floor, laughing to himself quietly. Cut to a shot of Dante and Freak riding on the black horse back to the castle. Cut to a shot of the mouth. Fade to a large cave inside. Hundreds of creatures are dressed in rough armor suits, with weapons and shields. Roshiq is in the front of them all.

Roshiq: This is it! This is the final day that you will be over looked. THIS. IS. WAR!

The crowd cheers. Cut to a shot of the human army. The Return shouts.

The Return: Tonight is the night you prove yourselves. THIS. IS. WAR!

Somebody blows out a horn. Cut to a shot of the inn. At the sound of the horn, everybody goes quiet. All of them seem to snap sober. The Disease looks around.

Disease: My God...a war. People! We were prepared for a fight. We are prepared for a fight. Get ready. It may not be against the people we thought it would. But we must fight. Get into positions. This isn't a defensive protest any more. THIS. IS. WAR!

The people run out of the inn, each going to get ready for the fight. Cut to a shot of the gargoyles, flying above the island.

Gargoyle #1: Are you sure it's there? I can't see it!

The second gargoyle looks for a moment then points.

Gargoyle #2: THERE! There it is! 3...2...1...DROP THE POUCH!

The camera follows the pouch as it falls. It lands on the tree. The pouch bursts into flames. Instantly, the tree catches. The camera follows the speeding flames as the travel down the tree, along the roots and into the coffins. Flashes keep appearing and moans begin to sound and scratching and the bodies of the dead wake. Cut to a shot of Dante in his tower. Freak is in front of him. Dante takes the leg and squeezes blood from it, onto Freak. He begins to speak some words in a foreign language and slowly, freak begins to glow. Dante places a hand to Freak's chest and the glowing starts flowing into him.

Dante: Yes...YES! Time for the real Dante to arise! Time for the rightful ruler of this land to take over!

The walls begins singing so loudly that they begin to shake.


Ending credits role.

The Ferrets like it...

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Episode 25

Opening credits role. It's night time. A far away shot of the island. Rain is coming down lightly. The camera shows the human army, being led Phantomstranger.

Phantomstranger: There they are men...

Up ahead, some torch lights can be seen coming closer. A soldier near him speaks.

Soldier: Sir. Where is Dante? Shouldn't he be leading us?

Phantomstranger: Yes...he should. I don't know where he is. Nobody does.

Soldier: How are you going to fight?

Phantomstranger: I'm not. After about a mile I'm dropping back and returning to the castle.

Soldier: Who will lead us then?

Phantomstranger: You will my friend. You will.

Soldier: Yes sir!

Phantomstranger: Neverending has been left at the castle for him. He may turn up in time.

Fade to a shot of the creatures. There are a mixture of creatures on the front line. They are being led by a large minotaur like creature. There are many trolls near the front too. The camera goes into the sky, then shoots behind the army. Eventually it gets to the volcano. The camera goes far inside it, eventually reaching a room that Gorephobia and Roshiq are in. There is a strange hairless hawk like creature in there.

Hawk: News...just...came. Their leader, Dan...te. He isn't...leading...them!

Roshiq: Are you sure?

Hawk: Yes.

Roshiq: That is excellent news! He was a large threat to us. Tell them to increase their marching speed. You never know, he may return. We want to be there before that happens.

The hawk nods and flies away.

Gorephobia: Do the soldiers stand a chance?

Roshiq: HA! Not a hope in hell my friend.

Gorephobia puts his face in his hands. Fade to a shot of the town. People are on rooftops, crudely armed with weapons not suited to them. Disease and Massacre Man are on the roof of the butchers, Pinkfloyd is with Chronogrl on the roof of the inn. Others are on their rooftops. Fade to the inside of the inn. V is dressed in his burnt armor, bustling around. Hammerfan is have a drink of cocoa, shaking.

V: What did you do with it?

Hammerfan: I told you, I haven't got it!

V: You moved it! I need it now!

Hammerfan: Why do you need it? There are other swords at Gorephobia's shop.

V: I told you, this is the only sword capable of killing their leader. He is a man of magic, powerful magic. This is the only way.

Hammerfan: The army are fighting the other creatures with ordinary swords!

V: Yes! And they will be slaughtered! The only reason ordinary swords will work is because over the generations, they have lost some of their magic ability! They are so far off the butterfly that they've weakened.

Hammerfan: Please don't! You'll be killed.

V: When I came here, I was just looking for some money. But that time has passed. Being here, with all of you, I...I don't know. I feel I belong. And this is my calling. He must be stopped.

Hammerfan frowns, and a tear runs down her cheek.

Hammerfan: Look...look outside. I put it in the river.

V: Why would you do that?

She points to the back door.

Hammerfan: Hurry! You need to get there in time. The creatures will be upon us soon.

V: Thankyou.

He runs to the back door.

V: And for the love of God, defend yourself!

He runs out the back door. The black river is in front of him, running strongly.

V: No...

On the wind, the faint sound of a woman's laughter, then a click sound. Before his eyes, the river opens up. The water literally stops running, and there is a gap in front of him. And sure enough, in the water, the glinting sword is laying. It is glowing slightly. He rushes down and picks it out, then runs back up. As he does so, the water closes back up behind him. Cut to V, riding on a brown, large horse, up a hill so as to go around the large battle that is to commence. Fade to a shot of the castle. Fade into Dante's tower. He still has his hand on Freak's chest. Freak's face is looking slightly more normal, his large tumors disappeared. He is also glowing less. Dante, on the other hand, is engulfed in white light. Only his basic outline can be seen. Suddenly, his eyes open. They are dancing flames.

Dante: Almost time...

Ending credits role.

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Episode 26

Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of the island. Fade into a large field. The torches of the two armies can be seen. They are very close to each other. Cut to a shot of the human army. They are led by the soldier who had been talking to Phantomstranger. Cut to a shot of the Creatures. They are led by the minotaur. The two armies stop, and wait. Flying above the creatures are a large amount of gargoyles and other flying creatures. The Soldier leading the humans cries out. The minotaur lets out an almighty roar. Horns sound and the two forces rush to meet each other. When they do it's a mess of arrows, swords, axes, spears, clashing shields, collapsing horses, blood splats everywhere, people shouting as their limbs are cut off. The soldier who was leading is fighting the minotaur. He is quickly cut in half. Flames fly everywhere. Gargoyles swoop down. The creatures are pushing the soldiers back. They're gaining ground. Several soldiers try to run away but are quickly killed by their own men. A large roar fills the night as three Dragons jump into the air, gliding down on the creatures, knocking them over and engulfing them in flames. A dozen gargoyles rush towards one of them but are quickly taken out. Fade to a shot of the town. The rain is coming down heavier there. The people are on their rooftops. They hear the sounds of the dragon.

Disease: They will be here within the hour...and we will be ready.

Massacre Man points to the graveyard, something is stirring.

Massacre Man: What the fuck is that?

Disease: I...I'm not sure.

Massacre Man: Could be the remains of the tree.

Disease: No...it's moving to smoothly to be crackling wood. Somebody check!

Crabapple shouts across to them.

Crabapple: What be that?

Disease: Not sure!

Crabapple: Let ol' crabby check!

He goes down the stairs and runs out of the shop. He goes over to the graveyard, into the darkness. Everything is silent for a moment then...


He runs out. Disease jumps down from the roof of the butchers, landing heavily. He gets up and runs over to Crabapple. He takes a torch from the wall of the apothecary. As he gets there, he gasps in horror. Five corpses are holding onto Crabapple, munching away at his flesh. Many more are wandering around. When they see Disease, they rush over to him. He slices with his axe, cutting them in half, cutting off legs. He crabs crabapple's arm and pulls him away, chopping the undead from him. They follow, walking very quickly. Disease picks up Crabapple, putting him on his shoulder and running.


Massacre Man: WHAT?!

Chronogrl: Did you say Zombies?

Disease: Help! Crabapple's hurt!

They're following us!

The undead follow them, moaning and groaning. Doc Faustus gasps when he sees them.

Doc Faustus: Oh dear...oh dear!

He rushes back down into the shop, then to the cellar.

Doc Faustus: Honey...we have trouble.

The Camera turns, showing Rayne laying on a rough bed. Unlike the other zombies she is fully formed.

Rayne: What is it?

Doc Faustus: There...are more. Loads more.

Rayne: More what?

Doc Faustus: Undead! I don't know how! I say the flashes earlier. I hoped it was lightning. Somehow the whole graveyard is alive.

Rayne: What's the problem?

Doc Faustus: They're not like you! They're fresh! You've had enough blood to sustain yourself like a normal human now! They haven't. And...they're hungry.

Rayne: Oh dear...

Doc Faustus: I knew I went too far! I never should have-

A crash sounds from up stairs.

Rayne: What was that?

Doc Faustus: I don't know...

He runs up the stairs and is met with the groaning of a very thin, old looking undead. When it sees him, it's eyes light up. It runs towards him, arms out stretched.

Doc Faustus: It's them!

He pulls the mace from his side and swings it at the creatures head. It ducks and he smashes some vials behind it. They mix on the floor to make a foul smelling substance. The smell seems to draw the undead creature. It changes direction, going towards the puddle of chemicals. Doc Faustus takes the oppurtunity to smash it's brains out. The body falls limply to the floor.

Doc Faustus: What have I done?

Cut to a shot of the outside. All of the townsfolk who were part of the rebellion are fighting against the zombies, who just keep on coming. Pinkfloyd is stabbing one in the head with a dagger. Massacre Man is fending off half a dozen nearby. The undead are smashing windows, bashing down doors. They don't seem to feel pain.

Chronogrl: This is ridiculous!

A scream sounds from the inn. She runs back into it. There are undead everywhere. They are drinking the beer and appear to be stumbling around.

Chronogrl: Hammer!

She uses her battle axe to in capacitate some zombies. She rushes up the stairs, into Hammerfan's room. There are two undead in there. One is on her, trying to bite her neck, the other is biting at her leg.

Chronogrl: RIPLEY!

Without warning, the cat like creature rushes into the room. It jumps on the zombie eating hammerfan's leg and begins scratching away at it's neck. Within seconds it has made a hole which it slinks into. Chronogrl uses her axe to get rid of the other undead. She buries the blade in it's skull, blood squirting everywhere. As the body falls to the floor, Ripley bursts from the rib cage of the other zombie.

Hammerfan: I...I can't believe it. I never thought the creatures looked like that.

Chronogrl: I thinks that they're not the creatures. These are...zombies.

Hammerfan: But how?

Cut to a shot of Doc Faustus. He is in the basement. The basement door is boarded shut. Some undead outside it are scratching to get in. Doc Faustus is bustling around, pouring things into the bath.

Rayne: What are you doing?

Doc Faustus: I made this mess...I...I have to finish it.

Rayne: But how?

Fade to a shot of the castle. Dante is in the tower. He is a bright white colour, so bright that the normal looking teenager in front of him who was once freak, is covering his eyes. Swirling orange colors are moving around on Dante's bright white skin.

Dante: Nearly there...

He whistles loudly then, without warning, runs over to the window. He jumps out of it and falls a long way down. Just before he hits the ground, Neverending swoops underneath him. Dante lands with a thud on the dragon, but the long fall doesn't seem to have affected him.

Dante: Next stop...the Volcano.

The dragon flies high above the island. He goes over the town where the people are fighting the undead, above the battlefield, where the creatures are gaining large amounts of ground on the soldiers. There is a significantly smaller amount of soldiers now. Cut to a shot of V riding through some think woods about a mile to the left of the battle. He looks up and sees the Dragon fly over. Cut back to Dante. Neverending keeps going. Eventually they reach the volcano. As they fly towards it, Dante stands up and when they're above the top of the volcano, he jumps. Dante falls through the air, down through the Volcano. As he falls he hits rocks, bounces off, smashing large boulders, and yet, none of it seems to hurt him. He shines brighter and brighter. He falls down a tunnel and rolls through the stone at great speed. He falls out of the tunnel and is then going down, towards a large pool of Lava. It bubbles beneath him, smoke rising from it. His eyes open as he falls down. He crosses his arms over his chest and then...he falls into the lava. With a splash, he is submerged.

The lava bubbles for a moment, then more, then more until it is almost thrashing wildly. Then, without warning, a hand comes out of the lava. It is grey skinned and looks tough, like leather. It's fingers are long and end in glowing, orange claws. It is followed by a large muscled arm with small horns sprouting from it and large veins. Then a shoulder which too has a horn spouting from it, this time much larger. It is followed by a face. It has long, has long, flowing hair which dances oddly like flames. It is white. The face is too, grey. It's eyes are orange and red dancing flames. Two large, curling horns like a bulls sprout from it's forehead. In place of a nose, there are two large slits. It's mouth is large, curling around to just below it's ears. It's teeth are pointed and sharp, and there are many of them. An orange glowing comes from it's throat, like it's heart is on fire. It is wearing similar armor to what Dante was wearing when he fell in, except it is now thicker, larger and appears to be made from a tough blue rock, like the handle of Geddy's sword. It smiles, opens it's mouth and speaks.

Dante: It is time...

Ending credits role.

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Episode 27

Opening credits role. Fade into a a shot of the fighting. There are only about a hundred soldiers left. The many more creatures are wiping them out quickly. The battle has moved so far forward that the town is literally a stones throw away, and many of the creatures are breaking through and running towards it. One of the dragons is dead, the other two are flying aimlessly, their riders having been knocked off. Cut to the town. There are many more zombies there, the townsfolk bravely fighting against them. Massacre Man appears to have lost an arm but is still fighting three at once, Pinkfloyd and Chronogrl have teamed up on a large zombie, Hammerfan throws spirit over one of them and lights it with a torch. The flaming zombie sets some others alight. Some creatures begin running through the town, towards the castle.

Disease: Creatures!

Pinkfloyd trips over a unicorn with sharp teeth and blood dripping from it's horn. She stabs it in the heart. The minotaur rushes through. Hammerfan and Chronogrl try to stop it but it knocks them to the side and carries on running. A large ogre, about the size of Psycom rushes through. He smashes part of the Butchers, spilling tools everywhere.

Massacre Man: Bastard!

He rushes over, picks up a cleaver that is on the floor and throws it. The blade buries itself in the ogre's brain, he topples over, crushing a sprite like creature as he falls. Fade to a shot of the castle. Guards are at the door, barricading it with everything they've got. Creatures are bashing at the door, slowly breaking it. Suddenly, the minotaur bursts through the wall next to the door. The guards try to fight him and the other creatures off but are quickly flattened. The creatures spread out, making their way through the castle, causing destruction wherever they go. Fade to a shot of the battlefield. Something shoots towards it in the sky. It is flaming blue and goes straight over. It goes over the town and reaches the castle. The things rests down on the floor in front of the castle. It's Dante, in his new Demon form.

Dante: Knock knock...

He walks calmly raises a hand to the door, ignoring the hole next to it. The door bursts into flames, as does the barricade behind it. He walks through the castle hallways purposefully, knowing exactly where to head. Dramatic music is playing. As he reaches guards, they burst into flames and fall on the floor as ash. The carpet beneath him burns. The lanterns on the wall burst into life, becoming huge as he walks by. Any human he walks by, he kills. He walks towards the room that The Return is always in. Suddenly, a familiar voice calls out to him.

Phantomstranger: JEREMIAH!

Dante turns around.

Dante: What?

His voice is deep and gravelly.

Phantomstranger: You need to stop!

Dante: I am doing what is right.

Phantomstranger: Are you?

Dante: Creatures are the rightful rulers of this land...

Phantomstranger: So you think you're doing what is right. Okay. But you are going about it the wrong way! These people have served, they have respected you.

Dante: They had no respect. They only feared me! But, I suppose they had reason to...

Phantomstranger: Maybe so. But I respected you. We worked together! What now? Are you going to kill me purely because of the race I was born into. The creatures themselves are half human!

Dante: YES! They are. But they are also half something so much better. And from those two halves, a much more worthy race was born. The creatures are rightful rulers of the Earth. Humans must serve them. I give you a chance. You can either help me, and live a long life, or try and stop me, and die where you stand.

Phantomstranger: I will not try and stop you.

Dante smiles.

Phantomstranger: But I will not help you either!

Dante's smile fades.

Dante: Very well...

He holds up and hand. Phantomstranger's robes burst into flames. He tries to put the flames out but they only get larger. He limps towards the window and dives out of it. The camera follows him. he hits a roof and falls into the moat. Cut back to Dante, outside the door that The Return is usually in. He holds a hand out to it. The doors fly open. The room is empty. Dante grunts, then turns. He lets out a loud roar, and all of the doors in the hallway burst into flames and turn to ash. He listens for a moment, then hears a faint sound. He goes into one of the rooms and finds The Return, holding a sword out. Dante chuckles to himself.

The Return: Get back!

Dante: I think I'll give the orders here...

He looks at the sword. Within seconds it's glowing hot and The Return drops it to the ground.

The Return: Why?

Dante: Why? You mean, why am I taking over?

The Return: I thought you were against the creatures!

Dante smiles.

Dante: Against the creatures? Against my family?

The Return: What?

Dante: I am a creature!

The Return: How?

Dante: You've heard the story of Geddy and Papillon Noir?

The Return: I have...

Dante: I was their final child! I am their final child! When I was thrown into the volcano, something happened. My body took in, it absorbed the powers of the volcano itself. I lay there, for years, growing. Then one day, I broke free. I tried to use the power, but it was so small. Only an ounce of energy. I tried to let it grow in me, but it wouldn't. I spoke to a gypsy who told me that in the years I spent in the volcano, my hate for life grew to the point that my body wasn't fit to mature the powers. I had to put them in the body of a pure person.

The Return: My God...

Dante: I found a woman, she was part of a traveling group. She was pregnant. Eighteen years ago I took her baby, and transfered my powers to him, locked away. But his body, being human, couldn't take it. The powers crippled and deformed him. He became his namesake...a freak. I told his mother to keep him near the castle and keep him safe, for one day, when the powers have grown, I will take them from his, and he will be a normal person once more. That woman was Monalisa.

Cut to a shot of Phantomstranger. He is layed out at the side of the moat. A figure is standing over him. Cut back to Dante and The Return.

Dante: Tonight, I took the powers from him, and went back to the volcano, to take my true form.

The Return: B-b-but you've been...helping us.

Dante: I've been sabotaging you all along! I've been teaching flawed techniques to the soldiers. Many are dead now because of them. I've been killing some of the best soldiers at night. On the retrieval of the Dragon, I got that behemoth of a man Psycom to tell the dragon to kill all of the soldiers and Monalisa's team before returning to the castle. The poor man had to have that part...taken from his mind. He is currently wandering in my secret passageways, barely having self awareness.

The Return: No...NO! This isn't true!

Dante: Oh but it is! You have watched your kingdom come crashing down, just like my father did! You didn't listen to his warnings!

The Walls begin singing again.

Dante: And now, I will take my revenge for all of the time you have try to cause me anguish. All the animals you killed for pleasure! What goes around comes around my friend!

The Return: No...

Dante: It is time-

The Return: NO...

Dante: To end your reign!

The Return: NOOOO!

Dante raises his hand to The Return. His skin starts going red, and he begins sweating. He begins groaning, but it quickly becomes shouting, then screaming. Screams of sheer terror. As his temperature rises, he begins banging the walls in pain. He rolls on the floor to try and take the pain away. Dante flicks his hand and The Return is lifted up. His eyes melt. His hair burns off. His skin is blistering madly and turning black.

Dante: When you go to hell, tell my Grandfather I said hello.

With that, The Return bursts into many pieces, smoke coming from each of them. Blood is splattered up the walls, bubbling from where it was literally boiling.

Dante: Now...to show this kingdom what I am really made of!

A voice sounds behind him.

Despare: Not quite.

Dante glares. Ending credits role.

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Episode 28

Opening credits role. Cut to V. He is at the mouth now. He goes inside. It's empty and bleak. A faint dripping sound can be heard. Suddenly, he is thrown against a wall by an unseen force. His sword clatters to the ground. Roshiq walks out of the darkness.

Roshiq: V...we meet at last.

V: Roshiq I assume. You're shorter than I imagined.

Roshiq: Hahaha. You're a funny man. Let's see how funny you are when your arms are twisted from their sockets.

Someone else runs from the darkness.

Gorephobia: NO!

Roshiq: Quiet. It must be done!

V: Gore!

Gorephobia: Roshiq, please! Let him go.

Roshiq: Silence! He must die.

Gorephobia: I've had enough of you! LET HIM GO!

Roshiq: What?

Gorephobia: You heard me! Let him go. We cam do this the easy way or-

He too is thrown to the wall. Roshiq clenches his fist and Gorephobia's amulet is crushed, rendering him blind.

Roshiq: I didn't want it to come to this.

V: Who are you kidding? You always wanted this.

Gorephobia: I just wanted things to be fair. The creatures deserve to be equal to us humans.

Suddenly, the volcano begins shaking. The ground opens up and smoke billows out. A large piece of rock juts up from it. The rock is blue. A woman is at the top. She has flowing blond hair, her face is young and beautiful. She is wearing a white dress. Her lips are rose red. Roshiq gasps.

Roshiq: My word!

Woman: Equal humans and creatures isn't what you were going for, is it?

Roshiq: It's you...it's-

V: The Butterfly.

Papillon Noir: Oooh, don't call me that. I prefer to be known as Papillon Noir.

Cut to a shot of Doc Faustus and Rayne in the apothecary basement. He is still pouring things into the bath.

Rayne: What are you doing?

Doc Faustus: Fixing things...

Rayne: Stop saying that! Fixing things how?

Doc Faustus: These...zombies. It seems the only thing they need to live is their brain. This...if I've got things right, should turns their minds to mulch.

Rayne: How are you going to give it to them?

He doesn't answer.

Rayne: No...NO! You can't!

Doc Faustus: Almost done...

Rayne: Please! Don't.

Doc Faustus: In life, you were pure, kind and generous.

Rayne: You are too!

Doc Faustus: That may be...I have brought down a curse on this town. And I couldn't live with that!

Rayne: I won't let you!

Doc Faustus: If you love me...you will.

She holds his arm for a second, the lets go.

Doc Faustus: Thankyou.

He kisses her on the forehead.

Doc Faustus: I love you Rayne...live a happy life. Tell the townsfolk what happened. They have a right to know.

He runs over to the bath and dips his head into it. He drinks up the black, gloopy liquid.

Rayne: How long have you got?

Doc Faustus: A few minutes...

He rushes up the basement stairs and takes off the planks. He punches his way through the zombies there. They turn and follow him. He runs out of the shop and screams out.

Doc Faustus: I'M OVER HERE! COME ON!

He bangs his chest.

Doc Faustus: EAT ME!

The other zombies wandering around. He takes a sword from his side and slices off his own arm, throwing it to the ground.

Doc Faustus: How does that taste?

Massacre Man: What the fuck is he doing?

Pinkfloyd: Oh my god. NO! DON'T DO IT!

He runs into the graveyard, the zombies following. Pinkfloyd goes to run after him but Disease holds her back.

Pinkfloyd: NO! LET ME HELP HIM!

Disease: We don't want two dead do we?!

As the zombies chase him into the darkness, their groans get louder. From the pitch black graveyard, horrible crunching, slurping and chewing sounds can be heard, but loudest of all is Doc Faustus' manic laughter. Slowly, zombies begin rushing out, clutching their heads. They fall to the floor, screaming in agony until they just stop. The townsfolk cheer, but their excitement doesn't last long, as another wave of creatures rush through the town. The fighting continues. Ending credits role.

The Ferrets like it...
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Episode 29

Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of the castle. Fade into the room Despare and Dante are in.

Dante: Well if it isn't the priest with no faith.

Despare: Oh, I have faith. I've been traveling. Helping people. But as I went, I was spoken to.

Dante: Let me guess. God.

Despare: Oh yes. He came before me. He told me what must be done.

Dante: Well I'm afraid that it already has been. I killed that worm of a king.

Despare: It's not him who must be stopped.

Dante: It is not wise to test me.

Despare: Ah...but I have the power of light on my side.

Dante: Fool.

Despare: You're starting to sound like The Return.

Dante: That's it!

He raises a hand to Despare. Despare's robes catch fire. He pats the fire and it dies down.

Dante: How...

Despare points upwards.

Dante: You have one chance to run.

Despare: No. You have one chance. You can either stop this evil or feel the power of the light.

Dante: I can see this is going to be fun.

He raises his hand again. It appears he is doing the same as he did to The Return. Instead of screaming, Despare merely talks. He has his hands together and his head bowed.

Dante: What are you doing?!

Despare carries on talking as Dante carries on raising his temperature.

Dante: STOP IT!

Despare carries on.


Cut to the cave that V is in. Papillon Noir glides down from the rock. She calmly walks over to them.

Roshiq: Don't try anything!

Papillon Noir: I couldn't if I wanted to. I am in spirit form only.

Roshiq: They must die.

Papillon Noir: But they wont.

V: What?

Papillon Noir: He couldn't kill you V. Not a hope in...hell.

Roshiq: I could crush him right now!

Papillon Noir: But you cannot. You see, he is more powerful than you will ever be.

Roshiq: I have the gift of the mind! I will crush them now merely to show you!

He clenches his fist. Gorephobia begins groaning. V, however, seems to feel nothing.

Papillon Noir: You have the gift on the mind, but V has the gift of magic.

Roshiq: What?

Papillon Noir: You see, I came to this Earth thirty years ago. I met a man pure of heart. We was kinder than any body else alive. And I fell in love with him...

Roshiq: You're not trying to say-

Papillon Noir: I bore a child from him. But sadly, one day, he died. Right there. I do not know why. And I was called back to hell. But my child remained. He was taken by an orphanage and grew up to be a fighter. He had natural skills.

V: No...

Papillon Noir: V...is my child.

Roshiq: It can't be!

He loosens his grip slightly on Gorephobia due to his astonishment.

V: This can't be true.

Papillon Noir: But you know it is. Look inside you. You have more power than anything else in this world. Break free from his grip V. Tap into your mind. You know how.

V looks at her for a moment, then closes his eyes. Suddenly, Roshiq's hand opens without him wanting it to. V falls to the floor. He looks up at Roshiq.

Roshiq: Don't even try it.

V runs for Geddys sword. He reaches it and picks it up. Roshiq uses his mind power to draw Gorephobia's sword to himself. The two begin fighting. Gorephobia slumps to the floor, coughing for breath. Papillon Noir watches the fight. The two appear to be evenly matched. V slashes but Roshiq blocks and vice versa.

Papillon Noir: V! Your friend!

V looks at Gorephobia who has fallen unconscious.

V: NO!

He pushes Roshiq back, who tumbles over. V lifts his hands in Gorephobia's direction. Suddenly, Gore begins coughing again, and regains his color. V, having used so much energy, falls to the floor, the sword at his side. Roshiq stands up and, seeing V, begins laughing manically.

Roshiq: Time to end your annoying little life once and for all!

He lifts the sword up. V flicks his hand and Geddy's sword flies along the floor, knocking Roshiq off his feet. Gorephobia instinctively grabs it, and though he's blind runs towards Roshiq.

V: Feel him! Use your mind! Tap into your full potential! You know where he is!

Roshiq: NO!

He jumps up, tries to stab V but before he can, Gore slashes Geddy's sword at Roshiq. It cuts him in half at the waist, blood spurting out over V's face. Gorephobia stands there for a moment, then begins laughing. It starts off small, but soon he is rolling around on the floor laughing to himself. V starts laughing too. Soon their laughter echos through the caves. Papillon Noir walks over to them.

Papillon Noir: Time you go back to the town. They will be needing your help.

She touches V and Gorephobia. Instantly, they shoot out of the caves, flying through the air. Cut to the castle. Dante is still cooking Despare alive. Despare is still praying. A bright light shines from Despare's cross necklace. It shines straight onto Dante.


The light shines so brightly it fills the screen. A loud banging sound is heard and when the light fades, Despare is gone, now only smoking piles of skin and blood. Dante has changed. Somehow, he is once again in his human form.

Dante: No...NO! It can't be!

He looks at himself in anger, then looks forward. Despare is there, fully formed. But not quite human. He is a spirit. He smiles as he shines brighter.

Despare: I...I'm free.

He fades out. Dante looks around at everything around him. He looks out the window at the town.


Ending credits role.

The Ferrets like it...
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