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HDC The Movie 2: Zero Takes Manhattan - by Massacre Man

*A full moon is shown over a heavily-wooded area, as the camera zooms down an ambulance is shown crashed into a tree, the back doors hanging open, the camera enters the back of the ambulance and moves to the front seat, revealing Zero standing on the shoulders of a dead paramedic chewing on the head of the other paramedic, Zero leers into the camera, the title appears*

"HDC The Movie 2: Zero Takes Manhattan (Desert Bar & Tavern)"

*A news program is being shown, __V__ is interviewing Doc Faustus about his triumph over the zombies*

__V__: So, tell us about how you destroyed these vile creatures.

Faustus: They were psychopaths... and they... wouldn't talk... I had to stop them.

__V__: Well you must feel a sense of accomplishment for what you've done.

Faustus: Yes, I've stopped pure evil from destroying you all.

__V__: Well, there you have it, the boring Doctor Faustus feels good about killing numerous others to save himself. Thank you for joining us, we will return tomorrow with a follow-up on this story, good night.

*The news camera turns off, Doc Faustus stands and starts to walk off, __V__ stops him*

__V__: Wait...

Faustus: Yes?

__V__: You know, you could give a better interview.

Faustus: I supposed I could.

__V__: Well, I am trying to get ratings.

Faustus: And I'm trying to stop psychopathic madmen who won't speak from killing innocent people.

__V__: You've killed numerous innocent people trying to stop them.

Faustus: But at least the psychopaths weren't the ones who killed them.

*Faustus then walks off and gets into a car that's not his own, he hotwires the car and drives off*

__V__: Why did he take my car?

*Faustus stops in front of a small bar that's in the middle of the desert, Faustus gets out and walks inside, somebody walks next to the car, Murderdoll is revealed to be standing with a furious expression and her arms crossed*

*Cut to Illdojo being approached by the zombies, he turns just in time to notice and run off, he makes it onto the road and stands in front of a news van speeding down the road, it stops*

Illdojo: You've gotta help me!

*__V__ opens the door*

__V__: Fine, get in, hurry.

*Illdojo gets in and they follow the path of Faustus to find the car, they stop at the bar as well, Illdojo gets out and runs inside*

*Cut to Zwoti with a young Novarku sitting in a home-library, they are reading from a book*

Novarku: I just don't get it.

Zwoti: Don't worry, we'll figure it out.

Novarku: Thanks for tutoring me and putting up with me for free.

Zwoti: I never said this was free.

Novarku: What?

Zwoti: There's a small price you have to pay.

*Zwoti puts his hand on Novarku's leg, she stares, speechless*

Zwoti: What's the matter.

Novarku: Um...

Zwoti: Oh don't worry, I don't bite, unless you want me too.

*Novarku gets up to run, Zwoti grabs her arm and pulls her back, he sits her down, and gets on his knees*

Zwoti: Did I mention I was a liar?

Novarku: Wh... Wh... What?

*Zwoti puts his head beneath Novarku's skirt, a loud tearing sound is heard, he pulls his head back and spits out a large chunk of skin, Novarku passes out at the site of her blood, Zwoti ties her up and puts her in the trunk of his car, then drives to the bar*

*Cut to Dudeman waking up on a couch in the morning*

Dudeman: Shit... I need a drink.

*Dudeman walks down the stairs of his home, when he reaches the bottom of the stairs it is revealed that he lives at the bar*

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*Cut to Massacre Man laying face-down several feet from the crashed ambulance, he's unconscious, after a few seconds he lifts his head and rolls over, it seems the paramedics got some work down, his legs are bandaged, his broken arm in a sling, and an eyepatch*

Massacre Man: I'M FUCKING ALIVE!

*As soon as he finishes the sentence Zero leaps onto Massacre Man's chest and shrieks at him, Massacre Man uses his good arm to punch Zero off of him, he runs off leaving Massacre Man alone in the dark, Zero taunts him by running all over the woods, his shrieks echoing*

Massacre Man: Please! Fuck off!

*Zero slowly sneaks up behind Massacre Man, then pulls his sling off and starts pulling on his broken arm*

Massacre Man: Fuck! Quit it!

*Massacre Man leans backward and grabs Zero by the head and throws him at a tree, a branch falls off and hits Massacre Man in the head, Zero picks it up and starts hitting his head with it again and again until Massacre Man grabs his tail*

Massacre Man: I said "Fuck off!"

*He swings Zero by his tail and throws him toward the road, he gets hit by the __V__'s News Van in mid-air and is carried with them, after Zero's been dealt with Massacre Man makes his way to the ambulance, he gets on the radio*

Massacre Man: Um... a monkey killed the drivers, I need more paramedics.

*Just then the two paramedics wake up as zombies, they tear into Massacre Man, ripping his head from his body*

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*Inside the bar, Dudeman sits with a 22 oz. in his hand, he drinks the last bit of it and drops the can on a pile of several others, a band is in a small corner, led by Gorephobia, they are playing soft folk music, everyone who has already entered the bar is sitting at their own respective tables, Doc Faustus is at the bar with a mug half-filled with beer, the bartender, Posher, stands in front of him*

Posher: Hey, you're that guy who was on the news earlier aren't you?

Faustus: Yes, as a matter of fact I am.

Posher: What was it like?

Faustus: What was what like?

Posher: Killing all of those zombies.

Faustus: Didn't you watch the news, I've already answered that question.

Posher: Yeah, but you just rambled on about a psychopath who wouldn't speak.

Faustus: You know where he is!?

Posher: ...Who?


Posher: Who?

*Faustus grabs Posher by his shirt and pulls him closer so they are face-to-face*

Faustus: This is important, tell me where he is!

*Everybody in the bar looks over at them*

Posher: Please, let go of me.


*He shakes Posher, Posher then stretches his arm back and punches Faustus in the face, he falls to the ground, Posher looks over the bar at him, Faustus rushes to the bathroom to tend to his bleeding nose, Illdojo pulls out his bong, Posher notices*

Posher: Hey, sir, excuse me, you can't do that here, put it away or I'll have to call the cops.

*Illdojo gets up and goes into the bathroom, Faustus is in one of the stalls*

Dojo: Damn it.

*Illdojo looks up and sees the pull-down cord that leads to the attic*

Dojo: Yessss.

*Illdojo opens the attic and climbs in, he closes it behind him, Faustus leaves the stall and stares into the mirror looking at his nose, when the angle Faustus is facing the mirror changes Murderdoll is seen standing directly behind him, she pushes his face into the mirror, breaking it, Faustus falls to the ground, she reaches over and locks the door, she puts her foot on his chest and applies pressure, she sits on his stomach and uses her thumbs to gouge his eyes out, she then picks up a piece of the mirror and cuts his throat, Faustus lays lifeless when there is a knock at the door, she panics, notices the way to the attic, she opens it and climbs up, dragging the body with her, outside of the bathroom Dudeman is standing*

Dudeman: I have to piss!

*Posher walks over*

Posher: That old guy's in there.

*Posher knocks*

Posher: Sir! Sir! Are you in there?

*Posher pulls out his key and unlocks the door, he sees all of the blood and assumes it came from Faustus' nose, Dudeman runs to the urinal and uses it, Posher looks around the bathroom*

Posher: Where did he go? Did he run?

*He walks to a small window by the sinks and opens it to look out*

Posher: I don't see him.

*Posher leaves the window open, he and Dudeman walk out, as soon as they leave the room Zero climbs into the window*

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*Cut to the bar, Horrorobsessed is sitting on a stool reading a book and trading looks with Posher, Zwoti sits next to her and starts talking to her*

Zwoti: Hi.

Horrorobsessed: Oh, hey.

Zwoti: How's it goin'?

Horrorobsessed: Um... Fine, and you?

Zwoti: Oh, I'm great, what ya readin'?

Horrorobsessed: A Tales From The Crypt comic book.

Zwoti: Oh, are you into horror stories?

Horrorobsessed: A bit.

Zwoti: You'll have to visit my home library then, I've got a huge collection, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, The Raven.

*Posher looks over and can immediately tell that she isn't interested, he walks over*

Posher: I'm back, babe.

*He looks at Zwoti*

Posher: Who is this?

*Zwoti grins*

Zwoti: I see... Nevermind then.

*Zwoti walks off to the bathroom, Gorephobia walks to the bar*

Gorephobia: Can I get a beer?

Posher: Sure thing.

*Posher hands Gore a beer, Dudeman yells from the other end of the bar*

Dudeman: Another 22 over here god damn it.

*Posher tosses it to him*

Dudeman: Now you shook it all up, it's gonna be flat.

Posher: Sorry man, that ones on the house then.

Dudeman: All if forgiven.

*Dudeman opens the beer and begins to drink it, he puts it down*

Dudeman: I wanna watch Clockwork Orange.

Posher: You live upstairs, go ahead.

Dudeman: I don't feel like walkin' all the way up there.

*Posher ignores Dudeman and turns back to Horrorobsessed*

Horrorobsessed: Thanks.

Posher: No problem. Who is that anyway?

Horrorobsessed: I don't know.

Posher: Oh, well listen, I was wondering, since I helped you, can you help me a little?

Horrorobsessed: Maybe, what do I gotta do?

Posher: I just need somebody to go to this wedding with me, my family makes fun of me for never bringing girls to any family events and I've been to nervous to ask anyone to actually go with me, I was wondering if you could just go as a favor?

Horrorobsessed: Sure.

Posher: Thank you, so much. I'll tell you more about it in a minute, that guys been in the bathroom a while, I don't want him breaking more stuff in there.

*Posher walks to the bathroom and opens the door, as soon as he walks in Zwoti hits him in the head with a chunk broken from the sink, he hits the ground knocked out*

*Posher wakes up, tied to the toilet by his feet with his shirt torn off and used as a gag and to tie his hands and feet together, Zwoti paces in front of him*

Zwoti: She was MINE! Get it? MINE! You ruined that moment for me, I've never done anything like this to a man before.

*Posher's eyes widen, he holds his legs tight together afterward*

Zwoti: But you gave me NO alternative! The taste of defeat was bad, but the taste of Drain-O will be worse for you.

*Zwoti walks to the cabinet underneath the sink, he opens it to look for drain cleaner, but instead he finds Zero smiling at him from inside the cabinet, Zero leaps out and tears at his face*
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*Murderdoll in the attic, placing the body against the wall, she jumps back when when Illdojo lights his lighter*

Murderdoll: Who the fuck are you?

*Illdojo is too preoccupied with his bong*

Murderdoll: I'm talking to you, asshole.

*Illdojo lifts his head, coughing*

Illdojo: Hey...

*Murderdoll sits next to him*

Murderdoll: Ya know, it's polite to share.

*She snatches the bong out of his hand*

Illdojo: Ya know, it's polite not to be a bitch.

*She pushes Illdojo over onto the ground and lights up his bong*

Illdojo: Bitch... So, what'd you up here?

Murderdoll: What the fuck do you think I brought up here? Are you retarded?

Illdojo: No, just making small talk and it's dark up here.

Murderdoll: It's a body.

Illdojo: WHAT THE FUCK!? WHY!?

Murderdoll: None of your fucking business, that's why.

Illdojo: It's a human being!

Murderdoll: I know that, I'm the one who killed him.

Illdojo: But... why?

Murderdoll: Didn't I already tell you "None of your fucking business"?

*Illdojo stands and hits something, it's a light for the attic, he turns it on and stares down at Murderdoll and doesn't say a word*

Murderdoll: Are you sure you aren't retarded?

Illdojo: I... I think.

Murderdoll: Shut up, I think there's someone in the bathroom.

Illdojo: Oh, ok.

Murderdoll: I said shut up.

Illdojo: Right, sorry.

Murderdoll: Stop talking!

*Illdojo stops talking, sits next to Murderdoll, after a moment he scoots closer and puts his hand on her knee and starts to run it up and down her leg, she sits still and glares at him until Dudeman and Posher leave the bathroom, after which she punches Dojo in the face*

Illdojo: You know, the last girl I hung out with was a lot less aggressive than you.

Murderdoll: You've dated a real girl before?

Illdojo: Yeah.

Murderdoll: You smell like weed and strawberries! To have sex with you the girl would have to be dead!

*Illdojo laughs*

Murderdoll: What the fuck are you laughing at?

Illdojo: When you hear the story you'll know why I think that was funny.

*Faustus starts to move, blood still dripping from his throat, making gargling sounds, Murderdoll and Illdojo quickly stand up*

Illdojo: I know that guy! He's a major asshole.

*Murderdoll picks up Dojo's bong, breaks it on the ground, gets on her hands and knees over Faustus and shoves it into his head*

Illdojo: NO!

*Dojo runs to them leans over Murderdoll, putting his hands on her chest, leaning on her ass, pulling her back, he pulls her back and they fall to the ground, Dojo still holds the same position laying on his back, Murderdoll wiggles her way out of his grip*

Murderdoll: What the fuck was that?

Illdojo: I was stopping you from uh... going crazy on the body.

Murderdoll: Why, he was dead anyway.

*Illdojo shrugs his shoulders, Murderdoll pushes him to the ground and sits back down, Dojo sits next to her again*
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*In the main room of the bar, everyone is sticking to their own business, Dudeman is sitting at the bar with an empty can*

Dudeman: I need another beer.

*Dudeman gets up and walks to the bathroom, he opens the door and sees Zwoti being attacked by Zero and Posher tied up, he turns around, closes the door, goes behind the bar, grabs all the beers he can and walks back upstairs to his room, cut to the band playing, Gorephobia stops, sets his guitar down and walks to the bathroom, he opens the door and catches Zero in his arms, who then proceeds to attack him, Gore falls behind the bar and a zombified Zwoti walks out of the bathroom, Horrorobsessed stands up and starts to back toward the wall, the rest of the band stands and runs out only to be attacked by the zombies of Roderick, Newb, and the paramedics, she runs to the door and locks it then attempts making a run to the stairs leading to Dudeman's room, when she makes it past the bar Gore grabs her leg and she hits the ground, when she looks back a zombified Gore is crawling toward her, she starts to slide back when she hears Posher's voice*

Posher: Someone help!

*She gets up and runs into the bathroom and slams the door behind her, Zero can be heard scratching the door and shrieking, she unties him, they sit still staring at the door*

Posher: We can go into the attic.

Horrorobsessed: Why?

Posher: I doubt they can fly.

*Posher opens the attic and climbs in with Horrorobsessed, they see Illdojo with his eyes focused on something that's behind a pile of boxes*

Posher: What are you doing up here?

*Murderdoll walks out from behind the boxes*

Posher: And what are you doing up here?

Murderdoll: Nothing!

*She looks at the body of Doc Faustus a few inches behind Posher and Horrorobsessed, then at Posher*

Illdojo: Do we gotta leave now?

Posher: No, there are zombies down there.

*Illdojo falls over laughing*

Murderdoll: He's high...

Posher: Oh.

Murderdoll: So they're really down there?

Posher: Yeah.

*Murderdoll leaves the attic*

Posher: Where's she going?

*Illdojo shrugs*

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*Murderdoll leaves the bathroom and kicks Zero across the room, the zombie of Gore sneaks up behind her and tackles her to the ground, she uses the hand that isn't underneath him to hold his head back, Zero stands and charges for her, just before he gets his hands on her, Posher drops a bucket of Zero and puts his foot on top of it, trapping him inside*

Murderdoll: Remind me to thank you later.

Posher: Alright.

Murderdoll: Get me a lime.

Posher: Why?

Murderdoll: Just fucking do it!

*Posher grabs a lime from the bar and throws it to Murderdoll, she quickly moves her hand from Gore's head to catch it, she then jams it into Gore's mouth then punches it in deeper*

Murderdoll: Now get him off of me!

*Posher and Illdojo pull Gore off of Murderdoll*

Murderdoll: If we can't kill 'em we might as well make it so the fuckers can't bite us.

Illdojo: Fuckin' smart.

Murderdoll: Fuckin' right.

Horrorobsessed: But there's another one.

Posher: What?

Horrorobsessed: Another zombie, it was that guy who was talking to me.

Posher: Where's Dudeman?

*Posher runs upstairs, everyone else follows, Posher slowly opens the door to Dudeman's room, when he opens it*

Dudeman: Hey, man!

*Posher sighs in relief*

Posher: I guess the other one left.

*Zwoti's zombie grabs Posher from behind, he attempts to escape but he just forces the two of them out of the window at the end of the hallway, glass can also be heard breaking downstairs*

Murderdoll: Fuck, they got in!

*Horrorobsessed and Illdojo run into Dudeman's room and slam the door, leaving Murderdoll outside, they listen to her from the other end of the door*

Murderdoll: Shit...

*They listen to the sound of Murderdoll being eaten, she yells*

Murderdoll: Fuck you! I'll snap your fucking neck, Get the fuck off of me! You can't even eat someone right you fucking retards! Go for my throat...

*The sounds stop*

Dudeman: What was that, man?

Illdojo: Zombies.

Dudeman: What?

Illdojo: Yeah... they're like... eating people.

Dudeman: That's crazy.

*They are both either high or drunk and totally non-responsive, Horrorobsessed is worried*

Horrorobsessed: What are we supposed to do?

Dudeman: To get out of here?

Horrorobsessed: yes!

*Dudeman thinks for a minute then looks up excitedly*

Dudeman: I got an idea!

Horrorobsessed: What?

Dudeman: You two get the fuck out of my room, and while they're feasting on you I'll run to safety.

Illdojo: I like it, but can I go with you?

Dudeman: Sure, well, start runnin' bitch.

Horrorobsessed: What?

Dudeman: Get the fuck out of the room and save us.

*Dudeman grabs Horrorobsessed by the arm and pushes her out of the door, and then closes it, the zombies don't notice her, she sneaks out of the bar undetected, back to Dudeman and Illdojo listening through the door again*

Dudeman: Alright, I think we can go now.

Illdojo: I'm ready.

*Dudeman opens the door and runs out only to be ambushed by the zombies, Murderdoll's zombie enters the room just before Illdojo closes the door, he's alone in the room with Murderdoll's zombie, she's covered in bite marks and one of her hands is missing*

Illdojo: Dead girl...

*Illdojo slips his sock off and rolls it up, he shoves it into Murderdoll's mouth so she can't bite him*

Illdojo: Wouldn't be the first time.

*Illdojo tears the shreds of clothes off of her cold, dead body and tosses her onto the bed, he hops on top of her as the zombies break through the door, they pull him off of Murderdoll and pin him to the ground, they proceed to feast upon his flesh, blood, bones, and anything else he happens to have with him*

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*A flashback to earlier shows Illdojo leaving the van and running inside of the bar, __V__ gets out of the van and gets in his car, he opens the glove box to discover he has a message on his cell phone, he yells to the cameraman*

__V__: We got a story, follow me.

*__V__ backs out but bumps into the back of Zwoti's car, a loud shriek of pain is heard for a moment, it is then silenced, __V__ drives back the way they came from, after a short drive they go back to the camp, they both get out of their vehicles*

__V__: I got a message about a book of spells that can bring the dead back!

Cameraman: It's an entire book and it only has one spell?

__V__: I guess, I don't know.

Cameraman: Where's the caller?

__V__: I'm not sure.

*Kasey walks out from a suddenly rebuilt cafeteria, fully dressed and back into her "hot-girl-body"*

Kasey: That's me.

__V__: Excellent, so, what about this book?

Kasey: Right, it's this book and there's a spell in it, it brings the nearby corpses back to life. But an evil spirit takes them over and it has to be taken out with another spell.

*Kasey tears a page out of the book*

Kasey: But that's long and complicated.

*Kasey tosses the page*

__V__: And how do you know all this ma'am?

*Kasey stands stumped for a moment*

Kasey: Ya know, you're cute.

__V__: Thanks.

Kasey: No problem.

*Kasey winks at __V__*

__V__: So, where's the book?

Kasey: I'll go get it.

*Kasey walks away, __V__ looks at the cameraman*

__V__: PLEASE tell me you got her calling me cute.

*The cameraman nods*

__V__: Awesome.

*Kasey returns with the book*

__V__: Ok, so we're gonna start recording this, after I give you the cue, read the spell.

*__V__ turns to the camera*

__V__: Hello, we're sorry to interrupt PedoFiles to bring you this special report which goes further into the recent hot-topic of resurrecting the dead

*__V__ gives Kasey her cue, she reads random gibberish from the book*

__V__: Truly astounding.

*an axe flies from out of nowhere and hits the cameraman in the head*

__V__: ...

*Kasey shows a devilish grin to __V__*

Kasey: Now you're fucked!

*Neverending tackles __V__ and screams at __V__ while slamming his head into the ground, __V__ pushes him off and jumps into the back of the van, he closes the doors and puts on a vest with tons of filled slots for shotgun shells and then breaks the glass on a box on the side of the van marked "In Case of Rival Networks. Break Glass" he pulls out a shotgun and kicks the back door open, he puts the shotgun over his shoulder*

__V__: Let's do this.

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*Back in the attic of the Manhattan Desert Bar and Grill, the reading of the book is shown on the TV, the zombies remain zombies but all of the wounds on Faustus heal and he awakens as a Deadite-rip off character, he leaves the attic and goes into the main room, he looks at the zombies that assume he is one of them, they ignore him. Faustus walks to Zwoti's car, the trunk is torn open and Novakru leaps out in deadite-like form, they approach Horrorobsessed*

Faustus: Come give ol' Doc a smooch.

*Horrorobsessed starts to run*

Novakru: Get back here, bitch!

*Novakru chases after her, she tackles her to the ground*

Novakru: Now listen, we don't want to hurt you, we just want your soul.

Horrorobsessed: Get off!

*Horrorobsessed manages to knock Novakru off of her, she gets up and runs to a nearby house, cut to inside the house, there are 2 guys inside the house, one is typing a script on the computer, he has a disturbed yet excited expression on his face, next to him is a young teenager holding a ferret*

Ferretchucker: Can I be in your movie?

Freak: ...

Ferretchucker: C'mon, I could be the evil scientist with a gun that shoots guns that shoots cages that shoots smaller cages that shoots ferrets!

Freak: ...

*Horrorobsessed runs inside the house, then into the closet, Freak and Ferretchucker sit perfectly still, confused by what just happened, Nova and Faustus enter the house*

Faustus: Where did she go?

Novakru: Give us your souls!

*The two continue to stare, Novakru slams Ferretchucker's head on the desk and then snaps his neck before stepping on the ferret, crushing it, Freak laughs, Faustus grabs his head and slams it into the computer monitor, after a few moments Ferretchucker, Freak, and the ferret stand back up, deaditeishafied, they all go to the closet, they open it and see Horrorobsessed smashed a hole into the wall*

Novakru: That bitch!

*Ferretchucker sticks his head through the hole and looks out, when he looks to his right, Horrorobsessed swings a machete and hacks his head off, he stops moving altogether*

Horrorobsessed: They die like people!

Novakru: GET HER!

*Horrorobsessed starts running again, only Freak and the ferret chase her, after they begin to catch up, Horrorobsessed turns and tosses the machete, it lands directly into Freak's chest, he hits the ground dead, she stands out in the open kicking at the ferret whenever it comes near her*

Horrorobsessed: Stop it!

*Horrorobsessed finally stomps on the ferret, killing it once again, she sits on the ground and puts her head between her knees when bright headlights shine on her, she lifts her head and Zwoti's car is charging for her, she rolls out of the way just in time, the car makes a sharp turn after sharp turn trying to get her until finally the car flips, Faustus is driving and Novakru is in the passenger seat, the airbags deploy, Novakru's neck is broken by it, but Faustus manages to get out, he starts to run toward Horrorobsessed when she starts running back toward Freak's body for the machete, she grabs it just as Faustus grabs her leg and flips her off, she rolls over and points the machete at him*

Horrorobsessed: Back off!

Faustus: Bitch, please!

*Faustus puts his hands on the machete blade and pulls it out of Horrorobsessed's hands, Horrorobsessed kicks his hand, which jams the machete into his stomach*

Faustus: Y... You bitch!

*Faustus pulls the machete out and falls to the ground, he swings it but misses, after a few failed attempts at hitting Horrorobsessed he dies, she looks over and sees the zombies coming toward her, a previously unseen car stops in front of her, the window rolls down, Posher is looking at her with a tired and exausted smile*

Posher: Ready to go to that wedding?

*Horrorobsessed's eyes widen, she gets in the car, Posher stares forward as he mows through all of the zombies then heads straight for the bar, he drives through it, and crashes right out of the back door, the bar collapses behind them on top of Zero and all of the remaining zombies inside*

Horrorobsessed: Thank you!

Posher: Wanna know something?

Horrorobsessed: What?

Posher: Breaking your neck after falling out of a window hurts.

Horrorobsessed: Wh... What?

*Posher hits the door locks, looks into Horrorobsessed's eyes, his face suddenly changes into a deadite face, he slams his foot onto the gas, the last thing heard is the car's engine roaring and Horrorobsessed screaming*

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*Back to __V__ with his shotgun, he shoots at Kasey who just vanishes and then blows Neverending's head off*

__V__: Haha!

*A Massacre Man deadite approaches with head fully attached and chops his gun in half*

__V__: Shit...

*__V__ hits Massacre Man in the face with the butt of the gun and starts to back toward the cafeteria when the cameraman stands up, bumping the camera onto the ground, breaking it, __V__ rushes into the cafeteria and closes the doors*

Massacre Man: Let us in!

*The camera tripod pokes through the wall into __V__'s arm, he grabs it and pulls it inside of the cafeteria, he then jams it through the wall which hits Massacre Man's leg*

Massacre Man: FUCK!

*__V__ runs to the window and hops out, Kasey appears next to him*

Kasey: Where ya goin'?

*__V__ ignores her and keeps walking*

Kasey: I was talking to you.

*__V__ starts running, he gets into the woods and he is suddenly tripped when Kasey appears again in front of him and sticks her leg out, she turns __V__ over and sits on his lap*

Kasey: C'mon tell me where you're goin'.

__V__: I was trying to sneak out until y'know, you started holding me here.

Kasey: Oh, come on. You're gonna die either way.

__V__: Not if you get off of me.

Kasey: They'd get you regardless, now you can stop squirming and we can have sex right here or you can just complain the rest of your life.

__V__: What?

Kasey: I like to leave 'em smilin', what do ya say?

__V__: Get off of me!

*__V__ pushes Kasey off of him as the three deadites approach him, he turns and runs, they chase after him*

__V__: Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!


__V__: No!

*__V__ ducks behind a rusty truck with no wheels in the middle of the woods, he is out of sight*

Cameraman: Where'd you go!?

__V__: I'm behind the truck!... DAMN IT!

*__V__ gets up and runs into the morgue, he locks the doors and runs into the basement, he can hear Dante's growls, he opens the doors leading outside so he can see, he stares at the Dante zombie chomping and chewing his own skin*

__V__: Ewww.

*__V__ flips him over and pulls the hatchet out of his back, __V__ waits at the bottom of the stairs, Kasey appears next to him*

Kasey: Come on, please, let's just get this over with.

*Kasey takes her shirt off*

Kasey: Come on, give up.

*The basement door bursts open and __V__ chucks the hatchet, it hits the cameraman in the forehead, he rolls to the bottom of the stares*

__V__: Shove that up your ass, bitch!

*__V__ runs out of the side doors and heads back to the cabin as quick as he can, he picks up the piece of paper and hides in the back of the van, he finds the spell and starts to read it just as the ax bursts through the side of the truck and is then pulled out, Massacre Man's voice is heard from outside*

Massacre Man: Give me your fucking soul!

*Massacre Man hits the van with the ax again*

__V__: *Random gibberish from the book*

*The page starts to glow and a heavy gust of wind blows through the inside of the van, everything falls silent, __V__ peaks out of the ax-hole, he sees Massacre Man standing outside holding the ax about to hit the van again, he then looks at the wound on his leg*

Massacre Man: FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! This is so much fucking better then before, I can fucking see! I'm fucking indestructible! I have feet! This is fucking awesome!

*__V__ gets out of the van and approaches Massacre Man*

__V__: You're a person, right.

Massacre Man: Fuck yeah I am.

*Kasey appears next to him and starts yelling at __V__*

Kasey: YOU RUINED IT! I was supposed to bring all of my family back! But you ruined it!

*__V__ picks the book up off the ground and starts tearing the pages out and smashing it, he drives the ax into the book, Kasey screams and fades away*

Massacre Man: What... the... fuck?

__V__: Don't ask.

Massacre Man: Do you need that van?

__V__: Well, it's all torn to hell, the station will give me a new one for a story like this.

Massacre Man: So can I like... have it?

__V__: Sure, why not?

Massacre Man: Thank you so fucking much, I owe you.

*Massacre Man tosses the ax into the back and gets in the newsvan, he drives off, __V__ watches him go and he gets back into his car and drives the opposite way Massacre Man does, it's seemingly the end, all of the corpses are shown, all of the killed deadites, Zombified Dante still twitching, all of the chunks broken-bodied zombies Posher ran over, the destroyed book, the car Posher was driving smashed and flaming against the base of a hill far off in the desert with two completely charred bodies inside, then the camera shows a shot of the totaled bar, it zooms in to one spot, Zero pops out of the wreckage when suddenly an axe chops him in half, the camera zooms out to reveal Massacre Man holding the ax*

Massacre Man: Fuck you...

*Massacre Man gets back in the van and drives off into the rising sun*


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