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Opening credits role. Fade into a shot of the Inn. Fade into the downstairs. V is sitting at a table, drinking a mug of ale.

Hammerfan: What's the matter hun?

V: It's been three days and I haven't heard a word from Gorephobia.

Chrono suddenly runs up beside her sister.

Chrono: Isn't that good?

V: What?

Chrono: I thought that would be good news.

Hammerfan: How is not hearing from his friend good news?

Chrono: Oh. You haven't heard from him. Must be dead.

Hammerfan hits her.

Hammerfan: Ignore her. Drink your ale and I'll fetch you some lunch.

Hammerfan walks off.

Chrono: Sorry. I always say the wrong things.

V: It's okay. You're probably right.

V looks out the window towards the field where the fight happened. The camera zooms out of it, speeding across the fields and over the river. Eventually, after going through a small forest it gets to a large hut. The camera stops in front of the door. It opens. Gorephobia walks out, followed by Roshiq.

Gorephobia: How long was I out?

Roshiq: About three days. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's to do with the walls.

Gorephobia: What?

Roshiq: The castle walls. They're singing. It makes some people drowsy.

Gorephobia: How can walls be singing?

Roshiq: I thought you knew the Geddy story.

Gorephobia: I do, but this is new.

Roshiq: I'll explain. You see, As Geddy was imprisoned in the castle walls, his soul remains. And his children, or rather his children's children.

Gorephobia: The descendants of his children. Right.

Roshiq: Well, they're gaining power. He can sense it. He's crying out. It's a warning.

Gorephobia: Yeh, but singing?

Roshiq: Well, he doesn't exactly have a voice. It's almost an echo of him, resonating through the halls.

Gorephobia: That would explain a lot. Did you find the weapons I brought?

Roshiq: Yes.

Gorephobia Sorry I didn't bring more. I was in a hurry.

Roshiq: It's fine. Now they have the design, the elves should be able to reproduce them.

Gorephobia: Where are the creatures?

Roshiq: In the mouth. They haven't come out for a while. I don't know why. They won't say.

Gorephobia: They won't talk to you? But you're their saviour.

Roshiq: Please. They could look after themselves. I'm a mere human.

Gorephobia: Humans cant's rip people in half with their mind.

Roshiq: That's all it is. My mind. I was born with the ability to tap into our ability. With some training I became. Well, me.

Gorephobia: So you could train me?

Roshiq: I could...

Gorephobia: But?

Roshiq: You don't have the ability. You'd know if you did. It would have ruined your childhood. You would have been feared. Trust me, it isn't fun having this curse.

Gorephobia: We need to talk seriously. What are you going to do about V?

Roshiq: I've not met a warrior I can't kill yet.

Gorephobia: Please don't.

Roshiq: He's going to try and kill me. He must be stopped.

Gorephobia: You don't understand. This one's different. I've seen warriors come and go, they come, have some fun in Hope Death Comes then bog off. But this one. I can just tell.

Roshiq: What? You mean he's a creature?

Gorephobia: No. But. Well. He thinks things through. He works them out, doesn't get scared when he thinks things are out of his league, you know.

Roshiq: And? That only makes me need him dead more. He poses a bigger threat.

Gorephobia: He offered to risk his life to protect mine.

Roshiq: Look-

Suddenly, a small bearded man runs up to them.

Roshiq: What is it Rét?

Rét: We're under attack sir.

Roshiq: How many?

Rét: About fifty soldiers, coming this way. But there's something else.

He's cut short by a sudden roar and a shot of flames shooting high up into the sky from about a mile way.

Roshiq: Dragons...

End credits role.

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Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of Gore, Roshiq and Rét. The sounds of the dragon approaching are getting louder.

Roshiq: Rét, run back. Tell the others to get ready.

The little man rushes off at incredible speed. Gore and Roshiq turn again to the approaching attackers. Another jet of flames shoots into the sky, much closer now.

Gorephobia: Where do we go?

Roshiq: We stay here.

Gorephobia: What?

Roshiq: I have a plan.

Gorephobia: Listen, I know your powers are strong against a few humans or animals but this is part of an army with at least one dragon!

Roshiq: Even if it wasn't my magic would be pointless. I haven't meditated today. I have no reserves. I used them to protect the mouth.

Gorephobia: So will the creatures arrive in time to help us?

Roshiq: No chance.

Gorephobia: Then what's your plan?!

Roshiq walks a few feet to the left so he's next to a small evergreen tree.

Gorephobia: What, we hide behind trees? I knew putting my faith in a man who makes clothes was a mistake.

Roshiq: Firstly, they're robes, they help channel my energy. Secondly, I put a cloak on this tree.

Gorephobia: What do you mean?!

The army is now only about a hundred yards away and can be seen through the trees. Suddenly, with a great shock wave traveling through the ground the dragon takes off. It soars high into the air. It flies overhead. Dante isn't flying it, another man dressed in similar armour is. This dragon is green.

Roshiq: Look.

He touches the tree, suddenly the needles on it dissolve and the branches distort, twisting around. It gets much shorter, only coming up to about three feet. The ends of the branches glow a reddish-orange colour. Gore suddenly gasps.

Gorephobia: Is that a-

Roshiq: Yes. I planted it as a boy. This is, as far as I know, the tallest in the world.

Gorephobia: I though they were a myth.

Roshiq shakes his head, turns to the tree and takes out a small hatchet. He cuts off the largest branch. The branch is hollow inside. He turns it up over his mouth, and a glowing orange sap drips into his mouth. He drinks it all down. The army is now much closer. Roshiq looks at the men.

Roshiq: The foolishness of those born from common whores.

He tilts his head up, in the direction of the dragon. He blows out and huge jets of flames fly from his mouth. He lets out a dozen or so, some larger or smaller, with bigger and smaller gaps between each jet. Suddenly, the dragon begins thrashing in the air. It whips it's tail around, smashing the rider to the ground. It swoops down on the army, spouting flames at them. The forest catches, smoke billowing up into the air. Scream and shouts can be heard by Gore and Roshiq. Roshiq strokes his black beard.

Roshiq: Such a shame.

Gorephobia: Please, stop this.

Roshiq: They are the ones who must be stopped my friend.

Gorephobia: Know this. We are not friends. I'm aiding you purely as I know it's right. But you are too...inhuman.

Roshiq: I am the most human of all.

He points towards the flames.

Roshiq: Those people, they live under a master who would gladly kill them all, yet they do not stop him. Many have got the chance, but don't. They are so used to being dictated, they are trained so much, put into the mindset that things are right the way they are. They lost all sense of humanity.

Gorephobia: These men were sent out by a fool. They are doing their job. Fighting a battle that doesn't even need to be fought. They may disagree with what they're doing but they have families. People to support. That is the fact. And now many innocents are dying!

Roshiq: The innocence of fools is not innocence at all. Merely stupidity.

Gorephobia: Just let them flee. They will go back disgraced but alive. Hell, they may decide not to go back! But killing them now doesn't give them a chance to prove themselves truly. So just LET THEM GO!

The two are now very close, glaring at each other. Roshiq nods, walks over to the small tree, cuts off a small branch and drinks down the sap. He spouts the flames into the air. The dragon quickly emerges from the growing smoke and lands in front of the two men. Roshiq runs to the tree, cuts off it's top half so only the hollow truck filled with sap is left. He takes a small, glass flash, covered in metal and dips it into the liquid. He repeats the process with two more flasks, then uses the hatchet to cut a hole in the trunk so that all the liquid spills to the floor. Finally, he reaches down into the trunk and pulls out a small stone like object. He and gore climb onto the dragon which takes off into the air.

Gore looks down at the town. About half a dozen men are running across the fields, away from the town and the fire. All are dressed in singed Armour. Presumably, the rest perished. He looks away and calls across to Roshiq.

Gorephobia: What of the forest?

Roshiq: It will burn. An unfortunate sacrifice.

He hangs his head and begins speaking quietly in what sounds like latin.

Gorephobia: You destroyed your home for this battle...

Roshiq: This is no longer a battle. Today finally showed me that. This is WAR.

End credits role.

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Opening credits role. Fade into a shot of the town. Fade into the inn. V is inside his room, asleep. The church bell sounds eight. He sluggishly gets up out of the bed and rubs his eyes. Fade to a shot of the bar. He comes down the stairs, dressed smartly. Chronogrl and Hammerfan are there, at the door.

Chronogrl: Come on sleepy head.

Hammerfan: Honestly V, you sleep in longer than Satan's Spawn!

Chrono: She's called Ripley!

Hammerfan: Whatever. Come on, we're already late.

V: Sorry. Okay.

Fade into the church. Everyone is sitting down, in prayer. Despare is at the front.

Despare: Amen.

Crowd: Amen.

Despare: Thankyou all for coming, God bless you.

The people all get up. V walks towards Despare. A tall, middle aged man is already talking to him.

Doc Faustus: So it was God that brought Jesus back from the dead?

Despare: So they say...

Doc Faustus: You don't believe it.

Despare: What? Of course I do. It's just...never mind.

Doc Faustus: So...God approved of Jesus being risen from the dead?

Despare: Certainly.

Doc Faustus: Has anybody else been raised from the dead since?

Despare: Not as of yet.

Doc Faustus: Thankyou.

He walks away. V moved forward.

Despare: Ah, V. How are things coming along? I needed to talk to you.

V: Things haven't progressed...to plan.

Despare: Meaning?

V: Gorephobia was betraying the king and so had to flee. I assume he went to the creatures.

Despare: That is what I meant to talk to you about. I received a message from the castle, requesting you go there before moving any further.

V: That I will.

Despare: What will you do about Gorephobia?

V: What I must. I lost sight of my mission. I am here to do a job and get payed for it.

Despare: Yes, but I thought he was-

V: Friendships never last long in my line of work. I have a job to do...

Despare: Goodbye my friend.

V: Goodbye.

V walks out. Despare walks over to the large bible, closes it, then rests his hands in his face. He closes his eyes. Images of a woman and young girl flash into his mind. First smiling, then screams. The pictures become faded and mix with each other. The woman and child are in a cell, huddled. Despare stands at the cage doors, looking sad. He holds up a key. A picture of a furious Return flashes, Despare is nailed up to a wall, like a cross. The two people are running, the sounds of barking grow louder, then a splat of blood. Despare being taken down and being forced to bow infront of a laughing Return. The images fade out. Despare is crying. He pulls up his sleeve to look at his arms, which have circular scars. He turns to a large wooden cross with Jesus on it.

Despare: What did you ever do to help? You were crucified! YOU SHOULD KNOW MY PAIN! You did nothing. They died. Were they brought back? WERE THEY SAVED? NO! I WORSHIPED YOU MY WHOLE LIFE!

He rushes up to the cross and grabs it. He throws it to the floor. The corss breaks in to. Close up on the sad face of Christ. Fade into a shot of the castle. V is walking through the walls, escorted by a guard. He leads him into a room. Dante is standing up, in his armor but not his helmet. Monalisa is in front of him.

Dante: You had better find out-

He stops, looks up at the guard and glares.

Dante: It's called knocking.

He flicks his wrist and a small knife flies from it. It hits a candle on the wall above the guard. It falls, the flames catching on his clothes, and hot wax burning him.

Monalisa: We'll talk later.

Dante: That we will.

The flaming guard is quickly put out by two people in rags with a bucket, already having known they'd need it near that room. Dante looks at V.

Dante: So you must be V. Please, sit.

Dante walks to a table where he sits, beckoning V to do so. Dante looks at the drenched, burnt guard.

Dante: Close the door and leave us.

The guard doesn't need to be told twice, quickly doing so. Dante looks at V.

Dante: I take it you knew already the task you were taking would be a difficult one.

V: I've killed many before.

Dante: Do they usually have a whole army behind them?

V: That was why I asked for triple.

Dante laughs quietly.

Dante: But things have got harder. For you see, I am the leader of the King's Army. I sent a small team out to test the enemy forces. Things went, to put it simply, disastrous. They had an Embertree.

V: A what?

Dante: It is an incredibly rare tree which is filled with a sap that can, with the right skill, be manipulated into making flames. Using this skill the took control of one of my dragons. We lost all but seven men. And only two returned to the Castle. An unwise move. The dogs were hungry...

V: So now what?

Dante: Your target retreated to within the mouth, where it will be incredibly difficult to reach him. And he has a dragon on his side now.

V: What do you suggest?

Dante: Our most important move is to get the Dragon back.

V: How?

Dante: I have a small amount of Embertree sap. Highly concentrated.

Dante produces a very small vial of the orange liquid. It is barely enough for two mouthfuls.

Dante: I have a man who knows how to use this. You will take him and thirty others. The dragon is no doubt guarding the mouth. Get it back to the castle. Defend against the creatures, kill if you need to.

V: Why aren't you doing this job?

Dante: A good question. I would, but I am desperately needed here to train the men. I want the dragon back by sunset without a scratch on it. There is only one thing in this world I love more than inflicting pain on others, and that is animals. My dragons are very important to me.

V: Yes sir.

V gets up to go.

Dante: One last thing. Just so you see how things stand. Many people in the castle fear The Return, and he fears none. None but me. I could single handedly take over this place. The only reason I don't is because it is a god forsaken kingdom. But your loyalties can only lie with one. Me, or him. He can get you money, power, fame. But what I can get you is beyond basic desires. Choose well. Do not tell me now. Actions speak louder than words my friend. Now go down the hall, to the stairs. Go down to the ground floor. A man dressed in a black robe will be waiting for you. Go with him to find your men.

V: I'll bare that in mind.

V leaves the room. As he does, The Return walks by, escorted by several guards.

The Return: You. Fighter. That dragon that escaped. I need it dead. Do you hear me. It's too much of a threat.

V looks at him for a moment, then back at the door. He nods, then carries on walking. He follows Dante's instructions and finds the man in the black robe. He leads him through the castle to a large piece of conrete, surrounded by water. Several soldiers are there. The man in the robe speaks.

PhantomStranger: What are our orders?

V: We get the Dragon. Alive.

Phantom Stranger: Yes sir. There are your men.

V looks around. They look like strong soliders.

V: Where is the man who can speak flames?

PhantomStranger: Here...BRING HIM OUT!

Several men open up a large double door. It's dark in there. The sounds of chains can be heard, and large footsteps.

V: My God...

The men walk out of the room, the dark shape of a huge man, around ten feet tall, with arms as thick as tree trunks.

PhantomStranger: Here he is...

V: What is he?

PhantomStanger: A monster.

V: Does he have a name?

PhantomStranger: Oh yes.

V: Which is?

PhantomStranger: Say hello to Psycom.

The monster of a man walks ever closer, a psychotic laughter sounds from him. End credits role.

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Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of the castle. Fade into a room where The Return is pacing. Dante is in there, standing in front of the king.

The Return: Do you realize what you may have done?

Dante: Yes. In doing so, I increased our chances of winnin-

The Return: So you don't understand! You fool. That army is getting stronger and stronger day by day. The townsfolk are realizing things aren't quite right. And it doesn't help with the live stock going missing!

Dante: Listen-

The Return: NO! You listen. I have had enough of you constantly going against my wishes. You may be strong, but I am still in charge. I have an army behind me.

Dante: With all due respect, they are behind me. I train them, my men would do anything for me.

The Return: Would they? Are you sure? Let's see.

Dante: What do you mean?

The Return: Guard, go and get five soldiers here. Quickly!

The guard runs off.

The Return: As you may or may not have known, my dear dog Chucker was pregnant with her deceased partners children. Two days ago, she gave birth. Six, perfectly healthy pups.

Dante: Sir, I swear-

The Return: Ah, here are my soldiers. Line up!

Five soldiers come into the room. They line up. The Return walks over to the corner, bends down and rises, carrying a small puppy with it's eyes closed.

Dante: Do not make the same mistake as you did last time.

The Return: I have a pup here. His name is Dante. I will place him on this table.

He does so.

The Return: I want each of you to try to kill this Pup. Whoever does it shall be rewarded greatly. Those who don't will be killed.

Dante: Men, don't you dare.

The Return: What can you offer them not to? If you have something better for them, please offer it.

Dante: If you refuse to do as he says, you will be freed from your duties.

The Return: Then what? They'll have no job.

Dante: Sire, call them off!

He slams his chain into the wall.

The Return: GO!

All but one men rush in, thrashing their swords. Blood sprays, two are dueling each other, whilst the other attempts to get past them. One of the men is already dead. One of the men dueling has his leg chopped off. He falls. The other two start fighting and quickly, one is victorious. He swings his sword at the pup but it's a bad aim. He chops it's lower half partly through. The poor creature thrashes around. Dante shouts out. He cracks his chain whip. It smashes into the soldier hard that it breaks his arm at the elbow. The Return laughs. He looks at the two soldiers. The one who didn't fight and the injured one.

The Return: You see. He would gladly betray his own men for a creature. That is why you must not trust him. Go and tell the other soldiers what you saw.

The injured soldier runs off down the corridor shouting about The Return being almighty and Dante being a traitor. The other man simply stands there. The Return glares at him. He lifts off the man's helmet.

The Return: Did you not hear me?

Soldier: Yes. But I would gladly serve under Dante. He has been good to us.

The Return: Big mistake. Tell me, do you value life?

Soldier: Why, yes your highness. But not a life under your thumb.

The man has tears appearing on his cheeks. He is shaking slightly. The Return walks up to him.

The Return: I take it you know I am well protected. And that attacking me would be futile.

Soldier: Yes.

The Return: Men.

He looks at the guards.

The Return: A sword please.

One of the guards passes him a large, black handled sword. He looks into the soldiers eyes.

The Return: The lives of fools are simply the nipples of man. Pointless.

The Soldier looks to Dante.

Dante: I'm sorry.

Soldier: I understand. Sir. It has been a pleasure.

He stands tall. The Return laughs as he slices the sword across. He take off the man's right arm, then his left. Blood splats onto The Return's face. He licks his lips and laughs. In a swift slash he take off both of the man's legs.

Soldier: OH GOD!

His eyes suddenly become completely light and large blue veins appear on his face.


The Return spits in his face. He lifts the man up to the window ledge.

The Return: Say hello to your parents.

He pushes the man off. The camera follows him down. His body hits a roof, knocking off tiles. It falls off and lands on a large, metal spire at the top of a tower. Blood sprays on the camera. The camera goes back to the room.

Dante: You are truly the fool of this castle. And soon, oh, soon you will see.

He walks over to the yelping, dying puppy, pulls out a dagger and ends it's misery. He walks out, cracking his chain whip into the door as he goes, bashing a huge hole in it. The Return laughs as he leave.

The Return: Run away Dante! Go to your men! Now you know where you stand with them, maybe you'll see them for what they truly are!

He laughs once more. End credits role.

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Opening credits role. It's night time and a light rain falls on the island. Fade to an image of the inn. Fade inside. A few people, including V, Pinkfloyd, Massacre Man and Alkytrio are in there. Chronogrl is at the bar while Hammerfan serves some customers.

Chronogrl: Fill your glass hun?

Massacre Man: (Drunkly) Fuck yeh.

She take his glass. V and Pinkfloyd are laughing.

V: So I says to him, I says, that's no wicked wench, book! That's my lunch!

Pinkfloyd: HA! Stop it, stop it, you're killing me!

V: I had a troll I was slaying once say that!

Pinkfloyd: HA!

Alkytrio leans over to Chrono.

Alkytrio: That guy's fitting in quite nicely.

Chronogrl: Yeh, and Pinky doesn't seem to mind him.

Massacre Man: 'nuva pind plesh.

Chronogrl looks at him for a moment, then looks at alkytrio.

Alkytrio: He said another pint please.

Chronogrl: Ah.

She goes to give him some, but they've run out.

Chronogrl: HAMMER!

Hammerfan had a plate of roast beef in her hands, but due to the sudden shock, it's now all over the floor. The "cat" starts eating it. A customer sees it, screams and makes it's fingers into a cross, before puking up onto the already messy floor.

Hammerfan: WHAT?!?!

Chronogrl: Get another barrel out. And be less clumsy next time. You scared Ripley.

Alkytrio: That thing isn't...right.

V: Ignore it.

Alkytrio: How can I? Look at it. All wrinkly.

V: Seriously. Ignore it. I can sense you staring.

Alkytrio: I know. Look at it's ears.

Pinkfloyd: Stop being big babies. He's a cute little thing.

Chronogrl: That's what I've been trying to tell you.

Pinkfloyd: Can I pink him up?

Hammerfan: Please, do. It's getting in the way! Why can't we get a real animal?

The cats ears twitch. It quickly spins around to look at Hammerfan, it's eyes glowing red.

Hammerfan: JESUS CHRIST!

Massacre Man: Yes?

Alkytrio: Okay MM, time to go. Come on, I'll take you to your house.

Chronogrl: Hurry back!

She puts her hands over her mouth and makes a small squealing noise. Everyone looks at her.

Hammerfan: I know that squeal!

Chronogrl: Yeh, it's my...working hard squeal.

Hammerfan: No, you're in lo-

Chronogrl: Despare!

Hammerfan quickly tries to neaten her hair and turns to the door smiling, only to see nobody there except a confused looking alky holding Massacre Man.

Hammerfan: Evil little witch.

Chronogrl: Poopnose!

Hammerfan: What?

Alkytrio has by this point got bored and left with massacre man. Chronogrl storms up the stairs and Hammerfan follows. Several customers start talking again.

Pinkfloyd: I better be going too.

V: So soon?

Pinkfloyd: Yep. I've got to travel to Arkstead across the hill in the morning. Apparently there's someone ready to propose and I want to be the one selling!

V: You really love your work don't you.

Pinkfloyd: Honestly, I love it. I love meeting new people. And this job allows that.

V: At least let me walk you home.

Pinkfloyd: I live up the other end of town.

V: Please?

Pinkfloyd: Listen. I'm sorry if I gave you wrong idea. But, I don't know if I'm ready for a relationship yet. I just got out of a rough one.

V: What happened?

Pinkfloyd: I...I wasn't his only love.

V: He's living with another woman.

Pinkfloyd: Not exactly...

V: Huh?

Pinkfloyd: He...he's jousting for the other team.

V: Oh..OH! Oh. I get what you mean.

Pinkfloyd: Yeh. But, we can still be friends. But, bye.

She walks out. V looks down at his pint of beer. He drinks it up quickly. He can hear Hammerfan and Chronogrl arguing above. The sounds of a cat screaching then Hammerfan screaming "my face" can be made out. He looks at the floor and sees Pinkfloyd has left her bag. He picks it up and walks out. He sees Alky walking back to the inn.

V: Hey, Massacre Man get back okay?

Alkytrio: Yeh, his brother was there. What you doing with that?

V: Pinky left it. You haven't seen her, have you?

Suddenly, from towards the hills, a scream is heard.


Alky and V run towards it. They get to the fields. They make out pinky standing in the middle of one. Up ahead a figure is running off. They eventually get to Pink. V stops with her to find out what's happening, while Alky runs ahead after the figure.

V: What happened?

Pinkfloyd: I...I saw someone on the fields. The sheep were screaming. The lambs. Then they went silent.

V: Who was that?

Pinkfloyd: I...I don't know. I came to investigate, it turned and saw me. It's face...

V: What about it?

Pinkfloyd: There...there wasn't one.

V: What?

Pinkfloyd: Just eyes. Eyes, without a face.

From up ahead Alytrio shouts. V and Pinky run to him.


V: Damn!

Suddenly, Pinky screams. She points at something on the floor.

V: Oh my god.

Alkytrio: Is that?

Pinkfloyd: HE KILLED THEM!

The camera shows it closely. It's a sheep, laying on the floor, it's throat cut. Ending credits role.

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Small episode.

Fade into a shot of the town. It's daytime. Fade to a shot of the town hall. Inside, loads of people are standing up, shouting. A man in a flat cap starts shouting at Monalisa, who is at the front, trying to calm everybody down.

Man: I had a look and three of my own sheep were killed! How could you let this happen?

Monalisa: Please, people, we are ON IT!

Man: On it? How can you be on it? Seventeen sheep were killed, and if it wasn't for Pinkfloyd many more would be!

Monalisa: Flayed, I swear, if you keep shouting you'll be back in that cell!

Flayed: Sure! Threaten us! That's all you guys ever do when you have a problem!

Monalisa: We are trying to solve things!

Hammerfan: HOW?!

Monalisa: We're not sure. If Pinkfloyd would give us more infor-

Alkytrio: NOW HOLD UP!

V: Jesus Christ! She's in shock! Right now, she's back at the inn, shaking her ass off!

Monalisa: Well that isn't exactly helping us, is it?!

Alkytrio: So what's your plan then?

Several people ask the same question. The hall goes quiet.

Monalisa: Well, our idea. Is...is to monitor each and everyone of you.

The crowd starts shouting.

Monalisa: NOW LISTEN! We have soldiers ready to do this, that way if it is any of you-

She is drowned out by the protesting townsfolk. One man, sitting beside Massacre man (who was holding his head), stands up, and slowly walks to the stage. As people see him, they slowly become quiet. He walks up to Monalisa and gently pushes her out of the way. The crowd is silent. He speaks.

Disease: Way I see it, we have two options. First. We flee. Get out of the god foresaken place. They didn't name it Hope Death Comes for no reason. Heck, only reason we stay here is for the crops, and even they've been getting worse lately. The second, is a lot simpler. A group of us townsfolk go up to my woods, and we wait. That son of a bitch is gonna be back. And when he is. We kill first, ask questions later.

The crowd is silent for a moment, then they start to nod in agreement. Monalisa comes back to the front.

Monalisa: Excuse me, but that is against the law.

Disease: So is killing our live stock. And what are you going to do?

The two stare each other down. Monalisa speaks.

Monalisa: Anybody who goes ahead with this plan. Will answer to The King.

Disease: Oh yeh? Who's with me?

The crowd are hesitant for a moment. Then a few cheer.

Monalisa: This is your last chance.

Disease: You know what...okay. People. It isn't worth it.

Monalisa: And just to be sure...I will station some guards. We do not want this man dead.

Disease: And why is that?

Monalisa: That is our business.

Disease: How do you expect any of us to stay in line if you keep us in the dark.

Monalisa: Me? Oh, you are much mistaken. You do what I say because I represent the castle. That is The Return. And...Dante.

The crowd of people murmur amongst themselves.

Monalisa: Remember what I said people.

Monalisa and the guards walk away. The townsfolk walk outside. V is walking towards the Inn when Despare walks up to him.

Despare: V? Why...you're here.

V: Yes...

Despare: What about the Dragon?

V: Oh. You weren't told. Yesterday, as I was training the men, a message arrived from Dante. It told me it had to happen tonight.

Despare: That's perfect. I need to talk to you.

Despare pulls V into a small alley way.

Despare: I...I have a problem.

V: And I have to help?

Despare: I will reward you greatly. I need you to recover something.

V: Please don't say it's a rock.

Despare: What? No. Much more important. A life is in danger. I have tried my best, but. Well, I fear I am too late. What do you know of...Freak?

V looks puzzled. End credits role.

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Part 1 of tonights episode.

Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of the island. It's night time. The rain is coming down quite heavily. Fade to a shot of the castle. Fade to a shot of V. He is in the castle walls, surrounded by men, all putting on armor. He looks at them. All of them are deadly serious.

V: Everybody clear?

They all nod.

V: All armed?

They all nod again.

V: Some of you may not come back. We haven't had much practice, but I have faith in you.

One of them speaks.


They all shout out. V turns around and starts walking. They walk down some a flame lit corridor. Eventually, they come to a wooden door. Phantomstranger is there, wearing his black cloak.

Phantomstranger: Psycom is just outside Sir. He is ready. He knows what to do.

V: Good.

Phantomstranger: Remember, the mouth is about five miles from the Town. Keep to the trees.

V: I know. We're ready.

Phantomstranger: Luck be with you.

He opens the door and the men spill out. There is a figure across the courtyard, standing tall. It's Psycom.

V: Soldier! Are you ready to fight for your land?!

The figure takes a few steps forward. He is huge with muscle, and towers above the other men. He nods and grunts.

V: You know what to do?

Psycom: Yuh.

V nods at him, then signals for him to join the other men. He joins the back of the group.

V: This is the time to prove yourself! But know this! We work as a team. If you can save your man, you save him! UNDERSTAND?!

The men cheer out in agreement. Psycom's cheer shakes the castle itself. It is an unnerving cross between shrill high pitched and deep baritone. It cuts through V like a knife. V signals for the men to follow. The soldiers walk with him, out the castle gate, onto the wet fields.

Fade to a shot of Disease's woods, up the hill where the sheep were killed. Inside, standing tall are Monalisa and her soldiers, each looking around, vigilant. One of the soldiers looks to Monalisa.

Soldier: I just had a thought.

Monalisa: You are not paid to think. And keep your voice down.

The soldier quietens his tone.

Soldier: If the person who did this was a town occupant, surely they wouldn't appear tonight. They know we're here.

Monalisa: We are just doing what we're told.

Soldier: It just seems a waste of time to me.

Another soldier turns to him.

Soldier #2: Who said it's an occupant of the town in the first place?

Soldier: Well who else would do it?

Soldier #2: I don't know. Maybe...maybe someone from another town. Like Stricktville?

Monalisa: Both of you shut up. In a minute it won't matter who it is because they'll know we're here!

All of them go quiet once more.

Fade to a shot of the men led by V, walking across fields, past the town. They're just entering the burnt up trees from the Dragons previous attack on the soldiers attacking Roshiq. V holds up a hand for them to stop. The men stop. He points to a shape on the floor. It's stirring slightly and looks like a person. The men slowly approach it, swords at the ready. One of them stops.

Soldier: Wait a second-

Suddenly, the shape disappears into the ground. The sounds of dirt moving can be heard and the ground appears to be cracking at several points. Too late, the men look to their left to see, slowly standing up from a group of tightly packed trees, the dragon, it's tail pulling itself out of the tunnel in the ground.


Psycom quickly pulls out the bottle of liquid. The men get into a defensive stance. Without warning, around them, about fifty shades* appear.

*Shades - Dark creatures somewhere between each state of matter. About the size of a tall man. Very difficult to kill.


The men look around them at the creatures who are making a strange gurgling noise. The shades approach just as the dragon roars. It lifts it's tail up and smashes it down. The men jump out of the way just in time. One soldier's leg is caught under the tail and is now a pile of mush. Psycom breathes out, flames dancing around majestically in the air. The dragon looks at him, then breathes out flames into the air.

Around them, the men are fighting with the shades who are approaching quickly. One man is already down, on the floor having his sides slowly eaten by the shades. V is fighting about five. He looks to Psycom who is busy communicating with the dragon. A shade rushes to him.

V: Psycom! SHADES!

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Part 2

Psycom is hit by the shade. He swings his hand at it, bashing it into a tree. The shade is impaled on a broken branch, and slowly begins fading. The dragon looks at Psycom, confused. It looks up, turns to look at Disease's woods and screeches out. The dragon suddenly jumps up into the air, and starts flying.

V: What did you say?!

The dragon circles around. It flies down towards the woods. Fade to a shot of the soldiers with Monalisa.

Soldier: Holy crap! Has it seen us?

Soldier #2: I think so!


The men ignore her orders. They run further into the woods. The dragon glides just above the fields, nearly at ground level. It's heading straight for the trees. Monalisa dives to the floor just in time. It crashes through, splintering wood everywhere. The soldiers who are running away are stabbed by broken wood. The one who first complained to Monalisa is crushed by a tree that was thrown into the sky. Others are hit by the dragon and are literally broken.

The dragon rises up when all the men are dead. It turns back towards V and his men. V is on the floor, trying to fight off some shades with his bear hands. Most of the other men are either dead or mortally wounded. Psycom is pounding the Shades. More and more are coming. And in greater numbers. The dragon comes back.

V: Psycom! RUN!

Psycom ignores him, continuing to pound the shades. He looks to the castle and shouts out. He drinks some more liquid and shoots out more flames, but it's too late. The dragon torches the woods. The light of the flame fades out many of the shades. The still living trees catch alight. The men who are left are quickly taken down by the flames. V catches. The shades around him burn up. He screams out because of the heat. Psycom is desperately breathing out flames, but the dragon ignores them. After it has decided it has done enough damage, it rises up and flies towards the castle.

Fade to a shot of one of the towers in the castle. Dante is at the window, looking across at the distant flames. He turns around to some men dressed similarly to him. He nods at them and they exit. Another man is in the room, in front of a table. He is dressed like a doctor. Dante turns back to the window and distant chaos, quietly chuckling to himself. Fade back to V and his men.


Psycom shakes his head and roars out. Another hundred or so shades have emerged and are much darker and larger, the flames making little impact on them. They begin killing the last few soldiers. About twenty run for V. Psycom runs through the flames, bashing burning trees aside as though they were twigs. He knocks the shades aside, burning them, breaking them and crushing them like paper. He turns to V and picks him up.


Psycom runs back, his giant strides making such an impact the force can be felt a mile away. V is red from the flames and appears to have a few broken ribs, and a few large gashes and chunks in him, but the armor, being superior to that which th castle provided for the soldiers, took most of the damage. Blood drips from him and and Psycom jumps over small rivers and knocks aside trees in their way.

Fade to a shot of Disease's woods. Monalisa slowly stands up and looks at the chaos around her. Everything is still. Suddenly, something stirs behind her. She spins around and is face to face with a man. He is of average hight. Has messy black hair and is wearing a white painted, metal mask over his face, only showing her eyes. He is holding a knife in his hand. Monalisa gulps and reaches for her sword...

Fade to a shot of the castle. Psycom bashes through the metal gates, carrying an unconscious V. The sounds of the dragon being chained down on the other side of the castle can be heared. Psycom lays V down in the courtyard. He shakes v vigorously. V wakes up, looking dazed and confused. Suddenly, from out of a wall which appears to have slid open, the men dressed like Dante appear.

Man: Quick, you medical attention. Psycom, follow us. V will be safe.

He tries to shrug them off but one of them shoves something small into his leg. Instantly, he becomes loose, his eyelids dropping. The men begin leading him back into the castle. He looks to V who is looking confused.

Psycom: V...NOTMI...STAK.

V nods and faints once more, a small pool of blood quickly appearing. Monalisa suddenly runs into the gates, looking beaten up and terrified. She ignores V and runs into a different door to the one the men are leading Psycom through The men walk Psycom through some old looking, deserted passages in the castle. They take him up some steep stairs. Eventually they come to a door. They lead him into it. It's the tower Dante is in. The men lay Psycom down on the table. He looks very tired and weak. Dante walks to him.

Dante: You have proved yourself useful...but I'm afraid that you are not trustworthy enough. You see, you aren't very...shall we say...advanced. You let things slip. And my men inform me you didn't do quite as you were told. I'm sorry, but my friend here will have to...improve you.

The nervous looking doctor shakily steps towards Psycom, holding a scalpel. The camera is showing from Psycom's point of view. The scalpel is lowered to his forehead. His vision is blurry. It slowly fades to black. Ending credits role.

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Episode 18

Opening credits role. Fade to the shot of V laying down in the courtyard. Suddenly, the screen appears to rewind. It stops just as Psycom is carrying V through the town. He's running through the streets. He passes a figure in a cloak who appears to be hiding. As Psycom runs out of sight, the man turns around to keep looking. It's Despare. He looks shocked and confused. He runs back into the church and stands in front of the alter, holding the cross he broke.

Despare: Is this punishment? For my sins? Well? IS IT?

He looks down at the cross.

Despare: Who am I kidding? You're just an abstract thought...

He sits down.

Despare: Something cooked up by someone who needed answers and couldn't be bothered to work things out.

He looks down at the face of Jesus once more, then puts down the cross.

Despare: I'm done with this...I can't put up with it anymore. I need a fresh start. Time to stop thanking thin air for good things in life and go out there myself.

He looks around him then puts the broken cross on the alter, walks out and locks the door. He puts the key down in front of it and walks towards his house. Fade to a shot of the hill where the sheep were killed. Someone's running down it. It's Disease. He runs up to the Butchers.

Disease: Mass! Open up! NOW!

The door quickly opens. Massacre Man is there. He lets Disease in.

Disease: Did you see what just happened?!

Massacre Man: No, but I sure as hell fucking heard it!

Disease: Half of my fucking woods! GONE! It was the fucking dragon.

Massacre Man: Shit! I thought I heard that thing go over. You okay?

Disease: Barely. One of the oaks flew up into the air, smashed part of the house.

Massacre Man: Where's Cavalier?

Disease's face drops, he shakes his head.

Disease: I looked for him. I really did. But...there was just blood everywhere...and...a...paw.

Massacre Man: Stay here as long as you need brother. We'll head up to the house a dawn, recover what we can. Did you take a look at the shop?

Disease: It's mainly okay. A few windows are smashed but the crafting tools are fine. I should be fine working up there still.

Massacre Man: Damn...

Disease: Yeh.

They're silent for a moment then Massacre Man speaks.

Massacre Man: SHIT! The soldiers-

Disease: Dead. One of their bodies was near the house.

Massacre Man: Wow...

Disease: Did you see anybody run past the house?

Massacre Man: What?

Disease: As I was running down here I saw someone running towards the castle...

Massacre Man: Hmmmm. Could have been a soldier.

Disease: Yeh. It did look like a woman. Monalisa I suppose.

Massacre Man: Lucky Bitch.

Disease: No sign of the masked man though.

Massacre Man: With any luck the dragon killed him too.

Disease: Yeh. You know what. I've had enough!

Massacre Man: What the fuck are you on about?

Disease: That king. The whole castle.

Massacre Man: I think we all have...

Disease: But it's time somebody did something.

Massacre Man: Like what?

Disease: Like tomorrow, we speak to the townsfolk, get a secret meeting. Up at my woodshop.

Massacre Man: You don't mean?

Disease: Yeh. A rebellion.

Fade to a shot of a small building. It has a green cross painted roughly on the wall and a sign saying "Doctor Faustus' Alchemy". Fade to a shot of the inside, apparently in the basement.

Doc Faustus: It is...time.

The room is dimly lit by lanterns on the wall. There are metal cups all around him with various colored liquids. On the table in front of him, a dead body of a man is tied down. Doc is hurriedly rushing around, mixing things, then pouring them into a large bath. It is filled with a slightly luminous green liquid.

Doc Faustus: I must have it this time...I must.

He looks to a book, then runs over to the bath and quickly pours in a cup full of salt.

Doc Faustus: Nearly...

Finally, he runs over to a plate and grabs a rotten apple. He throws it in there. It quickly fizzes and disappears. He looks to the body.

Doc Faustus: Please. This time.

He runs to the wall and grabs a large level. He pulls it and the table tips gently. The body rolls off, into the bath of liquid. It fizzes and spits violently, glowing bright then fading. Eventually, it begins frothing madly, to the point that it's bubbling over the side. Doc's eyes widen slightly, then fall again when he sees the body is exactly the same. No movement.

Doc Faustus: Dammit!

He bangs the wall with his fist. The torch above the bath shakes, and a tiny piece of burning wood drops down, into the bath. As it hits the liquid, a bright white flash fills the room. Doc gasps and runs over to the body. Nothing happens for a second then...flickering. His eyes flicker madly for a moment, then close again. Doc's face lights up as he smiles.

Doc Faustus: Yes...YES!

He grabs the torch off of the wall and touches it to the glowing liquid. No flash. Nothing happens.

Doc Faustus: What? I...I had it. Right there. I had it!

He puts the torch back, but as he does so, gets a splinter. He pulls the tiny piece of wood from his hand and throws it at the wall. It bounces off and falls into the bath, above the man's face. The blood from the wood dances as it falls through the liquid. As Doc watches curiously, the swirling red blood falls into the man's open mouth, and as it does, his eyes flicker once more.

Doc Faustus: My God...

Doc squeezes the pin prick hole in his hand and yet another drop of blood drips out. It swirls through the liquid once more, into the dead mouth, and this time, his mouth begins gently shaking, akin to a very cold person. Doc rushes up the stairs and runs back down, holding a dead chicken.

Doc Faustus: Come on...

He drives a knife into the carcass and a large amount of blood drips out. As it goes into the man, his eyes stop flickering, and stay wide open. His mouth closes. He looks around. His arms twitch, then reach out, grabbing the sides of the bath. Doc Faustus is smiling widely. He looks behind him, to a painting of a woman about his age on the wall.

Doc Faustus: Soon, my dear sweet Rayne, we will be together.

Doc turns back to the body of the man, laughing maniacally as the corpse, whose skin has become a little less green, lift's itself out of the tub. Ending credits role.

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Episode 19

Opening credits role. Fade to a shot of Monalisa, she's running down the hill where the sheep were killed. She looks slightly beaten up. She runs past the town, along the road and through the castle gates, past the injured body of V. She rushes through the castle, past guards and straight to a room that The Return is sitting in. He looks up at her.

The Return: What the hell just happened out there?

Monalisa: Drag...on...kill...d...men.

The Return: You have five seconds to start making sense.

Monalisa: We...wer-

The Return: Four.

Monalisa: Waitin...fo-

The Return: Three

Monalisa: The...drag-

The Return: Two.

Monalisa: I...t...cru-

The Return: One.


The Return stands up abruptly.

The Return: I gathered that much! But how?!

Monalisa: I don't know! My men and I were waiting for the masked slaughterer when the Dragon flew towards the woods. They tried to run. It...crushed them.

The Return: Foolish men! What have you been teaching them? Cowardice?!

Monalisa: With all due respect, those men knew they had no chance against a dragon.

The Return: Don't give me that pile of horse crap, they've been trained to handle situations like that. You must have taught them otherwise.

He stares her down. She looks away.

The Return: I knew it! What have you been teaching them?

Monalisa: I simply said that in at the end of it all, they're lives are more important-

The Return: Than what? They're honor? Their kingdom? I knew giving a woman this kind of power was foolish.

Monalisa: If they let themselves die, they're of no help! They needed to try and save themselves!

The Return: And look where that got them! Nothing more than badger food now.

Monalisa: How dare you speak of them like that?

The Return: How dare me?

Monalisa: They're out there risking their lives. Not like you, coward, hiding within these old walls.

The two look at each other, glaring, then suddenly, The Return back hand slaps her. She falls to the floor.

Monalisa: You monster!

The Return: I've a good mind to feed you to the dogs!

Monalisa: Do it then! Prove to everyone that you're afraid of someone seeing you for what you really are!

The Return: Guards...take her to the dungeons.

Guards gather around her, grabbing her by her arms.

The Return: Be sure to give her the one underneath the sewer.

Monalisa: You will regret this! Sooner than you think, your kingdom will come crashing down!

The guards carry her out. She doesn't fight them, merely laughs. The Return puts a thoughtful hand to his chin, turns to a guard who is looking at him warily, and spits.

The Return: What are you looking at. WELL?!

Guard: Nothing.

The Return: Good. Then tell me what that is out there?!

He points to the window. The guard warily walks over, then speaks.

Guard: I think I just saw a flash of light at the alchemist's.

The Return walks up behind him.

The Return: Take a closer look.

He pushes the guard out of the window. The guard screams as he goes down, splatting down next to V. Hammerfan is talking to a guard next to it.

Hammerfan: Thankyou so much for informing me, I'll take goo-

The body crashes down beside her.

Hammerfan: DEAR LORD!

The guard looks up.

Guard: That would have been the king. Glad I'm not on royal duty tonight.

Hammerfan is shaking slightly.

Hammerfan: Th-th-th-thankyou once...aga...again.

Guard: There is a cart waiting for you.

Suddenly, the picture rewinds, it shows V laying there, then him being put down by Psycom, Psycom carrying him through the town, past Despare. It rewinds to the point that they're just leaving the castle. The camera shoots from the castle towards the volcano. It reaches a cave like opening. Roshiq and Gore and walking in.

Gorephobia: I can't believe it...

Roshiq: Well you must.

Gorephobia: It's just, I've lived here my entire life. And in these past few days, everything has changed...

Roshiq: It's what is right.

Gorephobia: I know that...

They walk far down the cave. They reach a large opening. It's now lit up by torches on the walls. There are creatures of all kinds bustling around. Small trolls, cute fluffy creatures, huge slimy ogres, shades, Centaurs, Ents, unicorns, three headed dogs, imps, green skinned women that look like witches, large spiders, and one or two things that look like people but have odd things, such as tentacles of crab claws. There are strange things that look like stone gargoyles flying around and many ordinary animals. There are even some trees down there, but they don't look like anything humans plant.

Gorephobia: My god...

Roshiq: Yes.

Gorephobia: There are so many of them...

Roshiq: Yes...and this isn't the whole lot. Some are in other caves, training for the assault.

Gorephobia: I...I can't believe it.

Roshiq: It's about time you started believing what is in front of you. The time will soon come for you to fully prove yourself.

Gorephobia: I...I know.

A gargoyle like creature flies into the cave, past Roshiq and Gore. It flies up to a large bell hanging at the top of the cavern. It rings the bell. Immediately, the creatures become silent and walk down separate passages.

Gorephobia: What was that?

Roshiq: I'm not sure...some kind of attack. Flite!

The Gargoyle flies down to them.

Roshiq: What is it?

The Gargoyle has an oddly sophisticated accent.

Flite: A group of soldiers. About thirty. One large one. Heading this way. The V leads them.

Roshiq: They must be trying to recover the dragon...

Flite: The dragon is in position.

Roshiq: Good. Do what must be done to get rid of them.

Gorephobia Don't kill them! Get rid of them, but do not kill them. Enough blood has been spilt already.

Roshiq: My friend, we are about to go to war. It is necessary.

Gorephobia: Is it? All we need to do it get to The Return! I know these men. I've met many soldiers. They do not fight because they think it's right. They fight because once they joined the castle, there is no leaving! And V doesn't even want a part in the war!

Roshiq: He was sent to kill me.

Gorephobia: But only because he wants money. He knows little of what this war is about. He doesn't believe in either side.

Roshiq: ENOUGH! We have limited time. The shades are ready to go! We must move.

Gorephobia: Where do I go?

Roshiq: Follow the passage nearest the tree. You will find Rét down there.

Gore walks away. As he gets to the passage, he turns.

Gorephobia: Don't kill them!

He walks off down it. Roshiq looks at Flite.

Roshiq: Tell the shades...eliminate them.

Flite nods and flies down the passageway. Roshiq looks to the passage leading out of the volcano.

Roshiq: Soon...this kingdom will fall, and the rightful owners shall rule. And the humans...will be no more.

End credits role.

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