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What to read?

Can someone suggest a decent place to start reading horror comics/graphic novels?

I really want to read Sandman, scary or not.

I've also been looking at the TCM comics, the Jason comics and the NOES comics. Which are better? Where to start?

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Sandman is good but not really scary.
Anything by Steve Niles and/or Ben Templesmith is usually good. Their 30 Days Of Night series is excellent.
If you don't mind manga, Hideshi Hino's are usually pretty f#@ked up.
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EDIT - I didnt bother to actually read your post befoore I posted this. It really isnt horror at all (maybe at the end, kinda-ish), but still an incredible read.
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You are not going to find a better comic than Sandman, but no, it isn't scary. You could try Hellblazer, as it has much more of an occult/horror theme. Aside from that, The Walking Dead is an excellent choice. If you're into manga at all, you could try checking out Junji Ito's works. Gyo, Uzumaki and Flesh Colored Horror are the titles I'd recommend.
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i sort of liked Preacher when it was in its early days - eventually it got to weird psycho-sexual. . . but i did pick up the final graphic novel collection and thougth the ending was cool
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THe Walking Dead is a good series and Alan Moore's run on Swamp Thing has some horror in it.
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I'm surprised that no-one has mentioned The Crow yet!
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Some random shit old and new...
Fear the dead
30 days of night stuff
the coffin
freaks of the heartland - sad, but beautiful...
blood and shadows
Warren Ellis - Scars was pretty chilling, very readable.
y- the last man
The Lurkers
Borrowed time
the athiest
Black gas (3-part horror from ellis...how could you go wrong?)
the walking dead (like I needed to mention that)
Fear agent
clive barkers - the theif of always
zombies! feast
blood and water - one of the better vamp minis there's been.
Courtney Crumrin stuff
samurai - heaven and earth has some of the best art I have ever seen grace a comic, and a nice simple storyline...good stuff.

If you're after the crow, just get the original graphic novel, the rewritten image series is pretty good too, and "waking nightmares" is the best of the spinoffs IMO.

Superhero-ey stuff?
Invincible, I've really liked this series of green arrow (good starting point would be the "one year later" issues), the new flash series "the fastest man alive" seems pretty decent so far too, as always from DC, I think the bat-titles are the highest quality of the lot...and the new JLA is incredible. Over at marvel, New Avengers has been tight from the get-go, ghost rider just relaunched with Johnny blaze back in the title...amazing art and pretty cool storyline, and I think the "runaways" series has been great from the start. Wolverine, spider-man and x-men stuff is up and down, but this year's been pretty good from marvel...finally getting a lot darker.
Astro city stuff has always been a great, solid read too.

Also, look out for stuff by BOOM! Studios...they're a collaborative effort by some well and lesser known artists and writers, and have thus far drummed out some very good stuff, seem to be leaning towards the horror side of things too.

That, and pretty much anything I have, or will reccomend is probably worth checking out.

If you don't feel like jumping in from the current titles, you can always (as I keep saying) download DC++, hit up the comics hubs and download anything you need to catch up on, especially good for the stuff that's generally no longer available.
You wanna collect older stuff, you're in for trouble and expense, you wanna read, hit up dc++.
That said I think if you DO find a title you like, that's still on sale, no harm in buying it to support the title, helps some of the lesser knowns from going under...

ps - the noes & jason comics I've read have largely been shit.
The only two remotely worth mention IMO are one rather old "jason vs leatherface" 3-part series, and one called "nightmare on elm st - paranoid"...but even those aren't great. You want scares and intreguing stories, check out some of the stuff I mentioned at the top there...
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certainly 30 days of night.....its gonna be a sam raimi flick
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black gas
the walking dead
y the last man
rex mundi
midnight nation
sea of red
escape of the living dead, though its avatar which means t & a for the sake of it and nothing more.
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