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Episode 31 - Finale part 1

Opening credits roll. Fade to a shot of the two crashed space stations. Fade to a brief shot of The Flayed One diving over from the AM05 to the AM03. Fade to Dante. He's got about twenty Lux Lucis around him. They are each glaring and growling menacingly. He doesn't move, and instead crouches down and closes his eyes. One of the creatures jumps and He grabs it by the neck. It uses it's claws to try and scratch at his skin but it's too tough. He smiles, then squeezes, crushing the creature's throat.

Dante: Next?

He swings his two scythe like appendages around. Most of the creatures dodge them but they cut three or four in half. All of the creatures then attack, throwing themselves at him. He punches three into a wall and kicks at another. One grabs his head whilst two other creatures stab at his eyes. He throws his head forward with so much force that the creature holding on flies off and he grabs the two other creatures by their heads and squeezes, crushing their skulls. He tackles one to the floor and punches it's ribs in but then four dive onto his back and start clawing at it. The large bomb ticks menacingly.

Dante: Shit!

At leas twenty more creatures run around the corner ahead. He looks around him, clearly overwhelmed. He sighs and punches at the ground, kicking at the attacking creatures. He drops through the hole and then kicks in a metal door in front of him, leading to an elevator shaft. He jumps down. The creatures follow, clutching to the walls.

Dante: This is for you, Ferret.

He leaves the shaft, the creatures close behind, and runs through another door. Several creatures dive from the ceiling and narrowly miss him. He's in the large room filled with boiling water tanks similar to the one Ferretchucker died in earlier. Dante runs over to a control panel next to one of the huge tanks and pushes all of the levers up to full, then repeats for the next few. Creatures start pouring into the room. Dante runs to the other end, smiles, and stands still. The creatures run straight towards him, crossing the huge room. One of the huge tanks buckles slightly, a huge dent appearing. The creatures don't notice. Dante looks to the huge container next to him, then backs out of the room and closes the large door. Inside, a small trickle of water starts pouring out of one of the tanks. One creature stops, looks for a moment then screams. As he does, the room explodes in metal and scolding water. All of the containers burst and the steaming liquid covers the creatures who writhe in agony. Dante, running down a corridor, laughs to himself. Fade to Chronogrl, fighting against the creatures. She is covered in blood, some hers and some not. A jet of fire and bullets shoots at her. She jumps into the air as the attack hits the creatures she was fighting. As she hangs from the ceiling, she looks down and sees Roshiq.

Chronogrl: Crap. ROSHIQ!

Roshiq: You must...be

Chronogrl: No! You don't have to-

Bullets fly at her. She swings from the beam she's holding onto and lands on a platform and runs backwards, out of Roshiq's view.

Roshiq: Remain still...

Chronogrl: You saved my life, Roshiq!

Roshiq: I...

Chronogrl: Please don't say you mean to end it.

Roshiq: It is...time to...I'm sorr- To die.

Chronogrl: I know you're in there. Please. Use restraint. Control yourself.

Roshiq: I...I...Kill! I...

Chronogrl: Let me...help you.

She slowly walks to the edge of the platform. The guns and weapons on him shake and try to aim at her as well as try not to. She smiles slightly as the weapons point downwards. Her arms flashes with speed as it suddenly throws froward a large pole. Roshiq barely has time to react as it glides through his chest.

Roshiq: Hostile attack...malfunction...power down...body failing...

He looks up at her and the guns all quiver slightly.

Roshiq: Thankyou...

His body goes limp. Chronogrl jumps off the platform, runs to his body and twists the neck off. She reaches down into it and pulls out a small metal ball. She pulls the pole out of his body, then thrusts it backwards. It shoots into the forehead of a creature who was creeping up on her. She laughs, breaks off a gun from Roshiq's leg, then runs away.

The Ferrets like it...
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Old 04-26-2009, 06:18 AM
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Episode 31 - Finale part 2

Fade to The Flayed One. He's walking through a completely empty corridor. There are the distant sounds of the creatures being burnt to death by the hot water. He reaches the escape pod bay that Doc Faustus died in earlier and runs to the pod. He tries to open it up by the control panel but nothing happens.

Flayed: All those years of commandeering ships...

He looks at the already ripped open panel and connects two of the wires and presses a button.

Flayed: Really payed off!

The doors fly open and several confused creatures look around, see Flayed and smile. They rush at him. He doesn't have time to pick up his flaming sword and the creatures tear at his skin. He screams out in incredible pain. Suddenly, the creatures are thrown off of him. They shout out in anger and dive on the attacker. It's Dante. He makes short work of tearing them all open. The Flayed One's eyes are wide with fear and he grabs his sword. Dante puts up his hands.

Dante: Relax! I'm not here to hurt you...but I will if we wait around for too long. Get in the pod.

Flayed: How can I know-

Dante: If you don't do what I say then we both die!

He turns around and shows Flayed the bomb. 00:02:12, 00:02:11.

Flayed: Shit!

Dante: Where do you want to go?

Flayed: Earth. In the remains of Winnipeg, Canada.

Dante: Earth?

Flayed: There's a settlement-

Dante: It doesn't matter. In!

The Flayed one looks at Dante, then when he's confident Dante isn't an enemy, he runs into the pod and sits down. He nods at Dante, and the doors close. Dante types in something on the panel. The bomb ticks slowly. He rushes, and eventually a green light appears under a small switch. He flicks open the cover and activates the switch. Steam appears around the pod, and it pivots in the hole it's in. Dante runs to it and clutches to the outside. It shoots off and he it pulled out with it. After a few seconds he lets go, and flies forwards, through space. The voice of Secundum sounds in his head.

Secundum: I know what you're doing...you don't have to.

Dante: Oh yes I do.

Secundum: You know the consequences. They will suffer. You have damned the human race.

Dante: You sorted that out with those freaks.

Secundum: Freaks with souls...

Dante: Humans have faced a lot. They reigned supreme over a planet filled with predators much better physically equipped. They survived wars, drastically changing climates and even the virtual destruction of their planet.

Secundum: All because of evolution!

As Dante flies through the vacuum of space and the light of Secundum comes into view, a large object collides with Dante. It's V and Freak, still fighting. Dante and V look at each other. V sees the bomb attached to Dante's back and nods at Dante. Dante nods back.

Secundum: They are doomed because of you.

Dante: No. They are liberated. Because if I have faith in one thing...

The three people hit Secundum and are engulfed in light. They stop dead in the middle. The clock on the back of the bomb is shown. 00:00:03, 00:00:02, 00:00:01.

Dante: I have faith in them!

There's a small tick, then all three of the people are vaporized in the explosion. Cut to the view from the rescue party. They are all staring at the light in awe, then the explosion happens. The light brightens even more and expands greatly. Cut to a brief shot of the escape pod being blasted sideways. Cut back to a view of the explosion. Secundum is expanding, then it suddenly stops, and becomes a deep silver, then dark grey, then black, then it starts imploding. It gets smaller and smaller until it is almost gone. There's a pause, then it explodes once more into a million pieces of silver. The people in the rescue party watch in amazement. A short, slow motion montage of all of the people who died is shown, with clips of them from the show. Ferretchucker, Papillon Noir and Monalisa, Newb and the soldiers, Massacre Man, Doc Faustus, Hammerfan, V, Dante, then Dude Guadalupe, Rayne and Freak. Fade to slow motion of some of the soldiers crowding around the body of Gorephobia. One of them shouts.

Soldier: We got a live one!

One soldier walks down a hall and a creature jumps at him, but is too weak to do anything other than fall to the floor. The soldier shoots it. As they walk through, there are loads of dead bodies of the Lux Lucis around. Fade to a shot of The Flayed One, limping through a dark landscape covered in green mist and dust. Suddenly, there is a deep noise, and a light. He looks ahead and the ground is opening up. Two people in radioactivity suits walk out towards him. He smiles, then laughs maniacally as they lead him into the shelter. Fade to the CA01. Fade into the medical ward. Most of the lights are off. Gorephobia is laying in a bed. There is a lone nurse in the corner, typing at a computer. Gorephobia looks at her, she is facing away from him.

Gorephobia: It...is it over?

The nurse turns around. It's Chronogrl and she smiles.

Chronogrl: Almost...

She picks up an injection and a pillow and walks towards him. The camera pans to have a look at the computer. Connected to two loose wires is the metal ball Chronogrl picked out of Roshiq. On the screen is the writing;

User375- I may have found you a body
Roshiq- Please. Do not kill an innocent person.
User375- Oh...he's not innocent. :-)
Ending credits roll to the faint, sounds of Gorephobia's muffled screams and struggling.

The End.

The Ferrets like it...

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this is very creative. :)

What's with their names though?
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